Trey Anastasio Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Trey Anastasio is a singer, guitarist and songwriter, and is most famous after the band Phish, in which he spent several years of his life.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about his net worth, care and everything else you would like to know about this famous musician.

Early Life

Ernest Joseph Anastasio III was born on September 30th 1964 in Forth Worth, Texas in USA. Trey’s father was a vice president of the Educational Testing Service while his mother worked as an author for children’s books.

He went to the Princeton Day school and graduated in the end from the Taft School. One of his friends was Steven Pollack.

Trey went to the University of Vermont but also Goddard College. While he was a student, he met Ernie Stires who taught him everything about music and got him involved into everything to begin with.

Soon after this time, Trey founded the group with the rest of the members, and they soon started recording their first songs, who soon became huge hits.

Since there is no more information about his early life, we are going to talk more about his career, and Phish and all the other information you would like to learn about his life.

Career Path

On Friday 16, Trey Anastasio started his American tour at the King’s Theater in Brooklyn and the guitarist delighted the lucky ones present with a repertoire loaded with songs from his imminent new solo album Paper Wheels, some visit to the Phish songbook (“Gotta Jibboo “,” Magilla “) and juicy surprises in the form of three unexpected versions of” Soul Rebel “by Bob Marley,” MacArthur Park “by Jimmy Webb and” 49 Bye Byes “by Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Before interpreting this Stephen Stills composition that closed CSN’s classic debut in 1969, Anastasio recalled a funny anecdote that happened when he went to a concert by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in 2001 and was able to access the backstage area to meet them.

By then, Phish were at the top of their career and had gathered more than 85,000 people at their 1999 New Year’s Eve concert in Big Cypress, Florida.

Apparently, Graham Nash approached Trey in the dressing room and, displaying his best English gentleman manners, shook his hand and said “Congratulations on your success” for, then, grab his shirt, and stick his face to his and categorically sentence “Now do not go to hell!”

Remembering the anecdote between laughs, the guitarist could not help joking with the convulsive years that followed for Phish since then until his temporary separation in 2004 adding “And that is fair what we did: we went and we screwed it up. ”

The following night Trey and his band returned to the stage of the King’s Theater for a second show that did not lack surprises, to highlight versions of “What Is Life” by George Harrison, “Simple Twist of Fate” by Bob Dylan and a “Dazed & Confused” by Led Zeppelin that Anastasio had not performed live since 2003.

We will see what new surprises the next concerts of the tour have for us, including a special Halloween show at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas that promises a lot.

Meanwhile, here is a video of the great version of “49 Bye Byes” that includes the introduction of Trey recounting his hilarious encounter with Nash.

Phish, that’s almost 20 years rock music with eleven albums. In 1983, the four students Trey Anastasio (guitar), John Fishman (drums), Mike Gordon (bass) and Jeff Holdsworth (guitar) launched a band called Blackwood Convention, which they renamed Phish a year later. In 1986 Jeff Holdsworth leaves the band and Page McConnell (keyboards) joins in.

American rock band Phish played three reunion gigs in Virginia last weekend. The police seized illegal drugs worth $ 1.2 million. 8th

Since the beginning, Phish have dedicated themselves to a kind of jazz-rock, but with a lot of other styles of music. Mike Gordon’s statement that they made “authentic Jamaican roots reggae”, as well as Trey Anastasios remark that Phish is “a cross between East Coast rock-a-suey and rock donkey dark”, show especially the inclination to bizarre, which sometimes slides into foolishness.

In the 1980s, they started 4-track experiments, jamming for hours and touring the area. Actually not much has changed in this concept, only that the four-track device has given way to its own studio (the “Farmhouse”).

Phish are an excellent live band with very good musicians, fun in the music and a lot of experimentation. Over the years, these simple rock’n’roll values ​​have earned them a huge fan base away from music television. They are worshiped cultically and act as legitimate followers of Grateful Dead or the early Pink Floyd.

From the autumn of 2000, the band members will pursue their own projects and come together only sporadically, for example, to an extensive tour in 2003/2004. The last concerts before the new separation take place in the band’s own Coventry Festival in Vermont.

A spectator comes to life during the event, fans and musicians are struggling with heavy storms and a massive traffic chaos.

