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Tyler Toney Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

YouTube is the birthplace for many interesting characters that do so many exciting things, beauty, gaming, cooking, videos, pranks, etc. There is something for everyone that is for sure.

Some of them make money, and some of them make some serious money.

So, when you are online, you can choose from millions of thousands of channels what to watch -but some people stand out.

YouTube is the platform for businesses and other advanced activities – Tyler Toney, is a pure YouTube sensation who boasts millions of subscribers.

He is known as The Bearded Guy or Ty, and it is said that he achieved so much success.

He has done it with his partners – Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and twins Cory and Coby Cotton, his high school friends, and maybe in this dynamics is their success.

Their channels name is “Dude Perfect” – they are known for their trick clips, and they are making serious cash along the way.

Early Years

Tyler was born in Prosper, Texas, his father is Jeff Toney, a pastor in an Austin-based church, and Pam Toney is his mother. There cannot be found any other information about his other family members.

He attended Texas A&M University from where he earned a degree in wildlife and fisheries. Here he meets the members of Dude Perfect.  Tyler, Cody, Cory, Coby, and Garrett are said to have also attended the University and were roommates during their days there.

Other members like to point out that Tyler is the team leader of the group, and he is the one in charge of trick shots.

In one interview Tony said that they were living together and enjoyed hanging out and playing games – the group never planned on making a viral video or even making a business model out of the first video.

All members of this YouTube group went to the same high school – they often played basketball.

It all started as Tony said when the shooting these basketball shots in a grass backyard – then they decided to get the video camera out and started recording.

Soon after Good morning, America called two days later and wanted to air it on TV.

Career Development

This channel started on YouTube in 2009 – they share video content on comedy, sports, and entertainment.

Their videos are most famous for their trick clips and stunts, but every member of this channel also posts the videos of competitive games guided by a set of different rules.

The humor is the thing that many fans love to see in their videos and especially the amusement of the “Stereotypes” – this was their series of parodies of annoying behavior. He said that this was the starting point from which everything else developed later on, but the constant thing is their humor and fun.

This came out because the team wanted to diversify their content.

First, we were the basketball trick shots, then in general whether it’s football, basketball, hockey or whatever.

Then they worked with athletes, celebrities and friends.

Guys made a bet on sandwiches for basketball shots in their backyard – they filmed this, and this was their first uploaded titled “Backyard Edition”.

This was the video that became so popular that it drew millions of subscribers, and it seems like the group cannot be stopped.

Soon after, the ESPN reached them to feature in their various shows such as First Take, Around the Horn and Sports Nation.

They have worked with many famous people in their videos – Drew Brees, Singer Luke Bryan, Chris Paul, Volleyball Star Morgan Beck, Travis Pastrana, actor Paul Rudd.

The Dudes, as they were also known to love when an athlete and performing artist guest stars appeared in their videos. Among them are Russell Wilson and Tim McGraw, Coach Carroll was awesome to work with, as Tyler said it.

The group co-operated with various professional players to film videos for their channel, and on top of this, they have developed a self-titled mobile app and also started their show on several TV channels.

In 2008, the channel launched a series called “Overtime”, which combines some aspects of their other videos in a talk show parody form.

This YouTube sensation holds several Guinness World Records – the “Farthest basketball shot made with the head” at 11.32 meters, the “Farthest basketball hook shot” at 21.34 meters, and the “Farthest trampette basketball shot performing a forward flip”.

Additionally, Tyler’s most popular video is, in fact, the one named “Ping Pong Trick Shots 2” that attracted more than 100 million viewers from 2015 to 2017.

In 2015, the Dude perfect was chosen by the Harlem Globetrotters in their yearly player draft, and in the September of the same year, they were endorsed for a TV arrangement entitled The Dude Perfect Show on CMT, which started airing in the next year.

Later on the season two of the “The Dude Perfect Show” was moved to Nickelodeon channel. It began to air in 2017.

Tyler has dedicated his time and money to social welfare, and “Dude perfect” sponsored to raise funds for the Compassion International organization, which works to support the long-term growth of the children living in poverty.

Good Morning America hosted a segment in its show about the tricks they do, and they raise a question where they real?

But eventually, they stated that their experts could not find any evidence of the tricks being fake.

The group members said that they love when people doubt in them because shots seem even more ridiculously impossible. This was the way the “Dude perfect” gained even more publicity and views on YouTube.

Tyler Toney said that it takes multiple attempts when filming before successfully converting the final shots.

Tony has completed the first Absurd Record, a 147-foot Lego walk.

He played Fortnite with Ninja for the first Game Time.

Tony was as the lead singer for the first Sing Song.

Personal Life

Tyler is married to his wife, Bethany Tony (Bethany Briscoe); they tied the knot on October 21 2011. Bethany has a graphic designer degree from Ouachita Baptist University and has also worked as a third-grade teacher. But she is also widely recognized as the former pageant queen and winner of her University.

These two married on the private marriage ceremony attended by their family members and close friends.

Tyler and Bethany have a Son named Barrett Nathan Toney that was born on February 11 2017.

Tyler often posts pictures of his son enjoying his childhood – he loves to spend time with his loving family.

Tyler currently lives in Dallas with his family.

Once Tyler travelled to the United Kingdom to film a video with players of football team Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester City.

Tyler is known for another name – the Rage Monster, and he is a huge fan of fishing which could be seen from his social media posts.

Cory Cotton wrote a book called “Go Big” in which he shares the insider facts the influential group.


“Dude Perfect” is the YouTube is the channel that is the 11th most subscribed YouTube Channel in the world.

Channel raked in more than 5 million views as well as 33 million subscribers across the world.

“Dude Perfect” – four members besides Tony are Coby Cotton, Corry Cotton, Cody Jones, and Garrett Hilbert. Their channel maintained an estimated net worth of 20 Million dollars.

Toney, as those who spoke about his success like to say, is one exceptionally skilled person who dependably attempts to create one of a kind and engaging content for people to see.

He has a major enthusiasm for games and for filming, and he uses it for his work.

His fans can connect with him in his social media accounts such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram as well as Google+.

Tyler has also made some serious cash from featuring in the TV commercials – one telephone Service Company, Xfinity, and Bass Pro Shops. Many more projects are in plans for the group and also for the Tyler.

Tyler has never been connected to any controversy, rumors and legal issues.

Tyler often speaks with people on the topic of God, faith and Christianity, and he said that the response that he gets from the people was amazing.

Tony has said that in the core of everything they do is faith – all the members of the group were raised in Christian homes and some perfect families-

All of them went to Church every Sunday and then once we got a little bit older encouraged us to make that relationship with Jesus.

Tony said that he feels like God has given them this platform not just to make money, not only to be recognized and take a lot of pictures with people but to inspire a lot of people.

Quick Summary

Full name: Tyler Tony

Date of birth: March 24, 1989

Birthplace: Prosper, Texas, the United States

Age: 30 years old

Profession: YouTube personality, video creator, editor and entrepreneur.

Height: 5 feet 9 inches

Weight:  76 kg

Net Worth: 4 – 5 million dollars