Wisin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

If you love reggaeton music, then you must have heard a lot of songs from Wisin y Yandel. Some of the most popular songs that you certainly know from this reggaeton duo are Rakatá, Algo Me Gusta De Ti, Estoy Enamorado, Aullando, etc.

However, today we will talk about Wisin. Wisin is a stage name of Juan Luis Morera Luna, who is very popular nowadays. He is a reggaeton rapper who comes from Puerto Rico. Also, he is a record producer and singer.

Undoubtedly he is very successful today and this article will help you understand all necessary things about his career. Also, you will have the chance to read about many things from Wisin’s personal life.

If you like this Puerto Rican singer and his music, then you should not miss this article because we promise you that you will find out a lot of interesting details from the life and career of this popular Puerto Rican rapper.

However, if you don’t know who Wisin is, then we will reveal you many things related to him and we are sure that you will like this article.

First you will see a couple of things about Wisin’s early years and after that you are going to read about his career.

Early Years

Juan Luis Morera Luna, known by his stage name Wisin, was born in Cayey, Puerto Rico. The date of his birth is December 19, 1978, which means that his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Wisin spent his childhood in Cayey, together with his parents, brother and sister.

At the age of 6 he moved with his family to another city that was much smaller than Cayey. However, Wisin attended elementary school in this city and his family started a new life there. It is interesting that while Wisin was in elementary school he started loving rap music.

At the age of 13 he was recording songs and he got a microphone from his brother. Wisin decided that he wanted to be a singer, but he didn’t have the support of his parents. They wanted that Wisin goes to university, but Wisin didn’t want it. He knew that music is going to be his life. Instead of learning, Wisin used to write songs together with his brother, who was also interested in music.

When Wisin was in the 3rd grade of high school his family moved back to Cayey. Wisin continued going to high school in Cayey, where he had the opportunity to meet Yandel. They were both in love with reggaeton music and they decided to cooperate and to make their own band. However, they didn’t have enough money at that time, so they decided to work in a restaurant.

After a couple of months they had complete musical equipment in their hands and they opened their music studio in the house of Wisin. They recorded a couple of songs and they had great success. In the next chapter you are going to see more thoroughly how the career of Wisin has developed, what the most popular songs from Wisin & Yandel are and many other interesting things.


As we have already mentioned, Wisin is a popular reggaeton rapper. But, he is not only a rapper. He is also a singer and a music producer. However, Wisin’s music career is very rich.

You have probably heard of Wisin y Yandel. This reggaeton duo is one of the most popular in the U.S., as well as in other parts of the world.

It is interesting to know that Wisin and Yandel met when they were in high school. They released their first album in the year 2000 and its name was Los Reyes del Nuevo Milenio. This album was very popular in Puerto Rico, but also in other parts of the world. In the next year (2001) they had their first concert in the U.S. Their 3rd studio album was Mi Vida… My Life and it was released in 2003.

We have also to mention the 5th album of Wisin & Yandel and it is Pa’l Mundo. This album was released in the year 2005. The 10th album of this reggaeton duo was released in 2018 and its name is Los Campeones del Pueblo/The Big Leagues. It is interesting to say that Wisin & Yandel have their label that is called WY Records.

It is interesting to know that there was a pause in the collaboration between Wisin and Yandel because Wisin was dedicated to his solo career as well. Also, there was a period in Wisin’s life when he was not active in the music world and his fans were very disappointed because of that. However, in the year 2012 he decided to come back with his new hit.

The first solo album of Wisin had the name El Sobreviviente and it was released in the year 2004. It is interesting to say that after releasing this album Wisin was also called El Sobreviviente. After releasing this album Wisin had a concert in Los Angeles and it was one of the greatest concerts in his career.

The second studio album of Wisin was released in the year 2014 under the name El Regreso del Sobreviviente. His third solo studio album was released in 2015 and its name was Los vaqueros: La Trilogía, while his fourth album was released in 2017 under the name Victory.