At the beginning of 2009 there will be another reunion in Hampton / Virginia, initially with three concerts.

Trey’s net worth is estimated at around 75$ million and most of the money comes from his band and fro the royalties.

Personal life

Believe it or not, we are celebrating Phish’s Thirty Years this year, Vermont Progressive Rockers. Yesterday, I wandered on the Internet when I came across an article by Katie Brain in LA Weekly defending jam bands.

According to him, these musicians are “anchored in a tradition of driving impulses through a delirious musical experience”.

To start from a common definition, I would rather say that a jam band is a group of smelly men unable to write real songs. Phish, a quartet that gives a good reason to weed smokers to get up from their Ikea poop for thirty years, is just one of those groups.

For those looking to good bands, Phish is the ideal target: they are just a hair over the Wings or Adolph Eichmann. I grew up in the Northeastern United States, like L. L. Bean, Birkenstocks, and … Phish.

I only knew them when I was in primary school, an inheritance transmitted by the animators of the summer camps where I was sent by force. I had some CDs of Phish, I saw them in concert (I did not I did not buy a ticket, though), and I even wore a “Gamehendge” t-shirt, a reference to the fictional project of singer Trey Anastasio.

What I mean by that is that I feel the need to express myself on this subject, and I will try to do it without using the terms “dirty”, “hippie”, “smoker”, ” cannabis “,” Danny Tamberelly “,” richtafari “,” jester hat “,” aki ball “,” rain stick “, or” mentally retarded “.

In 2006, Trey Anastasio was arrested in Washington County, NY, for driving drunk with a ton of Vicodin and opiates. He received 215 hours of community service, which included cleaning the toilets at the local permanent fair. It’s been five years since he’s sober and he’s working as an uninhibited lobbyist for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals.

You probably think: how can this guy afford to treat Trey Anastasio with a big, intolerant and hypocritical pickup when he was addicted, he got away with it, and he’s helping others today? ‘Get out?

Do you really think that it sends a healthy message by organizing on a regular basis huge bacchanal addicts? According to the Daily Press, 200 people were arrested during a recent Phish concert in Virginia, mainly for possession or sale of narcotics.

On three Phish dates, the police reportedly seized a quantity of drugs worth $ 1.2 million. This means that at every Phish concert, the audience injects, taps and gobbles hundreds of thousands of dollars. If Trey really wanted to help the addicts, he’d get out of this group. And…

I would have liked to say that more elaborately, but there is nothing else to say. If you ask a Phish fan, he will always give the same argument: “They are very good musicians!”

It’s not wrong: these guys are really good musicians. But good musicians do not necessarily make good bands. Rock ‘n’ roll is not just a soup of virtuosos dull to die.

If I had to spend my hard-earned cash to go to one of their concerts and buy drugs, they could at least combine their talents to produce a quality trick instead of throwing us a faded jambalaya of the Dead, Pink Floyd and the credits from Sesame Street.

No, but seriously, look at this thing. Do you know a group name worse than Phish? Just by writing it, I feel like having sex in a crate of rotten fish. Not to mention the fact that they chose this name in relation to their drummer, Jon Fishman, who wears a dress and looks like this:

When I see Phish fans, it gives me good reasons to hate this group as much as the Khmer Rouge. Basically, they are deservers who are too drugged to rape girls. They are often called “Wookies”, in reference to the state of ignorance and stupidity they reach after consuming a considerable amount of lysergic acid diethylamide.

Most of them are not dangerous. Unless we consider vegetarian individuals with nicknames like “Murph-nugget”, who dress like women and whose parents are chemists, dangerous.

Some phish heads admit to “having liked a Tool album at the university,” but they generally tend to evacuate this pre-Phish period by evoking a “troubled period” in their lives while casting insistent glances at a table on which lie bangs, pipes and sprays, all with nicknames like “chillum-fish”.

They are also guilty of referring to Theodor Seuss on their AOL instant messaging profile (in ocean-frothy color font) and using Phish’s words in both their email address and their password. Which brings me naturally to my last point…

Quick summary

Full name: Ernest Joseph Anastasio III

Date of birth: September 30th 1964

Birthplace: Forth Worth, Texas, U.S.

Age: 55

Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 86 kg

Net Worth: 75$ million