Wayne Lineker Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Wayne Lineker is an English entrepreneur and a very notorious playboy who is not only known for his controversial lifestyle, but also for the many careers he had tried during the years.

Wayne is also known as the younger brother of Gary Lineker, a known British footballer and a TV personality. This helped him become famous in the beginning because he got attention easier than others.

Early years

Wayne was born on April 25, 1963, in the town of Leicester in England. He said that he was often made fun of in the media later because of his accent, but he stated that he enjoyed growing up in England very much so he doesn’t mind it.

His parents were Barry and Margaret Lineker and they were very hardworking and took good care of their two children. He had a nice childhood and he said that growing up along his brother helped him to be more ambitious in life.

They have invested a lot of time in their upbringing, especially the father who is a very big fan of sports and wanted his kids to become football players. He developed a strong connection during this time.

He has spent his childhood alongside his older brother Gary who eventually did become a football player, unlike Wayne who was never disciplined enough for football training. He wanted to become a player just like his brother, but he ended up switching careers later on because he didn’t feel fulfilled.

Wayne Lineker is only 17 months younger than his brother Gary so they are almost peers.

His brother Gary became a known footballer but not everyone knows that Wayne was also supposed to be one. He had a very promising talent and he trained with Leicester City football club almost every day after school.

But Wayne was not as responsible as Gary and he liked to be lazy and pasty so he gave up. He said that he did not want to miss everything in life just because he had to train. People who train hard cannot drink and take hits, so Wayne decided that this life was not for him.

He told his dad that he doesn’t want to continue training football because he wants to go out with his friends. His dad was suspicious at first and he was afraid that his son was going to end up being a punk, so he was very happy to see he was growing his career later.

He was more interested in girls and going out than in training and education. Things stayed this way and therefore there is a lot of controversy surrounding him to this day.

His parents were very worried that he is gonna take the wrong path.

The same thing was with education. He wasn’t interested in schooling at all so he ended up leaving school when he was only 14. He said that he knew nothing he learned in school will benefit him and his career.

That means that he has no qualifications and has never finished high school but only has elementary school education.

He doesn’t mind it because he has succeeded nevertheless.

Career development

His father decided to give him work at his vegetables and fruit stall where he worked for very long. He didn’t like this job, but he decided to work with his father to help him out.

He worked at his father’s stall for 11 years. It was until he was 25 when he decided that there must be something else waiting for him somewhere so he decided to go abroad.

He had a dream of opening his won business abroad and he wished it was some shiny place outside England. This meant that he was starting to get his first opportunities and signs as well.

He always had a dream about moving to some exotic place where there is no cold weather, rain, and fog like in Great Britain. He wanted to be one of those people constantly surrounded by paparazzi.

After coming to Tenerife he came up with an idea to open a bar on the beach and he soon became an owner of an extremely popular “World Famous Lineker’s Bar” which was opened at Playas de las Americas in Tenerife.

It soon became very successful and filled by tourists who liked this concept.

It was in 1988 and his business grew so he owns bars in Spain, Portugal, and the Canary Islands. He also has a bar in Cyprus which works great just like other ones.

In 2006, he has ended up in jail because of the tax fraud he pulled off. The fraud was worth about £220 000. He has been sentenced to 2 and a half years of jail time and he was shocked by it although he knew that he broke the law.

He was surprised because of the harsh sentence and by a strict judge.

The sentence was reduced because of the fact that he admitted conspiracy to defraud so the judge of the Southwark Crown Court was being mild.

He has two sons named Duane and Susan and they run his bars worldwide. Other than the two boys he has a daughter Tia who is a teenager and a little son named Freddie.

In 2012 he made huge progress in his bar business segment by opening a club in Ibiza. It is called “Ocean Beach Club” and it was supposed to earn him a lot of money.

That is why everyone was surprised after he filed for bankruptcy in the summer the same year.

Personal life

He has four children from his first marriage named Duane, Sean, Tia, and Freddie, and his youngest child is Freddie. He doesn’t want to talk about them too much although he likes to see their pictures in the media because this means that they will have a better career later when they decide to separate from their parents and maybe go into showbiz.

He is often called “the eternal juvenile” because he is often behaving recklessly and likes to date women a lot younger than he is.

He joined a popular British reality TV show named “The Only Way Is Essex”. It was in 2013.

“The Only Way is Essex” is a very popular TV show which has hundreds of episodes filmed until today. It is broadcasted on ITV and is narrated by a gorgeous British actress and a singer Denise van Outen.

As one of the celebrities in the show, he made a romantic attempt and invited Lauren Pope to date, but she refused his invitations for a romantic relationship. This didn’t sit well with him.

In 2014 he had met his latest girlfriend Danielle Sandhu, a 22-year old model with a great figure.

Their relationship was extremely passionate. She met him at a night out and tomorrow morning canceled all her future plans to stay with him.

She was fascinated by him although he is so much older than her.

Danielle is an Anglo-Asian girl coming from Nottingham. She is 31 years younger than Wayne so there were a lot of rumors about their relationship.

He hasn’t spoken to his brother from 2008 after they drifted apart that summer at Ibiza.

It seems that Gary (who was at that time freshly divorced from his wife Michelle) came to Ibiza with his new girlfriend and a bride-to-be Danielle Bux in order to meet his brother.

Danielle didn’t want to exchange pleasantries with Wayne or even talk to him and he never spoke to her later.

The following year his brother invited him to his wedding in Italy but did not invite his girlfriend Ana Tanaka whom he dated for more than a year and a half at the time of the invitation. She didn’t want to attend it.

Wayne spoke about their distancing in media and even shared his sorrow because of it but his brother Gary never responded to it.

As for his jail conviction, he was convicted for a fraud which was based on smuggling pesetas and escudos into Britain but illegally to avoid paying taxes.

It was £90 000 taxes for a £22000 amount. He did it alongside his manager Dave Hodges (who is often called his “right-hand man”) also admitted conspiring.

The third person in the scam was Stacey who was recruited by Wayne and who worked at Nod West Bank helped them to exchange money at favorable rates.

In 2019 his son Duane married his fiance Megan Cole at a wedding on Ibiza. Wayne is a grandad because they have a two-year-old granddaughter named Myla who lived at Ibiza with her parents.

He loves Myla very much and shares her photos in his Instagram account. He is a very good dad but also a great grandad.

He has over 300 k followers on his Instagram account and often posts about his life in Ibiza.

Quick summary

Full name: Wayne Lineker

Date of birth: April 25, 1963

Birthplace: Leicester, England

Age: 56

Profession: playboy, entrepreneur, bar owner, businessman, TV personality

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: £ 30 million