Thomas Rhett Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Thomas Rhett is a young popular country singer and songwriter coming from the United States.

He comes from a musical family and his father Rhett Akins is a known singer too.

He had multiple No.1 hits and he is a very skilled writer who makes lyrics from notable artists like Lee Brice and Michael Ray.

His musical talent will take him even further and his songwriting is becoming even more enjoyable with time.

Early years

He was born as Thomas Rhett Akins Junior on March 30, 1980, in a city located in the Lowndes County, which is settled on the south of the State of Georgia in the United States.

He is of a very mixed descent since his family came from different parts of the world to the US. That is why he has German, English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry.

The name of the town is Valdosta and he likes the fact that he had spent his childhood there.

He was surrounded by music and musician from an early age since his father Rhett Akins is a respectable country music singer. His mother is named Paige Braswell and she is his biggest supporter and fan.

She encouraged him to get into the world of music just as much as his father did. It was normal for him that Tim McGraw and other popular country music singers come to their home and hang out with his dad or sing together at parties.

He grew up together with her brother Tyler Lankford and sister Kasey Lee. He is very close to both of them. And he likes to spend his time with them whenever he ca. he is a family man too and likes to keep everyone close. He is especially grateful for all their support and cheering throughout the years.

While being included in high school he started playing drums and he liked it very much. His father often invited him to play drums on stage with him when he performed on various events.

Thomas started liking country music very much and began writing lyrics and practicing his voice more. He became a member of The High Heeled Flip Flops band.

After graduating from high school he decided to enroll in a college and he became a student at Lipscomb University. This college is located in Nashville. He chose communication studies.

He did it because all of his friends have done it but he wasn’t that much interested in anything besides music. But he felt like it was his obligation and he decides to do what is expected from him.

He also promised his mum that he would finish college although she knee he liked music and supported him in it she also wanted him to get a diploma.

He continued developing his music skills through college and eventually dropped out to pursue a music career. He was always the one with the guitar, singing at parties and writing songs for girls.

Besides knowing to play the guitar he also knows how to play drums. He even wanted to become a drummer in a band but he concluded that he would miss singing too much.

Career development

He came home and started performing at various clubs until he was noticed by a CEO of a record label titled Big Machine who offered him a job as a songwriter.

He recognized his writing talent and skills in lyrics. He became very respected at hid workplace and has written hundreds of songs for artists that were signed to this company.

He was one of the songwriters of Jason Aldean’s hit song called “I Ain’t Ready to Quit”, which was released on his album titled “My Kinda Party”, released in 2010.

In 2012 his first single was released under the name “Something to Do With My Hands”. The single was released on his debut album named “It Goes Like This” which was published by Valory Records.

It came to No. 58 on Billboard Hot Country Chart. His next single “Beer With Jesus” was also a moderate success but his 3rd single called “It Goes Like This” was a hit.

It was produced by Michael Knox and was followed by the video released in the summer next year. It went on No.1 on the chart. The name of this single was also the name of his debut album which came out in October 2013.

His seconds single that came on the top of the chart was a song titled “Get Me Some of That”. This song was very well received by the critics and was praised for its great production. This single step became certified Gold.

In 2012 Thomas appeared on a TV show for the first time. It was on a TV show called Big Morning Buzz Live and he wasn’t worried too much about it since he performed many times before. The only thing that worried him was to be asked of some inappropriate questions by the host.

In 2013 he was one of the co-writers of Jason Aldean’s hit single “1994” and Lee Brice’s song “Parking Lot Party”. He has also co-written several songs with his father with whom he liked to collaborate very much.

His father was his biggest role model, as an artist and a singer and as a husband and a father leading single for his next song was “Crash and Burn”. This song was the lead for his second album which was titled “Tangled Up”.

It was released to No.1 on all Country music charts including Country Airplay chart. It was again released through Valory Music Group and was sold in over half a million copies.

