Tye Tribbett Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Tye Tribbett, whose real name is Tyrone, is a known American gospel singer who became widely popular as the founder and a singer of a gospel group named „Tye Tribbett & Greater Anointing“. He is also a skilled keyboard player and a drummer and is also popular as a songwriter.

In nearer future,  he has become a pastor of his own Live Church Orlando, together with his wife Shante who is also a pastor.

Early years

He was born as Tyrone Tribbet on January 26, 1976, in a city named Camden, located in New Jersey, United States.

He said that his childhood was pretty interesting and that he was always very motivated to work on himself.

Growing up in the United States was sometimes a bit too exciting, he says, since something was always happening around him.

Tyrone was born into a very religious Christian family since his father was a pastor of Camden’s Apostolic Pentecostal Church and his mother was a minister. He never doubted his religion and was always a pretty solid believer and that’s why he is one of the biggest lovers of Church: this later brought him to the job he works at today.

His father’s name is Tye Tribbett and his mother Niecy Tribbett. The two of them have been happily married for a long time now and Tye was named after his father directly.

His sister De Maris Tribbett was a member of his „Great Anointing“ choir. They were always present in the Church life and it stayed that way later as well.

He went to a New Jersey high school. It was a very fun experience, but he never saw his career as a scientist o ran engineer, he was always called by God.

His family was very musical and his mother worked as a DJ in the region. He was raised alongside his brother Thaddaeus and his two sisters.

He was introduced to the church from his early years and he started singing in the church choir as a very young boy. He always had a good ear for music and as a kid, he liked to sing solo songs so he stood out from other singers.

Even then he knew that he wanted to have a career of a singer and he later succeeded in it. He said that he is very thankful for the gift of singing he has and that he will use it best he can.

Career development

It was in the late ’90s that he decided to form an ensemble and he named it „Tye Tribbett & G.A.“ where G.A. stands for Greater Antoing. The group was very successful in its work. They performed on various events and released singles of religious content. But they also performed other songs, like love songs.

In 200, Faith Hill, a popular country singer who sings country songs but also gospel and pop-rock songs invited him and his group to join her on her tour. Their work with Faith Hill gained them fame very soon and they have received offers from various artists to collaborate on their album. Some of them are Usher, Sting and Justin Timberlake. They were also invited to appear at various events.

The group made a lot of collaborations with various known musicians like Mary J. Blige and Will Smith. This brought them wide recognition and invitations for performing on various events.

Their single titled „Let Go, Let God“ became a hit after it was included in the soundtrack of songs for a huge Dreamworks’ hit animated movie „The Prince of Egypt“.

In 2004 they have released an album titled „Life“ released by Columbia Records. „Victory Live!“ is their 2006 album which also gained a lot of good reviews. It seems like many people really loved the music and they were ready to buy more, so Tye was very happy.

In 2008 the group released their last album because Tye turned to his solo music career. The album „Stand Out“ was recorded live in a church in Virginia Beach and was released by Columbia Records.

The album from 2008 „Stand Out“, was again nominated for a Grammy Award which was a huge thing for them since only the best albums got the possibility for the nomination.

Tye is very grateful to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett because of their invitation for their choir to perform at the BET Awards the same year because it gave them the opportunity to show themselves to more people and get the opportunity to show their skills.

Tye always wanted to have the freedom to make his own decisions so it was easier for him without the choir. He also wanted to succeed on his own because he had to prove to himself that he can do it as a singer and a performer.

His first solo release was an album called „Fresh“ which was released in 2010. His most successful album is named „Greater Than“ and it was released in 2013 by Motown Gospel record label. This album brought him wide acclaim and has become a major success that eventually brought him two Grammy Awards.

Their album „Victory“came to No.1 on Billboard Chart of Gospel Music. The album gained three Stellar Awards and was also nominated for a Grammy Award.

He went on a tour with JJ Hairston. He said that the best thing about music and tours is the fact that he meets a bunch of new people and he spends a lot of time talking to them, getting to know their experiences.

In 2017 he has released an album called „The Bloody Win“. It was released by Motown Gospel and was nominated for a Dove Award in the category of the Best Contemporary Gospel Album.

Tye and his wife Shante became pastors of their church called Live Church Orlando where they have surmounts and counsel their members. They really enjoy their job and spend a lot of time developing new ideas for it as well.

Personal life

As for his personal life, he got married to his wife Shante. It seemed that they had an ideal marriage but in 2009 Tye cheated on his wife with a young lady who was a member of the choir.

He has confessed all of this to his wife in 2010 because he felt that his affair got out of control and that he was being very awful to his wife. S

he took it very hard and retaliated to him with her affair. She cheated Tye with one of his friends on that day called Emmanuel Lee Lambert, more known for his stage name Da T.R.U.T.H.

This caused their separation for a while but they decided to go to counseling and forgave each other for infidelity. They are still together today.

When he speaks about that period and the fact that he cheated on his wife he says that it caused depression and that later on he even contemplated suicide as a way to get away from it all.

It was very hard for him because he witnessed the same thing with his parents when he was a boy and promised himself that he would never act like that. The affair of his parents made them split and it was a traumatic thing for him but he still did the same with his marriage.

Tye and Shante have two daughters together and they helped their parents to return to the right track. Both of them are today happy for making that decision and turning their lives to God because they feel that it could be worse for their kids and them if they didn’t.

He rose controversy after he shared his thought about homosexuality saying that he agrees it could be „natural“. But he later stated that he thinks that God does not approve of it. But he says that he can not be the judge of those people but he must be the teacher.

When he was a kid he was often picked on about his skin color and mocked for the size of his teeth. This caused his low self-esteem. He was also mocked because his father was a pastor and that he sang in the church choir.

He and his wife ar every active on Instagram and have around forty thousand followers.

Quick summary

Full name: Tyrone Tribbett

Date of birth: January 26, 1976

Birthplace: Camden, New Jersey, United States

Age: 43

Profession: singer, songwriter, record producer, keyboardist, minister

Height: 189 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth:  4,5 million