Tiffani Thiessen Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Tiffani Thiessen is a very talented American actress who became very popular after starring in one of the most popular American teen TV series named „Beverly Hills, 90210“.

Other than in series such as „White Collar“ and „What About Brian“, she has also starred in several movies like „Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday 13th“ and „Cyborg“.

Early years

She was born as Tiffani Amber Thiessen on January 23, 1974, in a city located on the Pacific Coast in Southern California called Long Beach. She said that she enjoyed her childhood in this sunny state as well.

She was raised in a very happy household, alongside her brother Todd with whom she was very close since her early age. The two spent a lot of time together and they, sadly, had to split ways once their careers completely drifted apart.

Her mother Robyn didn’t work but was a housemaker who took care of Tiffani, Todd and their home. Her father is named Frank and he is a landscape architect. Because of that, they had a pretty good financial situation and they never had any trouble when it comes to cash.

She had a very good relationship with her mother and her grandmother whom she considered as her role models and inspiration. She loved to spend time with them and see them occasionally.

Tiffani was especially close to her brother Todd and was inspired by him to do the best she can and to go through life full of life and do not worry about other people’s opinion too much.

Her mother Robyn is of mixed descent and has roots of her ancestors who lived in Greece, Turkey, and Wales. This left an impact on Tiffani’s looks and she gained a lot of attention because of it.

Tiffani was a student at Marshall Junior High School which was located in her hometown of Long Beach. She tried hard to finish high school with great success, but she always knew deep down that she didn’t want to be a scientist.

She was an extremely hardworking student who always did her best and was quite popular in school.

She has finished high school in Studio City, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, The high school is named Valley Professional High School and she finished it as valedictorian which means that he had the highest-ranking or GPA in her graduating class.

She was very proud of her success and so did her parents too, especially satisfied was her brother Todd.

She was very handsome from an early age and has been involved in a lot of beauty pageants.

In 1987, she was crowned as Miss Junior America. She was only 13 years old at that time. This brought a lot of attention to her and helped her get roles later on in life.

In 1988 she was hired for a cover shoot of a Teen Magazine. She has won their contest „Great Model Search“ and ended up on the cover of this popular magazine. Many scouts that were looking for a young actress hit her up and soon she got some of her most popular roles.

In 1989 she was named „Model of the Year“ for the „Cover Girl“ magazine.

Career development

These beauty pageants and magazine covers brought her the first appearance on TV: she was hired for the role of Kelly Kapowski, the most popular girl in school, in a TV series titled „Saved by the Bell“. This was a very popular series back in the day and she gained quite some attention.

This NBC series run from 1989 until 1993 and was filled with comedy.

It was produced by Peter Engel for the NBC Productions. The series was quite a success and through this period of 4 years, Tiffani became a very recognizable actress, very popular amongst teens.

She was nominated for three Young Artist Awards, in 1990, 1992 and 1993.

The success brought her guest roles in various TV series of similar characters, such as „Married… with Children“ and „Step by Step“. She enjoyed acting very much and her favorite thing about it was the fact that she got to meet all of these interesting actors and people who have been in the industry for pretty long.

In 1992 she gained her debut role in a made-for-TV movie called „saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style“.

It was a comedy movie produced by Peter Engel with production location being Honolulu. This was later followed by „Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas“.

Her first role in a cinema movie was in Steve Pash’s comedy movie named „Son in Law“. The film was made with a budget of $20 million and ad earned $36 million in the box office.

In 1994 she left „Saved by the Bell“ and entered a hit teen series called „Beverly Hills 90210“ playing the role of Valerian.

She was considered to be the substitute for a popular actress Shannon Doherty who left series.

She was the member of the cast until 1998. During those 4 years in „Beverly Hills, “ she has also appeared in other roles and ib other movies.

In 1995 she starred in a movie „The Stranger Beside Me“, a movie about Ted Bundy, the serial killer. She also appeared in „She Fought Alone“ in the same year. Both of these were quite successful and because of that, she had a pretty good time while growing up in her late teens.

In 1996 she had a role in a TV movie called „Sweet Dreams“ and in a horror movie called „Buried Secrets“ which was featured for NBC.

In 199 she had two bigger roles in „Speedway Junky“ and „From Dusk Till Dawn 2“. In 2000 she gained a role in a comedy movie called „The Ladies Man“.

