Vince Young Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Vince Young is an ex American football player who played in the position of quarterback.

He has spent the most of his career playing for the Tennessee Titans., but he is well known from the media as well.

Early years

He was born as Vincent Paul Young Jr. on May 18, 1983, in Houston, Texas in the United States.  Little did his parents know that he was going to be a pretty famous guy.

He spent all of his childhood in Hiram Clarke, a neighborhood in Houston in Texas. He says that he had a pretty bad childhood because his father created issues in their family and they could never live a peaceful life.

His father Vincent Young senior was a problematic personality and had problems with the law. He was often missing and couldn’t be relied on. Vince says that his mother was the biggest role model he ever had and that no man could ever handle that situation as well as she did.

That is why Vince was raised mostly by his mother Felicia and his grandmother, without a male role model.  He never cared about this and he respects women because of the hard work his mother and his grandmother put into them.

The two women tried very hard to keep him outside gangs and the streets and they succeeded in it. Vince later stated that he is very grateful to all of them because they kept him out of the streets and were very focused on making him aware of his abilities.

He had a terrible accident when he was a kid. He was just 7 years old when he was hit by a car when he was on his bike riding around the neighborhood.  This is a horrible thing to happen to such a small child and it was obviously a really hard thing to deal with for the family. Because of the whole issue, he had to spend a bunch of time in the hospital.

He was hospitalized for a very long time because he had very severe injuries. The most terrible thing was that he was struck in his stomach and hurt of his inner organs. The doctors didn’t want to share any prognosis because they weren’t sure will he even make it out alive.

Most of his friends were gang members of “Hiram Clarke Boys” mostly (which was a local street gang) but his mother turned him off that road. Once again, he says that he would be nowhere near as famous as he is now if there wasn’t for his mother.

A lot of his teenage friends died due to gang activities so he is very grateful to his mother that she had kept him from the streets. He says that he would probably do something stupid if he was there as well.

He was a student at Madison High School and he was a quarterback there for 3 years. He received many awards during his high school football career: Pasadena’s Player of the Year, 2001 Texas Offensive Player of the Year and Pete Dawkins Trophy are just some of them.

He was also a very good athlete at many different sports. He played basketball, he was good at track and field and was very good as a baseball pitcher so he could have chosen any sport to start his career in. This was also a pretty tough decision for him because he had so many options, but he was always very thankful for each opportunity he got.

Career development

After graduating from high school he became a student at the Texas University. He played football for their team from 2002 until 2005. His head coach was Mack Brown and his team were named Texas Longhorns.

He was very good in his game and he and Chance Mock switched places in the game most of the time. This was a sign that he was going to be a famous athlete, and many people in the media noticed that quite early. The school newspaper always interviewed him and he had a lot of fun there.

In 2004 season Young began all the team’s games and was one of their most valuable players who helped his team to reach the Rose Bowl for the first time in the history of the college.

They won in a match against the University of Michigan. They improved their game by making a shotgun formation.

Vince was so popular that he appeared on the covers of Texas Football magazine. He was praised for his efforts and skills which brought their team to Rose Bowl and all the players were approached by the fans wherever they went.

In 2005, Longhorns continued with their great game and ultimately won the Big 12 Conference Championship. It was history in making for the team and for the Texas University.

In 2006, at the Rose Bowl, he made a great appearance and played magnificently and he was given the Rose Bowl Most Valuable Player title and he ended his 2005 season by gaining the Longhorns MVP award and the Davey O’Brien Award.

This was a great satisfaction for him and he was proud of his success, especially after his big injury when he was a kid. Many people don’t know about this part of his life and he is happy that they can’t even notice that it happened.

He broke seven records of his college and was named into Top 10 list of college players in history which was an outstanding success to make.

In 2006 he was a guest on a known TV show called “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno as the host. This was a very important TV appearance for him because he was soon to be drafted and wanted to leave a good impression on the viewers and potential scouts.

He announced that he will become eligible for the NFL draft the same season.

He was soon drafted by The Tennessee Titans on a period of six years and with over $25 million guaranteed payment (of $58 million).

He was outstanding in his first season and broke an old 1968 record for the number of rushing yards. The Titans fans were thrilled by his game.

He was named the NFL Rookie of the Year by Associated Press.

He was named to the Pro Bowl (2007), also because of his great performance.

He had excellent ratings in 2006 season too.

He was photographed for Sports Illustrated many times and was on a lot of covers of sports magazines.

In 2006 he was named the NFL Rookie of the Year. He was performing okay both in 2007 and 2008 season.

In 2009 season the Titans started their season badly and Young was returned to being a starting quarterback and to try and save the team.

In 2009 he was named as the comeback player of the year by the Sporting News. He appeared in the 2010 Pro Bowl.

In 2011 he was released from the Titans after a disagreement with coach Fisher. He was very unsatisfied with his position in the team. He broke his thumb and threw his shoulder pads on the floor and argued with the coach. He left the court in an angry manner.

He signed a contract with Philadelphia Eagles the same year. In 2012 he signed to Buffalo Bills but left them after 3 months because he couldn’t adapt to their game.

In the summer of 2013, he signed a contract with Green Bay Packers but was out after just one month.

The same thing happened with Cleveland Browns.

He graduated from the University of Texas in 2013.

In 2014 he was hired as a development office on the University of Texas.

In 2017 he signed a contract with Saskatchewan Roughriders in the CFL (Canadian Football League) but he soon hurt himself and the contract was broken.

He gained a lot of money from his commercials on TVs, such as for Madden 2008, Reebok and VIZIO.

In “My 74” single made by Mike Jones, Vince starred in the video.

Personal life

His mother is named Felicia Young.

He came to financial problems due to his lavish lifestyle and his claims that his agent stole from him.

For example, he wanted a $300,000 worth birthday party in 2011 which is an abnormal amount of money to spend on a birthday.

Another controversy spread by ESPN was that when he sprained his ankle in 2008, he told his therapist that he mentioned suicide several times during the therapy and that he owns a gun.

In 2014, after earning over $60 million through his career he filed for bankruptcy.

He was arrested for drinking and driving in 2016 and was punished with community service.

He is married to Candice Johnson whom he married in 2012 in Los Cabos in Mexico. They have been dating since high school.

In 2010 she gave birth to his son Jordan.

Quick summary

Full name: Vincent Paul Young Jr.

Date of birth: May 18, 1983

Birthplace: Houston, Texas, United States

Age: 36

Profession: NFL player

Height: 1,96 m

Weight: 105 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million