Vusi Thembekwayo Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

It may be a hard name to pronounce but you must try to get to know this interesting entrepreneur hailing from South Africa who also got very known for his amazing courage in speaking about relevant topics from today’s world.

Vusi Thembekwayo is known all over Africa and is often called to make his speeches on various events because people seem to like to hear his speeches and because his performance is very interesting.

Early years

He was born as Vusi Thembakwayo on March 21, 1985, in South Africa, in a place called Benoni. Not many things are known about his childhood although he sometimes speaks about his early days when he includes it in his speeches.

After getting into high school his teachers noticed his talent for public speaking. They also noticed that Vusi doesn’t have any stage fright so his public appearance was always going great. The way he looked and spoke kept the attention of his audience through all of his speech.

Vusi was brought up in a low-income family but he never seemed to be hurt by this. It seems that he knew from his early years that he is going to be famous one day. He said that he knew his parents needed more support and that’s why he was always there for them to take care when they had something else going on.

That is why he was so focused on his education because he felt that receiving a good education will open him the door to many other ventures. He said that he was ready to put in everything in order to become financially stable and get a diploma.

Vusi wanted to enroll the university too but he couldn’t manage the financial pressure because his family just couldn’t afford it. This broke his heart and he was devastated, but he knew he had to find an alternative and his work would pay off.

Career development

After abandoning the idea to go to university and continue his education, Vusi found himself a job in order to provide himself a normal lifestyle. He started working in his own job agency which was focused on finding jobs for South African people in overseas countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

He was very good at his job and managed to find work for thousands of people. This showed his abilities in communication as well as his entrepreneurial skills. He said that he believed in himself and that he was always a pretty good communicator. All of this helped him a lot, especially when it comes to more complex things that he had to work out with other people as well.

Vusi started being known as an entrepreneur because of many solid ideas and he managed to gain enough money to start working on his own brand and ventures. He was very happy that he was gaining new chanced and especially those that he deserves!

In 2010 he was the director of Metcash Group and turn their New Business Division into a  turnover business worth a huge number of million dollars by scoring the highest EDITDA in the whole Metcash group.

The money he gained from his various projects was turned into the creation of his own company “Global Professional SA” which was focused on finding work for thousands of South African habitats all over the world.

He worked from his home but managed to create and establish a notable work agency which found work to thousands of their employees.

After this, he found work in a marketing agency where he soon came to a good position. He rose to the position very quickly due to the fact that he was a very skilled speaker which was very important in marketing and sales.

Vusi became the manager of a big sales company named Metro Cash & Carry.

After earning enough money to live up to his standards he decided to upgrade his education.

He entered the commerce Wits University where he received his diploma in Business Administration after following their Advanced Management Programme.

He was very proud of his work and was pleased to receive his MBA. This made him even more ambitious.

In 2014 he became widely known in Africa through a popular show called Dragon’s Den. He was one of the judges in the SouthAfrican version of the show and soon became the favorite of the public.

The audience didn’t like him only because he was young and good looking but because of his way of communicating with the contestants. He was very charismatic, charming and the way he spoke to let everyone know that he was a fine gentleman, not only a random dude that’s getting a hosting gig.

By the time he entered this show, he was already quite rich after earning money from his own projects, but still he was very pleased to invest in various projects offered by the contestants in the show. He said that meeting people from the show was one of the best things that happened to him since he could also talk to them about his personal ideas and more.

Vusi is involved in many projects and one of the latest he was able to finish was the selling of the part of one American consulting business named Motiv8 and investing his money in developing a company oriented to entrepreneurs.

Vusi is very loyal to his country and tries to help to develop the economy in any way he can.

He says that his dream is to create over 200 hundred successful companies in South Africa and he does it in a way that he helps young entrepreneurs to grow their own businesses.

He became a mentor for a lot of leading companies and tries to help them expand their work and grow even more. He said that it’s important for people to realize that they can’t do everything on their own and that it is okay to get help sometimes.

His reputation is very strong so it is not a surprise that he was called to make a speech in the House of Common which is a big privilege. He worked very hard to make it this far so no one was surprised that he got this chance.

In 2013 he was invited to give a speech at the World Bank. He said that he was super nervous when he had to do this and that one of the many things that he had to do was really get back down to earth and come back to his origins.

People like his speeches so much that he had several performances in Las Vegas and they were sold out to the last seat. He was very happy and also very grateful that he got this chance. Because of his way of talking, this opened up many new chances.

In 2015 he had gained the Top 12 International Speaker Award. He said that seeing all these very successful people and being one of them was a very emotional experience for him and that it really reminded him of how far he got.

In 2017 he went on a global tour in which he visited the USA, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United Arab Emirates. These were some of his favorite countries and those that he dreamt about visiting as a kid, so the whole trip was very special for him now.

He has a very huge net worth of a few hundred millions and this is a huge number for such a young man. He says that he doesn’t let this number impact his daily life and that he tries to stay humble and move on as if he was no millionaire that he is.

Personal life

Vusi got married in 2009 to a beautiful entrepreneur Palesa. He said that her thoughts and her attitude towards life are something he can only dream of, and that’s what he fell In love with

In 2010 his wife gave birth to his son whom he named Vusumuzi Nathaniel Thembekwayo III. He was very happy and proud because of it, and he even took a few days off to celebrate this with his wife.

In April 2012, Vusi gained his first daughter named Amahle Thembekwayo.

His second son Mnqobi Thembekwayo was born in 2017.

Quick summary

Full name: Vusi Thembakwayo

Date of birth: March 21, 1985

Birthplace: Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa

Age: 34

Profession: entrepreneur, businessman

Height: 1,85 m

Weight: 90 kg

Net Worth: $500 million