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Trevor Noah Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Trevor Noah is a name on which everyone stumbled upon to once and remember for a long time.

He is a very popular South African comedian and a writer who became noticed for his great work as a TV host. Many people know him because of his sketches and they like to spend time watching him and figuring out what his skills can do.

For every fan of comedy, he is in the top 5 comedians and producers and he owes his fame and popularity to a TV show names The Daily Show. He has become a pretty popular guy because of these and many other TV hosts wanted to have him on his shows!

This show aires in Viacom’s most popular channel named Comedy Central, which was created in 1991 and has an interesting slogan which goes: “Everything Is Funny”.

The Daily Show is a kind of new satire talk show which is often described as a fake news program.

Early years

He was born as Trevor Noah on February 20, 1984, in the town od Johannesburg which is the biggest South African city and although it isn’t one of the three capital cities of South Africa, it is one of the most important ones.

Trevor was raised by two loving parents: his mother Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah and his father Robert. He states that both of his parents were very loving and that he is very thankful for both of them.

His mother was a member of the Xhosa people who are members of Bantu ethnic group and she is black.¨He says that he is very proud of his heritage and that he always talks all the best things about those that are ethnic.

His father, on the other hand, has roots in Switzerland and Germany and he is white. This caused a very specific look he has and many people have bullied him through elementary school and high school because of this. He says that he learned not to care about these things eventually and that he tries his best to spend as much time as possible reconnecting with his roots.

They fell deeply in love although their relationship was a big issue at that time since the laws in South Africa still proclaimed apartheid.

That means that Patricia was classified as Black and her partner Robert as White and their relationship was considered illegal. This means that Trevor suffered as well, but he tried to keep it a secret to be there for his parents.

Their son was called colored. This hurt him at the beginning, but in the end, he learned how to grow.

The laws in South Africa were so strict at that time that his mother had been jailed because of her relationship and giving birth to Trevor Noah. She was also fined with a very big fine.

That is the reason why Trevor was raised only by his mum and his grandmother Nomalizo.

He grew up in Soweto, a black township which was a part of Johannesburg City. It was a very fun childhood that he had, but he says that he had to force himself to be very patient and polite because the people he was meeting in this part of the town were not the people you want to consider role models.

When he was ten years old his mother converted to Judaism by her own choice but she never forces him to convert too. She says that she would love for him to find his religion, but that it doesn’t have to be Judaism.

She explained to him all about her religion and why it is important to her but she has let him choose it for himself when he was older. She is a very supportive parent as well and wants her kid to be involved in the many things that he is passionate about. She didn’t have much of this as a kid and that’s why she wants to give him all of it.

He was put into preschool when he was 3 years old which was followed by primary school two years later.

After finishing this school he was transferred to a Catholic school named “Maryvale College”. This was a private school settled in Johannesburg. He got bullied even there, which made his problem of low self-esteem even worse.

When he was a little kid he often attended Mass in the Roman Catholic church very often, mostly two or three times a week.

He was only 18 years old when he realized that he sees himself in working with the media and was especially interested in radio. He wanted to meet a lot of other people and celebrities and he wanted to influence all of them as well.

Career development

In 2002 he gained a very small role in “Isidingo”, a soap opera played in English which can still be seen on South-African TV.

Producers recognized his hidden talent so he was invited to become a host of his show but this time on the radio: on YFM. YFM was the most listened and most influential radio stations for youth.

It took some time for Noah to realize that comedy was his biggest passion so he focused on that and started performing whenever he could. He said that a lot of people were criticizing him and that they thought he wouldn’t be successful.

He collaborated with a lot of known and respectable South African comedians like David Kau, Darren Simpson, and Kayiso Lediga. It’s his favorite thing in the world to work with other people in the industry. He says that it fulfills his purpose.

He was very honored when he was invited to be an opening act for the international comedians while they were on their south-African tours: Gabriel Iglesias and Russell Peters.

In 2004 he was offered a job of a host on “Run the Adventure” an educational program aires as SABC 2 TV station. He said that he wanted to start great and that this was a true adventure for him once he began. He had to become one of the most famous people on TV to get some more collaborations, so he started to work very hard to go there.

Due to his great skills as a host, he started working on two more shows: “The Real Goboza” and “Siyadlala”. One was a gossip show and the other was a sports show.

In 2008, at the age of 24, he became a co-host of a dating show called “The Amazing Date”, alongside Pabi Mola. He said that this was fun to host because there was a lot of drama going on.

This was a confirmation of his great success and the fact why people liked him.

He was also included in a dance competition series titled “Strictly Come Dancing” also produced to be aired on SABC 2.

It is a very popular South African reality show which last aired in 2014. In this dance competition, he was one of the contestants in the 4th season.

In 2009 he was honored to be the host of a very important event which was titled South Africa Film and TV Award.

He was also a host of a reality TV show (also of competitive nature) called “The Axe Sweet Life”. His co-host through this reality show was Eugene Khoza.

In 201, he hosted the South African Music Awards for the first time but he also started his TV show called “Tonight with Trevor Noah”.

