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Whitney Scott Mathers Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Whitney Mathers is a known public personality whose career has started as just a little girl since she is one of the three daughters from a legendary rapper named Eminem.

Many people bring her celebrity status into question since she has barely done anything in the media world and she didn’t even want to be involved at first.

Her father is also known as Eminem, M, Slim Shady and sometimes even M&M.

He was and still is one of the biggest rappers in the world and his fame will never get old because his rhymes are unforgettable to many generations.

He is also one of the first famous white rappers.

He is sometimes even called the „King of Hip Hop”. He has been successful since the release of his debut album back in 1996 and he still makes music today and is very high-profile in the media.

She had been under limelights from an early age because of her world famous father but she has used it later to start building her name.

She said that she was annoyed by the constant pressure put on her and that the best thing she could do is make use of it.

His birth name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III and they share their surname although Eminem is not her real father but her stepdad.

Many think her father insisted on this, while others think she uses that to get fame and become more popular.

Early years

Whitney was born on April 16th in 2002 in St. Joseph in Missouri in the United States.

She is the youngest of three Eminem’s daughters and therefore the most famous one as well because the media made a lot of fuss about her birth.

Her full name is Whitney Scott Mathers, she carries both her mother’s surname and Marshall’s too. Allegedly, this was their decision.

Her real dad is Eric Hartter who got involved in a relationship with Eminem’s ex-wife named Kimberly after she and Eminem decided to separate.

They had a daughter Whitney who was later adopted by Eminem when they continued their relationship.

They got married in 1999. and so Whitney became Eminem’s daughter.

Many are not sure why he did this and they say there is a possible chance she is his kid and that Eminem was still involved with her mother at that time, but could not say that publicly.

Eminem doesn’t distinguish her from her other kid’s so many people didn’t know that she is not her biological father.

Actually, because of the fact that they hold the same surname, many think that she even grew up with him, but this isn’t true.

Kimberly and Eminem got divorced in 2001. They divorced because Eminem saw Kimberly cheating him with another rapper.

He even shot him out of anger. He was arrested for it and the media made a big fuss about it.

His fans created fan theories that say Eminem was so in love with Kimberly that he decided to forgive her later and that’s how Whitney came to life.

However, Eminem didn’t want to share this with the public so he wouldn’t look like a weak person. We don’t know if this is true, but stans believe this.

Eminem always mentioned his daughters in his work and it made the media very curious about them.

He just talks nice things about them, but never really shares any factual info.

Although we know a lot about Eminem, we don’t know as much about his personal life and his daughters.

After a bunch of controversy in his life, he chooses not to share the lives of his children on the Internet.

Marshall is often praised because he sometimes shows his softer side when talking about his family.

It is very much different for him because he is often perceived as a really arrogant rapper.

Stans get angry when they hear about this, stating that Eminem is actually a very nice person, but has to keep the whole „bad guy” thing going on to get attention in the hip hop world, which is a place for tough people.

In 1999, Marshall and Kimberly got married after they were in a relationship for a long time.

Eminem once states that at this time he was probably the happiest he has ever been.

He later had many issues with his mental health and even took a break from creating music. Many believe that the fact Kimberly cheated on him playing a huge role.

That resulted in Eminem getting one more daughter, called Hailie. The girls always hang out together and that makes it even harder to believe that Whitney isn’t Eminem’s biological kid.

One would think the girls would find each other enemies, but they don’t.

After they divorced each other, back in 2011, Whitney got into another relationship, this time with Eric Hatter, a known tattoo artist.

A year after they got another daughter, Whitney. Unfortunately, Eric also wasn’t a responsible person, he was a drug dealer. He didn’t even show up to Kimberly’s childbirth.Eminem wanted to adopt the child and he did so. Whitney is living with both Eminem and her two sisters, Alaina and Hailie.

Paparazzi always ask her if she is happy and Whitney always states that she is and that she could have not wished for a better family.

Whitney had a restless childhood since she was burned with the acts and the behavior of her parents. It seemed like Whitney was guilty, but she didn’t do anything.

For example, her mother Kimberley was once stopped by the police because she was reported to walk the streets in her swimsuit while being drunk, in the companion of her good friend.

It was hard for little Whitney to go to school because her parents were always under the spotlight.

Later the policemen discovered that she had a warrant opened at her name for not appearing in a court hearing after she was charged for disturbing the peace.

This lead to a bunch of problems and they wanted her to serve jail time, but she did get away.

It seems that the police found a container with a powder similar to cocaine in the backseat of her car so this still under investigation.