When it comes to the career of Wisin, we have also to mention the fact that he is one of the coaches of an American singing competition called The Voice. Other coaches on that competition are Carlos Vives, Luis Fonsi and Alejandra Guzmán.

It is known that Wisin was nominated for a big number of awards during his career and he has got many of them. Some of the awards that he got are Grammy Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, Premios Juventud, Lo Nuestro Awards, etc. It is known that Wisin is currently on tour with Prince Royce. Their tour is called Power and Love.

It is time to see now something about the personal life of Wisin. If you love his music, you must be also interested to know what his marital status is and other interesting things.

Personal Life

We have already told you that Wisin was born in Cayey, Puerto Rico. He is in a happy marriage with Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano. They married in summer 2008 after 4 years of relationship. Wisin and Yomaira have 2 children. They have a daughter whose name is Yelena Morera Ortiz and she was born in 2007. Their second child is Dylan Morera Ortiz and he was born in 2009. They had also a daughter Victoria, who was born in 2016, but unfortunately she died from Patau syndrome. After the death of his daughter Wisin decided to move with his family to another city.

Wisin is a very generous person and he uses each opportunity to help poor people in his country. He donates great amounts of money to poor people and that’s why he is very respected in Puerto Rico.


Full name: Juan Luis Morera Luna

Nickname: Wisin, El Sobreviviente

Date of Birth: December 19, 1978

Age: 41

Birth-sign: Sagittarius

Birth place: Cayey, Puerto Rico

Residence: Cayey, Puerto Rico

Education: Unknown

Occupation: Rapper, record producer, singer

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: Puerto Rican

Father: Juan Luis Morera Rivera

Mother: Miriam Luna

Marital status: Married

Wife: Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano (married since 2008)

Children: 2 (Yelena Morera Ortiz, Dylan Morera Ortiz)

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 165 cm (5 ft 5 in)

Weight: Unknown

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $20 million

The estimated net worth of this Puerto Rican reggaeton rapper is 20 million dollars. There is no doubt that Wisin is one of the richest celebrities in the U.S. He lives with his family in his hometown Cayey, Puerto Rico, but they are travelling very often to the United States. Wisin has his own house in Los Angeles as well.

Social Networks

If you would like to discover interesting details from the life of Wisin and his family, then you will easily do that by following him on social networks. Wisin is very active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, so you can use some of the following links to join him. Very often Wisin posts the pictures of his family and many details not only about his career, but also about his private life. We hope that these links will be useful for you.

Twitter: (948k followers)

Instagram: (10.6m followers)



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Quick Summary

Wisin is one of the most popular celebrities nowadays. If you are listening to reggaeton music, then you certainly enjoy in his songs. Wisin is a reggaeton rapper, as well as a record producer and a singer.

He is popular because he has great hits in his career and we are sure that you have heard at least some of them.

Wisin started his career with his friend Yandel, so they created a great reggaeton duo called Wisin & Yandel. This group has made great success and their hits are popular all over the world. Some of the most popular hits of Wisin & Yandel are Aullando, Pam Pam, Algo Me Gusta de Ti, etc.

However, Wisin is not known only for being a member in this reggaeton duo, but also because of his solo career. His solo albums are El sobreviviente (2004), El Regreso del Sobreviviente (2014), Los Vaqueros: La Trilogía (2015) and Victory (2017).

When it comes to the personal life of Wisin, we have to say that he is married to Yomaira Ortiz Feliciano and they have two children (Yelena Morera Ortiz and Dylan Morera Ortiz).

His net worth is around 20 million dollars and he is enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. He can afford himself and his family whatever they want. Not only is Wisin rich, but he is also a very good and generous person who donates a lot of money to poor people.

Undoubtedly this Puerto Rican rapper is one of the most popular rappers in the world. If you didn’t hear his songs yet, we recommend you to hear some of them. If you love dancing, then you will certainly like great rhythm of his songs.