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Yiannimize Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Being a celebrity doesn’t necessarily mean you need to be an actor or singers. More and more celebrities are emerging and they are coming from all areas of showbusiness.

The new sort of celebrities are not just actors or artists, they can be social media personas or businessman who have managed to get into the public spotlight because of their actions.

In today’s text we are going to talk about such a celebrity who made it in the starry sky by being talented in a certain area of work.

This celebrity is Yiannimize Charalambous, a British car customizer who worked on cars for some of the biggest names in the world. He came into the spotlight because of his unique style and talent for media.

Even though he is not doing a job that we would normally assign to a celebrity, the reason he is in the media spotlight is because he is also active on his YouTube channel.

We will talk more about his net worth, his personal life and his career, so keep on reading if you want to find out more about this talented businessman.

Early years

Yianni Charalambous was born on July 1st 1976 in England. There isn’t much information about his family background or early years.

He also doesn’t like talking about this subject too much, because he feels like his family shouldn’t be in the spotlight even though he is.

We do know that he loved cars from an early age and he always like working on cars. This love for vehicles left him later on to his current career and he was perfect for it.

Besides being talented for car transformations, he is also a great businessman and also a media celebrity. His charisma is what brought him into the spotlight and brought him thousands of subscribers on YouTube.

In an interview he admitted that he was always playing with cars and his mom even noticed this. He used to park his toy cars and take such great care of them, that it was so amusing to watch him do that.

Even though he is a huge celebrity right now, Yianni admits that it wasn’t always this way. Growing up in a rough neighborhood, he had to take on jobs that weren’t something he enjoyed doing but he knew he had to do them to survive.

He used to work at Marks and Spencer, in a milkshake shop and also in a Do it All where he filled the shelves with merchandise. This allowed him to earn money and save up for his favorite thing, and that is a car. He dreamed of one day owning all the expensive cars, and luckily, his dream did come true.

Yianni admitted that he liked working all of his jobs, because he knew they are going to lead him into a better future. There isn’t more information about his early life, so we are going to continue to his career path and other information you might be interested in.

Career path

Yianni worked at first in various shops, stacking the shelves and doing other jobs that most of young people his age had to do. Being so hard-working and smart, led him to saving up money for his future.

He didn’t go to college, but instead focused on his career in auto shop. He wanted to have his own shop where he is going to customize cars.

This dream came true in 2002 when he opened his first auto shop. His customers were people with expensive cars, and Yianni enjoyed working on their cars since he had an opportunity to see these cars. Person. He also dreamed of one day owning such beautiful cars.

The name of his shop was a combination of his name and the word customize. His first celebrity visitor or customer was Sagna. He told in an interview that he came into his shop ad asked from Yianni to work on his car.

The first football player who came into his shop was Bacary. Yianni says that he is still friends with Bacary and the two of them never stopped hanging out since that first encounter.

Yianni has Bacary’s face painted on the wall of his garage because he helped him out a lot by bringing attention to him and his work. Bacary wanted Yianni to pimp up his car and create something amazing, which is what Yianni did. He brought the car to the training ground and Bacary’s teammates absolutely loved what Yianni did with his car.

How impressed Bacary’s teammates were, we can conclude based on the fact that any of them asked Yianni to customize their cars too. Some of the cars there were very expensive and Yianni knew that his life is about to change. From that moment on, Yianni started working with some of the biggest names in the industry and his fame grew each day.

A Mercedes he customized for William Gallas became headline news because Yianni wrapped it in chrome silver and made everyone turn head after he drove it to the stadium. This was an excellent publicity for the young Yianni.

Yianni’s customers are regular customers and they always come back to him. This only says how successful his shop is and how talented he is at what he does. Yianni told in an interview that most of his customers are high end and rarely he works on cars for customers who aren’t celebrities. This is partly because people are afraid of his pricing. Yianni shared his prices openly with the readers and they weren’t much higher than in other shops.

Besides being a successful business owner, Yianni is also a famous Youtuber. He wanted to connect to more people and really get into the showbusiness, because he already felt at home there because he hangs out with many famous people.

His YouTube channel has around 1.3 million followers and he mostly post videos about wrapping cars or customizing them for his customers. His latest video was the one where he wrapped Simon Cowell’s car with a funny title that he actually disliked it.

People seem to love Yianni’s videos and are all over them. Yianni works with some of the most expensive cars in the world which only gives him more popularity. He has thousands of views on his videos.

Yianni’s net worth is estimated at around 12$ million. Most of his money comes from his auto shop but some of it comes from his YouTube channel. He is successful businessman and this will remain his biggest source of income, but this doesn’t mean that his social media persona won’t be growing bigger in the future. He is only getting started with YouTube so we can expect a lot more from him in that area.

From a very poor background, Yianni managed to grow himself as a person and his business to a new level. He is now one of the most successful car customizers that keeps surprising people with his projects.

Personal life

Yianni Charalambous was born in England and based on his interview, his family is of Greek descent. He is a media personality and also a car customizer. Yianni often speaks about his friendship with a football player Bacarys, who he considered to be the biggest reason his business kicked off, in moments when jo one believed in Yianni, he offered him help through free promotion.

The moment he drove him customized car and showed it to Bacarys and his teammates, was the moment Yianni’s business really kicked off. He started getting proposal from all sides and mostly from famous people. So far, he has worked with countless football players, actors and other celebrities.

Yianni openly admitted that he mostly works with people who have a lot of money, so customizing cars for them is a must and something they don’t spare money on. There isn’t a lot of information about his family life and he doesn’t like sharing this information.

He likes to keep his family out of the public eye and pit only himself on the line. Yianni is very active on all social media accounts and has many followers and subscribers. People who follow him are mostly car enthusiast, but due to his interesting personality, he is beginning to attract more and more people.

Yianni is a very successful entrepreneur and we can only expect him to expand his business in the future. His lifestyle is now admirable, but he never forgot how hard it was for him at the beginning of his career. Yianni is on the right track and he definitely showed how hard-working person can achieve everything only if we set our goals clearly.

Yianni is a proof that we can be successful by accepting life as a challenge and always doing the most in every situation.

Quick summary

Full name: Yianni Charalambous

Date of birth: July 1st 1976

Birthplace: England

Age: 43

Profession: Car customizer. Media personality

Height: 1.79 m

Weight: 85 kg

Net Worth: 12$ million