Many thought that she was ruining herself on purpose after being separated from her love.

Whitney’s biological father is also in the news a lot which cannot be easy for her although she has no real contact with him.

He did not want to be involved in the whole thing and said that he planned to have a one night stand.

Many believe that Eminem actually decided to take custody because of this: he didn’t want the young girl to grow up without a parent.

He (Eric Hartter) has been arrested in Michigan in June 2019 and is still held by the police. He is not the right person to deal with a kid.

The reason for this was an opened warrant for his arrest due to several felonies: stealing merchandise, distributing Fentanyl or methamphetamine and more.

He pleaded guilty hoping that he will negotiate a shorter sentence but it seems that Whitney’s bio father will stay in jail on a period between 10 months and even 4 years.

Whitney’s mum Kim is also a problematic person who has spent time in jail several times. It seems like everyone in their family likes to create trouble from time to time.

She had a car crash after driving under the influence which she later described as her suicide attempt.

Although the media used this information to bring attention to the family, people think that she made this up to try to bring Eminem back into their family.

It was a hard thing for Whitney to bear and she was depressed because of it. She said that she would have liked if she got a chance to have a normal childhood and that she is very helpful that Em stepped in.

These Kim’s actions forced her former husband Eminem to raise Whitney and give her a more normal childhood. No one asked him to do this, but he felt that it was the right thing.

He showed his big heart after adopting Alaina, who is Kimberley’s late sister’s daughter. It seems that Whitney had witnessed a lot of things through her growing up.

In 2001, Eminem was arrested for pistol-whipping John Guerra who was kissing his wife Kimberley in a bar.

She is in high school right now. She is very good in school and she tries to do her best and to succeed without mentioning who her parents are. She is also made fun of because of her situation, but she tries not to mind.

She adores her sisters and they get along well. She loves them both but she looks up to Hailie a lot more. She made a better connection with her than Ailana.

Eminem adopted Whitney, not because she was his daughter, she was a daughter of Eric Hatter, but because he wanted to provide her a better life.

In his younger days, Eminem was very troubled and would often abuse drugs and be violent, but her mother wasn’t any different. Her mother, as you have read, was actually even worse.

She was addicted to drugs at the time she had Whitney, and Eminem could not let her raise a child.

Kimberly and Eminem got back into a relationship in 2006, but it again ended very bad for them. They divorced after only 3 months of re-marrying. They just weren’t for each other.

Although Whitney isn’t his biological daughter, he still loves her very much. Even her mother, Kimberly, said so in one of the interviews. She said how Marshal is an amazing father to all of the children.

Whitney had two fathers and because of that, four grandparents. She loves all of them very much.

On Marshall’s side, her grandfather is Marshall Bruce Mathers and her grandmother is Deborah R. Nelson Mathers. Parents of Eric, Kathleen Sluck and Marie Hartter, are also her grandparents.

Whitney isn’t the only daughter that Eminem adopted, Her sister Alaina is also adopted, which means that Hailie is the only biological daughter of Eminem.

Alaina was born back in 1993 to Dawn Scott. Dawn is Kimberly’s twin sister and Eminem decided to adopt her because Dawn also had some drug problems.

Career development

Whitney hasn’t built a career for herself since she is still in high school and is probably going to finish college and do science.

She has an Instagram account but doesn’t post a lot. She doesn’t like to get into the spotlight and says that she doesn’t have an idea where she would be a part of the industry at all.

Personal life

On it, she stated that she is bisexual, thus attracted to both males and females. She said that it was very hard for her to state this online because she is constantly watched by so many people, but that she feels safe to say this in 2019.

She is a huge animal lover and often posts pictures of her with reptiles like snakes or so. Many believe this is Eminem’s influence because he also loves exotic animals and he probably exposed her to them.

She is very close to Hailie, her half-sister and she looks up to her. There are no bad feelings between them and they love to spend time together when their dad is on tour.

Just like other young women, Whitney Scott Marshall has a lot of favorite things. Her favorite actor is Brad Pitt and she has seen most of his movies several times.

Her favorite actress is Sivan Alyra Rose.

If she could travel somewhere far she would pick Paris as her dream holiday destination.Whitney’s favorite colors are blue, pink and black.

She is a huge fan of photography and traveling.Her most favorite food is Italian food.

Quick summary

Full name: Whitney Scott Mathers

Date of birth: April 16, 2002

Birthplace:  St. Joseph, Michigan  United States

Age: 17

Profession: high school student, daughter of a celebrity

Height: 158 cm

Weight: 55 kgs

Net Worth: NA