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Tyler Mclaughlin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Weight

Tyler McLaughlin is one  of the captains from “Wicked Tuna” reality TV series going on Discovery Channel.

Early years

He was born in Rye Harbor in England and at the age of two he was going on fishing trips with his father because it  was the only thing to  keep him quiet, as his mother says.

Tyler caught his first bluefin when he was only seven years old  and after that he got hooked and always went fishing whenever his dad went. Afterwards he began going alone. He used to practice and invent new tehniques. He later managed to find a crew for fishing, and that’s who he fishes with today.

After he finished high school he wanted to become a commercial fisherman. His family didn’t approve because they wanted him to finish college. He made a deal with them- he will finish college and his father will help him to buy a boat. Tyler decided he was going to prove them he can do it, so he finished collage and his father actually did buy him a boat.

Career Development

Tyler McLaughlin is the youngest captain in the fleet. He is the captain of Pinwheel and he has two of his school mates as his crew: Adam Moser and Alex Whitney. He used to have a bigger crew but he narrowed it down to his favorite people, people he liked to spend quality time with.

He has an online merchandise shop called Pin Wheel Geat with clothes and accessories, so it is not surprising everyone say that he is one of the most competent and intelligent fishermen out there. Making money in the fish industry not only by fishing, but also by selling, was the best thing he decided to do.

Personal life

Tyler currently spends a lot  of his time on the boat but it is not really known that he is already married. His wife doesn’t like having a public life so she can not be often seen with him. Sometimes she follows him to boat shows or they go solo on a fishing trip.


Full name: Tyler McLaughlin

Nick name: NA

Date of birth: NA

Birth-sign: NA

Birth place: Rye Harbor, England

Age: 24

Occupation: reality star

Education: NA

Awards: 2010 Sturdivant Island Tuna Tournament (1st place,  4th place,  7th place)
2011 Casco Bay Classic ( 1st and 2nd place)

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: NA

Ethnicity: NA


Father name: NA

Mother name: NA

Brother name: NA

Sister name: NA

Marital status: married

Girlfriend: NA

Sexual Orientation:NA

Children: NA

Hobbies: tennis

Pet own: NA

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Body: NA

Hair Color: brown

Eye color: green

Shoe Size: NA

Measurements: NA

Distinctive Features: NA

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $400,000

Social networks

Instagram: /



Snapchat: /

Youtube: /

Interesting Facts about Tyler McLaughlin

A bluefin tuna can bring in as much as $20,000, so it is not surprising how Tyler gets that good income. He is also payed by the producers of wicked tuna for taking a part of this reality TV series.

He was charged for misdemeanor assault after he got into a fight  got into it with another fisherman. He  allegedly punched him in the eye multiple times. The victim even suffered a broken nose. Tyler ran before the poilice came but weeks later he turned himself to police.

Googans is a term that professional fisherman made up for non -professionals who are going out on the sea to catch tuna.

When he is not on the boat, he plays tennis to keep a good condition and because he misses some action.

Quick Summary

Tyler is one of the youngest sea captains and a reality TV star in NatGeo reality series “Wicked Tuna”.

His estimated net worth is almost half a million dollars.