Young Dolph Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Young Dolph is popular American rapper. His mixtape Bulletproof was at Number 36 on album charts Billboard 200.

Early years 

Full name of Young Dolph is Adolph Thornton, Jr. he was born in Chicago, Illinois on August 11, 1985. When he was just 2 years old his whole family moved to Memphis, Tennessee. He has big family with his two brothers and two sisters. His songs describe time of his life when his parents were addicted of crack. His grandmother raised him.

He attended high school but he never had attention to go to college. He always had a passion for music.

Career Development

Adolph has car accident with serious consequences in 2008 year. Later in the same year his grandmother lost her fight with lung cancer and she died. All this sad moments motivated him to start with doing music. This was emotional release for him.

He was aware of fake rappers who tell stories about things that they have never done or experienced. His parents motivated him to do music when they heard his first song. This song was done only for fun. He released his first mixtape and it was very successful.

Title of his first album is King of Memphis and it is released on February 2016.

In beginning of 2017 Adolph was target of gunfire. Some hip-hop news agencies reported about this incident. Adolph had high publicity at the time and he used it to release his second album named Bulletproof.

On October 20, 2017, he released album Thinking Out Loud.

He also releases a numerous mixtapes. First was released in 2008, titled Paper Route Campaign. Second was Welcome 2 Dolph World. Next mixtapes are: High Class Street Music in 2011, High Class Street Music 2: Hustler’s Paradise in 2011, A Time 2 Kill in 2012, Blue Magic in 2012, East Atlanta Memphis in 2013, High Class Street Music 3: Trappin’ Out a Mansion in 2013, South Memphis Kingpin in 2013, Cross Country Trappin in 2014, High Class Street Music 4: American Gangster in 2014, High Class Street Music 5: The Plug Best Friend in 2016, Felix Brothers in 2015, BagMen in 2015, 16 Zips in 2015, Shittin’ On The Industry in 2015, Bosses & Shooters in 2016, Rich Crack Baby in 2016, Gelato in 2017.

Personal life

Adolph have one son. His name and name of his mother is unknown. Adolph keeps private this information and his son is not exposed to the media. Now his girlfriend is pregnant and they will have daughter Aria.


Full name: Adolph Thornton, Jr.

Nick name: Young Dolph

Date of birth:  August 11, 1985

Birth-sign: Leo

Birth place: Chicago, Illinois

Residence: Memphis, Tennessee

Age: 32

Occupation: rapper

Education: High School

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: African American

Father name: Adolph Thornton, Sr.

Mother name: Unknown

Sister name: He have two sisters and their names are unknown

Brother name: He have two brothers and their names are unknown

Marital status: Not married

Girlfriend name: Unknown

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: One son and one daughter is on the way

Hobbies: Unknown

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)

Weight: 187,4 lbs (85 kg)

Body measurements: Unknown

Chest size: Unknown

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Waist size: Unknown

Hip size: Unknown

Body: Slim

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $1 million

Social networks 

Adolph is very popular rapper today, so he have accounts on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

On Facebook he have over 300.000 likes on his official page. Link of this page is:

On Instagram he have more people follow him, so on this social network he have 2.4 million followers. Link of this profile is:

On Twitter he have 409K followers. Link is:

On YouTube he have his own channel with 241K subscribers. He have millions views on his videos. His most popular song on YouTube is Royalty with 9 millions views for one year. Link of his channel is:

You can find him on SouunCloud. Link is:

He also have account on iTunes. Link is:

Also, you can buy some clothes from his line on

His official web site is

Interesting Facts about Young Dolph 

Adolph is someone who really loves music whole his life. This isn’t for him just making money, it’s something in what he enjoys. In one interview he sad that music put him in different vibe, mode, moods.

His partners gave him nickname Dolph Obama.

On February 2017, Adolph was shot in Charlotte, North Carolina. He survived shower of 100 bullets and he was hospitalized in critical condition. Person of interest in this case was Yo Gotti, because this two are rivals.

On September 2017, several shots was directed to Adolph. For this case too, person of interest was Yo Gotti.

Quick Summary

Adolph was born in Chicago, Illionis on August 11, 1985. When he was only two years old, his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee.  He have big family, which includes his two brothers and two sisters. His parents was on crack, so he was raised by his grandmother.

In 2008, he have car accident which was almost took his life. Couple of months later his grandmother lost her fight with lung cancer and she died. All this what happened to him in just one year motivated him to express his feelings though the music. He made his first song for fun, but when his parents hear it, they encourage him to do more.

In 2008, he released his first mixtape titled Paper Route Campaign. It was really successful, so he continued to release mixtapes mostly twice in one year. His first album was King of Memphis, released on February 2016. His second album titled Bulletproof was released on April 2017. On August 2017 was released album named Tracking Numbers. On October 2017 was released album titled Thinking Out Loud.

In February 2017 he survived shower of 100 bullets. In  September same year he received several gunshots so he was in very critical condition. For both gunshots person of interest was only Yo Gotti as his rival. Both parties didn’t say anything to the media.

Adolph have one son, but he keeps him private, just like his mother. He clams that she is not part of his life. Now his girlfriend is pregnant and she carries one little princess. Her name will be Aria.

He is very popular young musician. His songs are very popular and he have millions of views on YouTube. He have profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. He also have his official web site.