Wentworth Miller Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Wife

Miller Wentworth is an actor whose glory and glory played Michael Scofield’s role in the famous “Escape” television series. This project has made our world hero a global star.

That is why more attention has been paid to the life and work of this impressive British actor recently.

This talented actor appeared at the juncture of all these cultures. Despite the fact that the Wentworth family moved to the United States at the beginning of the seventies, Miller still retains British citizenship and is considered English. he spent most of her life in New York.

However, many of his relatives live on the British Isles, and a talented actor is still frequently visited.

Early Years

Wentworth Earl Miller III was born in Chipping Norton, England, on 2 June 1972, but moved to North America at the age of one year. His is a multi-ethnic family: his father has Afro-American, Jamaican, English, German, Jewish and Cherokee descent, while his mother has Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian, Lebanese and Swedish origins.

He grew up in Brooklyn, where he attended Midwood High School and began to cultivate a passion for the stage.

He becomes a member of SING !, a music production organized annually by his school.

After completing high school, he enrolled at the University of Princeton, where he graduated in English Literature.

During his university years he joined the a Capella Princeton Tigertones choir and became a member of the Quadrangle Club and Colonial Club theater groups.

Career Path

In 1995, after university, Wentworth Miller moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He lives a long period of tribulations and difficulties, followed by a series of television appearances, the first of which in an episode of “Buffy L’A Ammazzavampiri”.

In 2002 he is the co-protagonist of the sci-fi miniseries “Dinotopia”, then still others appeared in television series as “Popular” by Ryan Murphy (“Glee”), “E.R. – Medici in the front line “,” Joan of Arcadia “and” Ghost Whisperer – Presences “.

In 2003 he participated in the film “The Human Spot”, in which he is the young version of Coleman Silk, played by Anthony Hopkins, along with Nicole Kidman. Wentworth Earl Miller III, artistically known as Wentworth Miller, is an English actor and model known for his role as Michael Scofield in the hit series Prison Break.

Already developed his career in the world of fashion, the actor decided to try his luck in the world of acting, starting with supporting roles such as the one he developed in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (his first time before the camera) or series like Popular, Time of your life, ER or the video movie Romeo and Juliet (2000), where he played the role of Paris.

His first real opportunity would come with the Dinotopia series where, turned into David Scott, he got his first continued role, with 3 episodes of participation. After participating in a movie of relative importance, and always combining this work with his other model vocation, he would finally get the role that would throw him to fame, that of Michael Scofield, one of the protagonists of the hit series Prison Break.

As the producers have explained on more than one occasion, Wentworth appeared for the audition only one week before starting the production of the pilot chapter, which could be said to be a play of fate.

In his personal life, he especially highlights the aspect of his origins: despite being born in England, the actor considers himself American since it was there where he grew up since he was one year old.

Among their ancestors are African-American, Jamaican, English, German, Jewish and Cherokee (father’s) and Russian, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese blood from mother’s blood. A fan of singing, he graduated from Princeton University, where he was part of the choir as a baritone, and where he also worked as an illustrator for the university newspaper.

As for creative aspirations, they began to appear in the soul of our present hero in his early childhood. His first role was Miller Wentworth playing in kindergarten, reincarnated in the dinosaur time of T-Rex. After that, a gifted man participated in several other productions, and a little older, they began to participate in the famous New York “SING!”, Which has always attracted constant audience attention.

As Miller himself admitted, his love for acting always was with him. Already in adolescence he regularly appeared to the public, grasping at any convenient opportunity. The young man just let him move from the planned path just as he studied at prestigious Princeton University. He is seriously interested in English literature here. In this specialty Miller later got a diploma.

The year spent in Princeton Miller Wentworth is still the best in life. He always loved his or her homeland, but after gaining education, he did not become a professional. After moving to Los Angeles, the young man began to go up to fame and popularity. Miller has chosen the actor’s path and has never stopped this road again.

In the 1990s, our present hero appeared very often in the movies, but despite this he played only minor secondary roles. Over time, he began to appear in episodes of various American TV shows, which has become a new step in the development of his career.

Miller Wentworth played his first major role in 2002, appearing as the main character in the fantastic mini television series “Dinotopia”. From that moment on career has grown rapidly.

In 2003 Anglo-American actor acted in the erotic drama “Stained reputation”, where he played with Nicole Kidman and Anthony Hopkins. A few months later he appeared in another theater project – the fantastic action movie “Underworld”, where Kate Beckinsale became his partner on the set.

