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Even though lead singers usually stela all the attention of the fans, it is not unusual to have a guitarist or another band member in the center of media attention. One such celebrity is the lead guitarist of a very popular band from the USA called Ratt, Warren Demartini.

In today’s article we are going to talk about his life, his career and his net worth, so if you want to find but more about him, this is a great opportunity to do that.

Early Years

Warren Demartini was born on April 10, 1963 in Chicago, IL. Lead guitarist for the Ratt glam rock band who collaborated with Dokken as well. Torch is his nickname.

Warren grew up in Chicago in Illinois. He was born in a family with five other children and all of them were boys.

When Warren was young, his family decided to move to San Francisco and start a new life. From an early age Warren was in love with rock music because of his older brother Bernard, and he would often listen to their band rehearsals in the family house basement.

The music genes run in the family, because Warren’s grandmother used to play the piano in silent movies.

For one of his birthday’s Warren requested from his parents to gift him a guitar. Since that moment, he constantly played and practiced on his guitar.

During one time he practiced the guitar, he became really angry because he couldn’t be in tune, so he smashed the guitar as a result.

His first band was Plague and their first performance was in front of a small crowd in San Diego.

He was named after that the Best New Guitar Player in San Diego.

Career Path

After being a part of Plague, Warren decided to move on and join another group. He replaced Jake E. Lee, who went to play with Ozzy Osbourne, and who was the guitarist from Ratt. When he was seven, he got a guitar from his mother, but found it frustratingly difficult to play it, so he smashed it.

He’s one of the popular guitar players of a famous USA band. He ranked on the list of the famous people. He’s one of IL’s born Richest Guitarist. He also has a spot on Most Famous Guitarist’s chart. Warren Demartini is one of the popular 56-year-old people in our list.

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Warren Justin DeMartini, nicknamed Torch, is one of the most famous guitarist of the American band Ratt, who was popular in the Glam Metalera scene in Los Angeles in the mid-80s.

DeMartini became interested in music thanks to his brother James who played in a group, for his mother who played the piano and for his grandfather who played the piano in silent films in Preston, Minnesota.

His mother gave him a guitar at age seven, but he ended up breaking it like the guitarist of The Who used to do.

He received classes and set up a group called The Plague and then another, Aircraft. In 1979, he gave his first concert at his institute. As he gave concerts he became famous in San Diego.

In 1982, the band’s name is simplified to Ratt, and they record a modest EP that included a big hit like You Think You’re Tough + a cover of Aerosmith “Walking the Dog” that would launch them to sign an important contract with Atlantic Records not before (like many glam bands) try your luck in Japan.

His first album “Out of the cellar”, from 1984, reached the Top Ten in the US and contained what was his first big hit “Round and Round”.

In 1985 they released “Invasion of your privacy”, a mixture of dynamic rhythms and sticky chorus with simple lyrics, which was multi-platinum with singles like “Lay It Down” and “You’re In Love”.

In 1986 they released “Dancing undercover”, with a more pop cut in which new sounds and alternatives are explored and in 1988 they released their album “Reach for the sky” which highlighted two singles; I want a Woman and Way Cool Jr.

His penultimate recording as a band in 1990 was “Detonator”, changing to tougher, unusual rhythms for Ratt, with very representative proposals such as Lovin ‘You’s a Dirty Job, Shame Shame Shame, Givin’Yourself Away in which the very Good versatility of Warren DeMartini on the rhythm guitar and leader.

In 1991 Robin Crosby left the group, so that shortly thereafter Stephen Pearcy made the same decision to form the Arcade band that included in his training the guitarist Frankie Wilsex who was part of the unfortunate band Seahags that was diluted after the death by overdose of bassist and drummer the great Fred Coury, renowned drummer of Cinderella.

This definitely caused the rupture of the band, which met again in 1999 to make a final attempt with which they produced the self-titled album Ratt with the participation of Bobby Blotzer on drums, Warren de Martini on guitars, Stephen Pearcy on vocals and Robbie Crane on bass, replacing Juan Croucier.

This production highlights Over The Edege, Luv Sick to close the cycle of one of the most prominent bands of the eighties Glam Rock.

Beyond the moderate impact that this good album has had, the sad thing was knowing the slow agony of Robbin Crosby, a dramatic victim of AIDS.

Another thing that largely clouds this meeting was the rapid dismissal of Stephen Pearcy from the ranks of the group, apparently due to lack of commitment and professionalism, since in early 2000 he left the band with concerts not performed in the middle of the tour that they performed with Great White, and immediately began to speculate about its replacement.

Jizzy Pearl (Love / Hate and L.A. Guns) and finally Robert Mason (Lynch Mob and Cry of Love) were thought of. Apparently some presentations in front of the people of the Portrait label did not convince at all and their future record was still in suspense, although it was imminent, which is why their drummer and leader Bobby Blotzer declared that Ratt would go on tour (a possibility with Union) in the remainder of 2000.

After the new separation and breaking of the band, the position in the voice of Stephen Pearcy was taken by singer Jizzy Pearl, former vocalist of the Love / Hate group and who also had a fleeting step by the band L.A. Guns replacing vocalist Phil Lewis.

On June 6, 2002, guitarist Robin Crosby loses his long fight against his drug addiction and dies of AIDS. Currently Ratt still exists as a band, but with only 2 original members.

The history of Rock will remember Ratt forever as one of its great exponents. He recorded two solo albums: Crazy Enough To Sing To You (1995) and Surf’s Up! (Nineteen ninety six).

In 2003, he was called to replace Doug Aldrich in Dio but due to musical differences they decided not to record or tour together. The net worth of Warren Demartini is $100,000–$1 M (USD) in 2019.

Warren Demartini’s earnings have yet to be calculated for the year, but he is expected to see an increase in pay, compared to 2018. We are analyzing the compensation of Warren, so check back as soon as we regularly refresh this site with new financial information and earnings.

Personal Life

Warren Demartini was born in Chicago on Wednesday 10 April 1963. The birth sign of the 56-year-old is Aries, and Rat is a zodiac symbol.

He was raised in the age of Baby Boomers. In the 1960s, the average family income throughout 1960 was about $5,600 for the nation as a whole. Most of the success of Warren comes from being a guitar player.

When he was seven, he obtained a guitar from his mother, but found it frustratingly difficult to play it, so he smashed it.

Lead guitarist for the Ratt glam rock band who collaborated with Dokken as well. He’s Torch’s nickname. His two older brothers had their own band and rehearsed in the basement, drawing young Warren’s attention.

VH1 called Warren as one of the guitarist who was most underrated, especially in the eighties. He usually incorporates playing 4 notes per string and not many guitarist can do this.

He creates a jazz fusion, and his playing has a wide vibrato. Demartini uses a finger vibrato, and this technique is used to alter the pitch contrary to the bending of the string.

In 1992 Stephen Pearcy, in an attempt to modernize and get rid of the light glam aesthetic of his past, Arcade weapon and then the almost industrial Vertex, leaving Ratt.

His departure effectively puts an end to the group for much of the decade, before they met again – this time with the younger Robbie Crane on bass and triple attack by veterans, Pearcy, Blotzer and Martini’s virtuoso Warren on guitars to record a new production simply titled Ratt in 1999.

Quick summary

Full name: Warren Demartini

Date of birth: April 10th 1963

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Age: 56

Profession: Guitarist

Height: 1.80

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: 4$ million