He signed a very lucrative contract with a very large South-African mobile network provider called “Cell C”. He became their spokesperson and was very high-profiled in the media at that time.

Since comedy was his first love and he was very skilled in it, he has traveled all around the country through various comedy shows like “The Blacks Only Comedy Show”, “Campus Comedy Tour” and “Bafunny funny”.

He had made several stand-up comedy special acts from “The Daywalker” done in 2009 until “It’s My Culture” in 2013.

Due to his great popularity outside South Africa, he decided to move to the United States in 2011.

This was a huge decision for him since he loved South-Africa very much but was very ambitious and considered that he could make a great career in the US.

He appeared on “The Tonight Show” in 2012, one of the most popular American talk shows which are on air since 1954.

It was a huge thing for him since he was the first comedian from South Africa to appear on this show.

He did the same thing in the spring of 2013, by appearing on “Late Show with David Letterman”.

A documentary named “You Laugh But It is True” was made after him and released in 2012.

In 2012 he appeared in a comedy show titled “Trevor Noah: The Racist”. He also appeared in a comedy special one year later, in 2013, titled “Trevor Noah: African American”.

In 2013 he was invited to guest appear in a comedy show titled “QI”, made by BBC2.

He also appeared in a game show named “8 out of 10 cats”, which was a British TV comedy game hosted by Jimmy Carr.

In 2014, he succeeded in achieving his goals and fulfilling his ambitions: he became a contributor for a renowned show named “The Daily Show”.

One year later he succeeded Jon Stewart and became the host if this show. It was in the fall of 2015.

Some thought that Trevor was an over provocative comedian and some of his jokes were considered anti-semitic or chauvinist but Comedy Central always stood behind him and never let critics turn off his comedy flame.

He debuted on Comedy Central in September and garnered very positive reviews which brought him, even more, work: he secured himself several stand-up specials made for Netflix.

Two years later, in 2017, his contract for hosting “The Daily Show” was prolonged. But it wasn’t prolonged for two years but for five, which was the confirmation of his popularity and good work.

He also developed a show for Jordan Klepper but it was canceled very quickly, after only one season.

In 2018 he became the executive producer of “Jefferson County: Probation” TV showy hosted by Roy Wood Jr.

In 2018, he had signed a big contract with Viacom, one of the biggest media company in America which brought that company first-look rights for anything Trevor Noah produces and any projects he makes in the future.

Trevor also launched a production company named “Day Zero Productions” as a part of the same deal with Viacom.

In the fall of 2016, Trevor Noah has published his first book named “Born a Crime” which soon became the NY Times bestselling book.

It is his autobiographical book but written from a comedy aspect. It was published by “Spiegel & Gran” and was named as one of the biggest books of 2016.

He decided that he will make a film adaptation of the book through his own production company named “Ark Angel Productions”.

Lupita Nyong’o was hired to play the role of his mother Patricia while Liesl Tommy is going to be the director of the movie.

In 2018, The Daily Show has released a book containing President Donald Trump’s Tweets. It was very popular and was named “The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library”.

He also appeared in one episode of a popular musical TV series called “Nashville”.

In 2018 he had a small role in a superhero movie produced by Marvel Studios, “Black Panther”.

He also starred in a web TV series called “American Vandal”.

When he speaks about his influences in comedy genre he mentions Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Dave Chappelle. He also praised the work of Jon Stewart who was his mentor.

His most favorite comedians are Eddie Izzard, Kitty Flanagan, and a known Haitian comedian Wil Sylvince.

Personal life

When he speaks about his personal life he says that his childhood was very rough. His mother was married to Ngisaveni Abel Shingange with whom she had two sons.

But Ngisaveni was a very abusive father and a husband so she had divorced him in 1996, after four years of marriage.

Trevor says it turned his life even more to comedy which helped him overcome the physical abuse he endured.

He was very close to his mother and was shocked after she was shot by her former husband Shingange, 13 years after their divorce.

The cause for the shooting was her new marriage to her husband Sfiso Khoza. She was shot twice but survived.

Noah confronted the shooter but he threatened Noah to do the same to him so Trevor left South Africa and relocated to the US.

Shingange was sentenced to jail on the conviction of attempt murder.

He is not interested in politics and doesn’t consider himself right or left.

He runs a charitable organization located in Johannesburg which helps orphans.

Trevor lives in New York and has a great apartment there.

He started his relationship with Demi Gabriel in 2014.

She is a physiotherapist who also originates from South Africa so they became close very quickly.

They split up in 2015 although there were rumors about their engagement.

Today he is in a relationship with Jordyn Taylor, a beautiful singer, and a model.

She is also working as a real estate agent and she lives with him in Manhattan.

He likes to listen to music from South African musicians like DJ Black Coffee and AKA.

Many people don’t know that he is a multi-linguist and fluently speaks English, German, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa, and other African languages.

In 2018 he entered the list of a world known magazine Time as one of 100 most Influential People in the World.

Quick summary

Full name: Trevor Noah

Date of birth: February 20, 1984

Birthplace: Johannesburg, South Africa

Age: 35

Profession: comedian, actor, TV host

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Net Worth: $3 million