The same year brought her a first appearance in a music video. It was for the single „You’re a God“ performed by a rock band named „Vertical Horizon“.

She starred in it in the role of a beauty pageant contestant. In 200 she started losing her middle name while presenting and became Tifani Thiesen Tiffani declined Aaron Spelling’s invitation for a role in a TV series „Charmed“.

In 2000 she had also starred in a horror parody movie called „Shriek If You Know What I didLast Friday the 13th“ where she played alongside Tom Arnold and Coolio.

In 2002 she appeared in a comedy movie called „Hollywood Ending“ where she worked with one of most known directors in the world: Woody Allen.

In 2002 and 2003 she starred in a TV series „Fast Lane“ which aired on Fox. The series was broadcasted on Fox Channel.

This role brought her a nomination for the Teen Choice Award in the category „Choice TV Actress“. This was a very important moment for her and she was happy that people her age were finding her interesting.

In 2003, she decided to open her own production company which she named „Tit 4 Tat Productions“. It was a big step, but she was confident that she was going to do good.

Tiffani herself soon produced and directed a short movie called „Just Pray“. The movie gained great reviews and was especially praised for its soundtrack.

It was even nominated for a Grammy Award.

She appeared in a TV series „Pandemic“ made by Hallmark Channel. In 2007 she was cast for a comedy TV series called „What About Brian“ which aired on ABC. It ended after only two seasons.

In 2008 she had a role in a sci-fi movie called „Cyborg Soldier“ directed by John Stead. The same year she appeared in a music video for the 2nd time, this time for a single named „American Television“, a song by Ben Lee.

In 2009 she had an appearance in a reality TV show called „HGTV Design Star“ where she entered with her husband Brady. The duo was pretty popular because of her fame and they were all over the media as well.

The same year she gained the role of Elizabeth Burke in a TV series called „White Collar“ and she was in the series until 2014.

In 2015 she guest appeared in „The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon“ where she starred in a sketch. She said that she loves to be on talk shows because she loves to improvise on the scene: it’s the second most fun thing after combining singing and acting.

From 2015 until 2017 she was a host of her cooking show named „Dinner at Tiffani’s“. It was aired on Cooking Channel. She always loved to cook and cooking was one of those things that she wanted to do but didn’t have the time to learn, so it was very fun for her to be on the show.

In 2018 she was cast for a Netflix series called „Alexa & Katie” and she entered the 3rd season of the series in 2019. She did a really good decision when she decided to go on a Netflix series because she gained a lot of young fans that didn’t watch her previous shows.

In 2011, Justin Bieber, one of the most popular music stars in the world, came to the MuchMusic Video Awards wearing a T-shirt with Tiffani from her first hit series „Saved by the Bell“.

Tiffani has over 1,3 million followers on her Instagram channel where she regularly posts. She posts a lot of family photos and photos of her kids but also likes to post about food.

She has her website Tiffani where you can find a lot of her favorite recipes.

She was invited to join the crew of „Beverly Hills, 90210“ reunion series in 2019 but had to decline it because of her obligations to „Alexa and Katie“ Netflix series.

She advertised a lot of brands, from McDonald’s to Drunk Driving Awareness. She is also a spokesperson for the Rape Prevention Program.

Tiffani is a good singer so she often sang on the soundtracks of „Saved by the Bell“. She said that it was both interesting for her and useful for the people so they didn’t have to pay too much cash for someone singing on the track.

Personal life

She has a younger brother Schyler and an older one named Todd.

Before dating Brian Austin Green she had dated Mario Lopez for two years, from 1991 to 1993. He starred in „Saved by the Bell” alongside Tiffani. The relationship was very public and many people think that that was the reason it didn’t succeed.

Thiessen isn’t her father’s real surname. It is Chadwick but he changed it to the surname of his adoptive father. She said that she felt as if it was the right thing to do.

Back in the past she collaborated with a designer named Lonni Paul and has even launched her line of furniture for baby rooms. She was very excited to do this and she was happy to be involved in something new that she hasn’t yet tried.

Her family is a very huge fan of animals so they have lots of dogs, cats, and other pet animals. She said that she would love to adopt even more, but she doesn’t have any space for them. This is one of the reasons why she tries to create a more aware surrounding when it comes to adopting pets.

Quick summary

Date of birth: January 23, 1974

Birthplace: Long Beach, California, United States

Age: 45

Profession: actress, cook, TV host

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 61 kg

Net Worth: $10 million