Uday Chopra Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Uday Chopra is a very known Indian actor and a producer, also known as the son of a famous director Jash Chopra and a brother of Aditya Chopra, one of the most fruitful Indian directors and screenwriters.

Uday also worked as an assistant director in the family’s company called YRF Entertainment. He said that working there helped him get the right habits and develop a proper work ethic.

Although he doesn’t want to keep working for his family the whole time and would eventually want to switch careers, he said that he would enjoy spending more time with them.

He works alongside his brother Aditya and his mother Pamela in a company launched and owned by his famous brother Aditya. The family gets along really well and they enjoy spending time together.

Early years

Uday Chopra was born on January 5, 1973, in a town called Mumbai, settled in India, in the loving and multi-talented family consisted of his mother Pamela and his father Yash.

From his early age, he often visited film sets where his father worked and he was very interested in film making, just as his brother Aditya, Uday also loved to act and was mesmerized by all the big actors that worked with his father.

He hoped he would be successful as them one day. It was in his late twenties that he decided to pursue his acting career more seriously.

He said that he finally thought as if he was actually ready to invest all of himself into this career, rather than just keeping it aside as a possible choice.

As for his education, he attended Bombay Scottish school in Bombay and Sydenham College in Mumbai. He said that his parents wanted him to get proper education, but he was never really too into it.

Career development

He gained his first role in a musical romantic drama movie called “Mohabbatein” which was directed by his brother Aditya Chopra. The movie was filmed not only in India but also in the United Kingdom so he had an opportunity to visit the UK. He started in it alongside Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.

Before entering the world of acting he was involved in a lot of other movie ventures. In 1994 Uday was a producer of the romantic drama movie called “Yeh Billagi” with Akshay Kumar and Kajol in lead roles. He said that it was very interesting and fun to work with actors that have more experience, because they often gave him advice as well.

Most of the movies he produced and written scripts for were made by Production house owned by his father Yash. Many people made controversy out of this and they said that he only gets the roles that his father makes, but he says that this is not true and that he is very hard working and that he tries his best no matter which movie he is in.

His next acting role came in 2002 with two roles of Sanju in a hit romance drama called “Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai”. This movie was produced by two brothers: Aditya and Uday and was directed by Sanjay Gadhvy. It was made by YEF Productions. Uday stared in it alongside Jimmy Sheirgill and Tulip Joshi.

The movie was a big hit and although it was made with a big budget it had earned almost five times more. This was important for him because he also got a significant paycheck from it.

In 2004 he started with Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham in the first movie of the Dhoom Franchise called “Dhoom”. This action thriller made in Hindi because a huge hit and it was more interesting because it was the 1st action movie YRF produced in over 15 years.

It was one one of the biggest hits that year and ut earned several times its budget. Due to success of the movie a sequel was seen made in 2006, directed again by Sanjay Gadhvi. Many directors started to see him as a very serious actor and they were more intrigued about his work.

He was again produced by Uday and his brother Aditya movie titled “Dhoom 2” was the biggest-grossing film in India in 2006 and soon became a “blockbuster”.

Another sequel came much later in 2013, and was titled “Dhoom 3”. He started in it alongside Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif. He said that his favorite thing in acting is working with other people and meeting new friends. Uday says that each movie has created  new friendship for him, and this is something that he greatly thanks for.

This was one of the most expensive Indian movies ever but it was again a hit and returned all the investments in it and more.

In 2011 he visited Los Angeles for summer to attend a production workshop which took place in The UCLA of The University of California.

In 2014 he produced two movies. They were connected to his workplace as the chairman of YRF Entertainment, a part of the production company which was made for making international movies.

In 2014 he produced a movie titled “Grace of Monaco” with Nicole Kidman playing the role of Grace Kelly. The movie was directed by Oliver Dahan. Niu Roth, Frank Langella, and Derek Jacob are just some of the famous actors who appeared in this movie producer by YRF Entertainment.

The movie was made with a high budget of $ 30 million but has earned only $26 at the box office. However, the critics spoke highly of it and it opened the Cannes Film Festival in 2014. Uday was nominated for an Emmy Award for this movie in the category of Outstanding Television Movie.

In 2014 he has produced a comedy-drama movie with Jason Bateman and Olivia Wilde as the main actors. It was titled “The Lowest Week” and Zday co-produced it with Neda Armian. The film nicely received in the cinemas. This meant a lot to him and he was very happy to hear this.

His other smaller appearances and engagement through the years were following: a special appearance as bicycle driver in the song “Ishg Hu Hai Ras” for the 2009 sports movie called “Dil Bole Hadippa” and screenwriting for “Ladies vs Ricky Bahe” and “Pyaar Impossible”.

Personal life

In 2019 he didn’t have much professional engagement but has worried social media users by writing depressive tweets and later deleting it. He even made a statement that he was not serious and that it was just his dark humor with was misunderstood.

However, a lot of controversy ended up being published and many people were very mad at him as well. They wanted to know why he was romanticizing this personality.

Although he is not close to working on the screen Uday is often Writing the headlines of Indian magazines. The latest was the headlines of Indian magazines.

He often appeared in the media, and he sometimes appeared because of his father as well, and the media loves talking about him, especially when it comes to controversy and bad things.

The latest was the rumor that he has a love affair with the beautiful actress Nargis Fakhill. After that, it was rumored that he has ended his relationship with Narghis and that he has done it through an online message.

Uday is considered to be the least successful man in his family and a lot of people think that it is the cause of his depressed tweets and similar. He had made several questionable decisions that worried the public, like for example selling his villa in the Hollywood Hills, for example, it is known that he is a chairman of the YRF Entertainment with us connected to filming in Hollywood. He had also changed his looks a lot but in a bad way.

He gained weight and seems like he doesn’t care about dressing code and public appearance. Many people think that it is a sign of depression. He always says that he just doesn’t care about other people anymore and that he learned that his happiness comes first, but the media portrays this as a start of a mental illness as well.

Many people from India never get to act in big movies and truly become famous on the American market and that’s not fair, says Uday Chopra.

Although he would like to be a bigger personality in the world of American media, he said that his biggest wish for now is just to become comfortable enough here.

Many people find his personality very annoying and they claim that he is arrogant, especially with his social media posts. They think that he is making himself much smarter than he really is and that’s why they don’t want to be supporting him no longer.

He has some haters and they usually talk about the fact that he inherited both his wealth and his fame, but Uday doesn’t seem to care about that right now.

Quick summary

Full name: Uday Chopra

Date of birth: January 5, 1973

Birthplace:  Mumbai, India

Age: 46

Profession: actor, producer, director

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: $1 million