Treach Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Treach is a known American rapper mostly recognized as the lead rapper in a very popular hip hop group named Naughty by Nature. Many people know him from other types of art as well.

Treach has also appeared as an actor in movies and series. He said that he was thinking he could be a movie star one day, but he never made it to Hollywood and the big stuff.

Early years

He was born as Anthony Criss on December 2,  1970, in a city named East Orange which resides in Essex County in New Jersey in the United States. Treach says that it was always a huge pleasure to live in this part of the town and he says that he is very thankful for the fact that he was born in the US because he had much more chances than his friends that lived in Europe.

It seems like most music producers tend to search for their next stars in the US.

He was into music from a very early age and never was really interested in the class or in education. He said that music was his getaway and that he enjoyed spending time making rhymes. Learning was never for him and he claims that he would never be a good student so he did not waste his time on school.

He finished school but only because he had to, because he wanted to focus on music. He knew he would become famous one day, but his family was a bit skeptic.

He also had problems with the law while he was a teen so turning to music was certainly a better choice. His mother thought he would feel better if he was making rhymes and they stopped forcing him to do other things such as education. He needed some time off to clear up his mental health.

After finishing the East Orange Campus High School he turned to hip hop. He said that possibly the best thing he had to do at that time made rhymes with his friends, those who were interested.

Career development

The group was first formed in 1980 when he was only 16 years old by the name „The New Style”. He said that it was a good start for someone who wanted to get in the industry, although his initial idea was to get a solo career. He thought of leaving them during their starting years but did not in the end.

They have released their first album in 1989 under the name „Independent Leaders”. This album received good reviews for the number of fans they had at the time, which was not a lot.

Queen Latifah recognized their talent so she took them under her wing and mentored them which ultimately made them change their name of the group from „The New Style” to „Naughty by Nature”.

Their first big hit came in 1991 when they released a track titled „O.P.P“,  which appeared on their album named „Naughty by Nature”. This was probably the time when they gained a lot of fans and they were safe to continue to make music.

In 1992,  the group had a huge hit „Uptown Anthem“ which was one of the singles included in the movie „Juice“.

This movie was important to Treach because it was his debut acting gig and it opened a door for him to the world of cinema.

Another known rapper starred in the movie with him. It was 2Pac and the two of them became very close friends. This was possibly the best thing that could happen to him and therefore he was happy to evolve in this friendship, but many people started to accuse him of getting fame through 2Pac.

After the movie was made Treach and 2Pac stayed close friends and even made several collaborations.

The whole group,  including Treach,  gained roles in the movie „Meteor Man“ where they acted as a street gang.

In 1996,  after 2Pac was killed,  Treach was very upset and sad and he has released a song in remembrance of his late friend titled „Mourn You Till I Join You”.

The same year the group won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album and it was their only  Grammy Avard. This was a big step for them and meant that they were completely respected in the industry.

Treach was very pleased with their success which is also his own big success due to the fact that he was the main rapper of the group.

In 1999,  the group released their 5th album which was quite a success and came to No.22. on the Billboard top 100 but it also gained a dispute between Treach and Kay Gee,  one of two other members of the group.

Treach attacked Kay Gee who was in charge of the finances that he squandered their money.

That was the reason that Kay Gee left the group. This happened in 2000.

In 2006,  Kay Gee and Treach made peace and united the group after it was disbanded in 2002.

In 2013,  Treach stated that their third member Vin Rock was „fired“ because he constantly failed to work as hard as needed.

He discovered the fact that Vin and Treach haven’t spoken in the last two years.

In 2015, Treach started that this dispute with Vinnie is resolved but that they are only communicating abaut business.

Due to his looks, Treach had no problem in getting roles in movies and series, mostly getting prime roles. He was very angry because of this and accused people of being judgemental, but he later apologized and said that he understands why they were doing that.

His first big role was in 2012 when he started in a movie titled „One Blood“ Hi’s an action drama produced by Jesses Smith.

He was also often seen working on romance movies. He had to lead role in a crime comedy „love and a Bullet“ from 2001.

Personal life

As for his personal life, he is very close to his older brother who also became a rapper.

His name is Diesel and he is a member of the group called „Rottin Razkals“.

The group was very closely connected to „Naughty by Nature”, both in term of business and friendship.

In 2014  Treach was involved in a controversy after he was arrested in Union City in New Jersey.

He drove his car twice faster than he should and has passed traffic police trying to flee from them.

The police chased him for almost ten blocks and arrested him.

He was accused of speeding,  reckless driving (because the police had to chase him) and driving without a license.

After he was arrested,  the police discovered that there were more warrants for his arrest.

He didn’t appear in court due to a child support demand and motor vehicle violations he made in the past.

He has spent a night in jail and paid $15, 000 of bail to be released the next day.

In the summer of 1999, he married „Pepa”, whose real name was Sandra Denton, and who was a member of the hip hop group „Salt-n-Pepa”.

They went their separate ways two years later,  in 2001. They have a daughter together and her name is Egypt Jahnari Criss.

Sandra later spoke about Treach’s abuse while they were married in her memoirs titled: “Let’s Talk About Pepa”.

Treach denied these charges.

He is today in a marriage with his wife Cicely Evans and has 2 kids with her.

The two of them started in a TV reality show named „Couples Therapy”,  which was aired on VH 1.

Treach has also appeared in three episodes of a very successful HBO Series about prison named „OZ”.

Quick summary

Full name: Anthony Criss on December 2,  1970

Date of birth:

Birthplace: East Orange, Essex County, New Jersey, United States

Age: 49

Profession: rapper

Height: 1, 78 m

Weight: 72 kgs

Net Worth: $15 million