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Yanet Garcia Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Yanet Garcia is a very young and popular Mexican media personality who works as a  model and an actress and has been especially known through her work as a meteorologist.

Many say that she is famous only due to her looks, but her fans state that this is not true.

Yanet, today titled as one of the most beautiful women in Mexico, was born as Yanet Cristal Garcia San Miguel in the city of Monterrey, in the state of Mexico.

Early years

She was born on November 14, 1990, in a Hispanic family as the older daughter of Anny Sanmiguel. She respects her mother a lot and said that it was very important for her to live to her full potential in order to make her mother happy.

She has a younger sister named Alondra and she was always very close to her. She looked after her and she was very protective of her. Alondra, on the other hand, was very fond of Yanet and she looked up to her.

Since she was very beautiful she was always very liked, especially in high school where she received a lot of attention from the boys.

She never thought anything bad about it, but later she learned that she would go through many unpleasant experiences just because of her attractiveness.

After finishing her education she decided to try herself in the career of a model.

She was very successful in it and she appeared in the national modeling contest by Nuevo Leon where she stunned the viewers. It was in 2013 when she appeared at Nuestra Belleza Nuevo Leon.

Career development

Her career breakthrough came with her work as the weather girl and she soon became very popular for it. Many people started to talk about her in the media and everyone was saying how beautiful she is and that she is a true model.

She was hired as a meteorologist at “Televisa Monterrey News” because the producer recognized her possibility to attract the viewers. She says that she realized some of her popularity is connected to her looks.

Since she also had a good education and was a very nice person he knew that she would be interesting to the public.

She had always worked very hard in order to present her parents with the best version of her and to make them proud.

Her great appearance and beauty made her one of the most popular TV anchors in Mexico. Many guys started to talk about her and they wanted her number.

It was not only for her great cheerful personality but also because of her curvaceous figure. She has been working out for a long time and you can see it easily.

Her short sexy dresses and great figure made her one of the most interesting TV personalities to watch.

Yanet was soon announced to be the hottest weather girl according to Playboy and it made her very popular and brought media attention to her.

One of the most selling issues of Magazine H in Mexico was one of her wearing lingerie and posing in a very lovely pose.

Due to her great success on TV and in modeling, together with media exposure, she had opened a modeling school and is very proud of her business skills. The name of the school is “Yanet Garcia Models” and many beautiful models have joined it to learn from her.

This school is opened to women from the age of 6 to young women who want to become models. She learns how to walk and behave at the runway and she also helps them by training them for the pageant.

Yanet used the attention she received and appeared in various TV shows and series. None of these roles were really that big, but she got lucky to be in some of these movies.

Yanet became famous for her signature move named “Yanet’s left turn”. To be precise, it is a move she makes when she changes her position from the one facing the camera to the side-facing silhouette which shows all of her beautiful curves.

The weather news she gives is available online and on all other media but her program is highly viewed because of her visual appeal and beauty. She realized that she has to invest a bit more in her social media in order to get more private followers.

A Youtube video that brought her high media attention is named “Hot Weather Reporter Shows Off Butt On TV – Meet Yanet Garcia”. Although the video wasn’t made for her promotion it garnered her huge attention, eventually getting her hundreds of thousands of followers on her social media accounts.

She tried herself in acting too. After a movie called “Access Hollywood” from 1996, she had appeared in two movies.

The first one was named ” Sharknado 5: Global Swarming” which was released in 2017. In this sci-fi comedy movie directed by Anthony C. Ferrante starred Ian Ziering and Tara Reid. Yanet had the supporting role of Chara.

done endorsement work for brands like Victoria Beer, Studio F México, and AWA Hydrate.

Her next appearance was in a comedy movie named “Bellezonismo”, directed and written by Jordi Arenson. This movie was released in 2019 but it received poor reviews.

Yanet has increased her net worth with a lot of endorsement work and commercial appearance. She has collaborated with Victoria Beer and AWA Hydrate, amongst others.

In 2018, she appeared on the cover of a very popular Mexican magazine titled “Maxim”.

Personal life

In the summer of 2015, she learned about a video titled “I’m in Love”, made by a world popular professional Call of Duty player whose name is Douglas FaZe Censor.

She started following him on his social media after her fans explained that FaZe Censor likes her very much. She said that she was very stunned when she heard about his love for her and the two of them started to gain more interest in each other.

The couple started sharing messages and a while after Censor took a plane and flew to Mexico just to meet her and take her out for dinner.

After they have met and liked each other they started dating and became a very popular couple.

They posted a lot of their together photos over social media. They even started living together in New York. They lived together for a year. Yanet met his parents and often communicated with them.

Their relationship went really great until the summer of 2018 when FaZe Censor revealed that they broke up. He explained that he needed more time to focus on his career online, on “Call of Duty” and many people resented that with statements like “you dumped the hottest girl in the world to play video games”.

She tweeted the word “heartbroken” in July, and he uploaded a video about it a few days later. Everyone knew that something had happened, but no one really wanted to be the person that pinpoints that.

The latest video he posted about their relationship was the one in which he explains that she was an awesome girlfriend but that their relationship started changing.

First, she took a job in Mexico City and he supported her because he wanted her to build a career in acting and modeling. Later he stated that he is also t9 blame because he was very focused on his career and that to him the most important thing is to become a champion.

One of the strangest things she did on TV was to let her co-host Van Rankin kick her in the butt as a part of a good luck ritual conducted for American football players at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This video became viral and she became a symbol of the Mexican team.

She also appeared at the NY Comic-Con in 2016 dressed in a very particular way. She attracted many eyes dressed in a costume of Batgirl. She was followed there by her ex-boyfriend Censor.

She often uploads her exercise videos on her channel and is especially focused on her lower body training. Yanet is especially focused on her butt and likes to do squats. Because of this, she has a phenomenal figure and many people have noticed that as well.

She eats very healthily but when she eats a cheat meal she always decides for a pizza. It’s her favorite thing ever and she enjoys vegan options as well.

She is a big fan of Katy Perry.

She likes animals and has four pet Pomeranian dogs. One of them is named Faze Mimi. This dog has its own Instagram account and has almost 30 thousand followers. The account was made in October 2016.

In 2016 she was accused over social media that she had plastic surgery and has butt implants. She denied the rumors and uploaded her training and showed how she managed to get such a gorgeous behind.

Quick summary

Full name: Yanet Cristal Garcia San Miguel

Date of birth: November 14, 1990

Birthplace: Monterrey, Mexico

Age: 29

Profession: TV anchor, actress, model, Instagram celebrity, businesswoman

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: $2 million