Each of these films brought the actor a deserved popularity. He often called on new projects. One day Miller Wentworth was one of the main actors of the new American TV series “Escape”.

Our current hero began appearing in the cult project in 2005, and almost immediately after the first episode of the series appeared on the screens, became a popular favorite. His character is wildly popular among viewers, so he has always remained in the middle of the story.

In 2006, as a star emerged as Miller Wentworth emerged among the nominees of the “Saturn” and “Golden Globe” awards. As a result, these awards are awarded to other actors, but the very fact of candidacy speaks volumes.

The “Escape” series, as well as other images that tell the story of Michael Scofield and his friends (“The Final Break”), became epic in his career and the fate of the actor. Much time Miller Wentworth has completely fallen into this project, but later began acting in other films.

As a visiting star, he appeared in the series of Doctor House and Talking with Ghosts. In 2010 he played one of the central roles in the post-apocalyptic movie “Resident 4: Life after Death”.

In recent years, despite enormous success, Miller Wentworth is relatively rarely removed. For some time he has been working on copying various American cartoons, but he is still surprised to see his new work in the cinema world.

As a screenwriter, Miller Wentworth presented the film to Vicious Games, featuring Nicole Kidman and Mia Vasikovsk. The project was very successful, and the writer’s talent of our present hero and highly valued by viewers and critics.

Wentworth is the son of Wentworth Earl Miller II, a lawyer of British, Somali, German and Cherokee ancestry, and Joy Palmer, a special education teacher of Italian, French, Dutch and Portuguese ancestry. He has 2 younger sisters.

When he was little, he moved with his family to Brooklyn, New York. He studied at Midwood College, in Brooklyn and then at Quaker Valley Senior. He subsequently attended Princeton University, from which he graduated in 1995 in English Literature. While in college, Miller was part of a musical group that sang a Capella “The Princeton Tiger Tones.”

When he finished his studies, Miller moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue his dream of being an actor. He was first seen in a chapter of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, and subsequently had participations in the series “Popular”, “Time of Your Life”, “Emergency”, “Joan of Arcadia”, “Ghost Whisperer” and “Family Guy.”

His first leading role was in the miniseries “Dinotopia”, in which he played David Scott. On the big screen it was seen in the year 2000 in the film “Romeo and Juliet”, with Kel Mitchell and Fran de Leon as protagonists, and later participated in the films “The human spot”, with Anthony Hopkins and Nicole Kidman, “ Underworld ”, with Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman,“ The Confession ”and it is rumored that in 2010 it will be seen in the film“ Bioshock ”, currently in the pre-production stage.

Miller also participated in music videos like “We Belong Together” or “It’s Like That” by Mariah Carey. Undoubtedly, the role that launched him to fame was that of Michael Scofield, in the hit series “Prison Break”, of FOX, which aired in 2005 and is currently broadcasting its fourth and final season.

For his work on this series, Miller was nominated in 2005 for the Golden Globe Awards, in the Best Actor category in a television series. Wentworth led People’s list of the sexiest television actors in 2006 and 2007 and was even named by Entertainment Weekly as the most erotic male sex symbol of all time.

Currently, Miller Wentworth works as a scriptwriter on the new film – The Disappointments Room. According to the rumor, Kate Beckinsale should play the main role in the film, but the future of the project still lacks specificity. One more thing – a new acting act of gifted Britain.

It is known that at the beginning of 2014, viewers will have the opportunity to enjoy the new work by Miller Wentworth – Detective Loft. In this project, our today’s hero will appear alongside other stars of American cinema – Karl Urban and James Marsden.

Personal life

Wentworth Earl Miller III was born on June 2, 1972 in the English town of Chipping Norton (Oxford shire). His father was a descendent of immigrants from Africa, and his mother was a native of Great Britain.

Despite this, many different lines also intertwine in the family tree of this woman. Miller’s mother’s family were French, Dutch, Russian, and Lebanese.

Miller Wentworth is a homosexual. According to his confession, in his youth he attempted to commit suicide due to an attack by his peers and acquaintances.

After the beginning of his acting career, he hide his homosexuality for a long time, but later acknowledged his orientation.

Quick summary

Full name: Wentworth Earl Miller III

Date of birth: June 2nd 1972

Birthplace: Chipping Norton, UK

Age: 47

Profession: Actor, Screenwriter, Model

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: 4$ million