One of the songs on the album called “South Side” was used in a popular animated comedy movie titled “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip”.

He successfully delivered one more No.1. Hit as his 2nd single on this album. It was titled “Die a Happy Man” which became very popular in Canada.

This song kept its No.1. Place for 8 weeks which was a huge accomplishment since it was the second song ever to succeed in it.

“T-Shirt” is the name of his 3rd single from the “Tangled Up” album. and turned out to be his 6th successful No.1 hit.

This single eventually became certified Platinum twice in the US. Two other hit singles from the album were named “Vacation” and “Star of the Show”.

In September 2017 Thomas released a new studio album, 3rd in the row. The name of the album was “Life Changes” and he was one of the producers on the album, alongside Darn Huff and others.

One of the most successful singles on the album was his single “Craving You”. The single was later certified Platinum. This album “Life Changes” was the first one to reach the Billboard 200 Albums chart on the No.1. Spot.

Other singles released from the album were “Unforgettable”, “Marry Me” and “Sixteen”. His fourth studio album was named “Look What God Gave Her”.

Rhett worked on the album both as the co-writer and co-producer and the album had guest appearances from Little Big Toen and Kelsea Ballerini.

He chose “Center Point Road” as the name of his album as a tribute to his hometown since it was also the name of a street in Hendersonville in Tennessee. It went straight up to No.1. On the US Billboard 200 chart and became the second album that managed it.

Thomas was invited to perform his song on the Saturday Night Live Show which aired on NBC. This was a huge thing for him since this show was one of the most viewed shows in the United States.

He has received various awards for his work. He won the American Country Award in 2013 in the category of the New Artist of the Year. He received several CMT and BMI Awards.

In 2016 he received the Grammy Award for the Best Country Song. He has also won the Country Music Association Award for the Music Video of the year for “Marry Me”.

In 2017 he appeared in a web TV series called “The Ranch” alongside Ashton Kutcher and Debra Winger which aired on Netflix. In 2018 he was a part of Team: Kelly on a music show “The Voice”.

In 2019 he won the ACM award as the Best Male Artist which was a huge honor for such a young artist.

His management company is William Morris Endeavor Entertainment located in Beverly Hills.

He had done some endorsement deals with companies like Chubbies and Budweiser which brought him financial income.

Both he and his wife are involved in charity work and he supported many of them, like 147 Million Orphans and Feeding America for example.

Personal life

Thomas is in a very happy relationship with his high school sweetheart Lauren whom he met as early as the 1st grade.

But their love story is very special. They were together at school and dated. Their first relationship just didn’t work out.

After they broke up they continued leading separate lives and started dating other people.

In 2011 they met again at a graduation party where he revealed Lauren that his feelings for her never disappeared and that he wanted to give it another try.

They started dating and only five months later they decided to get married. They got married in 2012.

In 2017, the couple had adopted a two-year-old girl from Uganda which they named Willa Gray.

Their second daughter Ada James was born three months later so the girls grew up together.

Thomas is very protective of his family and often mentions them in his songs. They appeared in his music video twice and he loves them dearly.

His wife is pregnant with their 3rd child and the baby girl is going to be born at the beginning of 2020. They share their happy moments of anticipation on social media, wanting their friends to be happy about it as they are.

They get along awesome and he often posts photos of his family on his Instagram account with over four million followers.

His favorite artists he likes to listen to and who are not country singers are Adele and Frank Sinatra. He also likes to listen to Justin Timberlake.

He is a huge fan of golf and tries to play it as often as he can.

Thomas and his wife Lauren love nature very much and they love to go on trips as much as they can.

Thomas is sometimes criticized for his plain clothes and style but he responds that there are more important things for him in his life and that he believes as a Christian that looks don’t matter but the thing inside a person does.

Quick summary

Full name: Thomas Rhett Akins Junior

Date of birth: March 30, 1980

Birthplace: Valdosta, Georgia, US

Age: 40

Profession: Singer, songwriter

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 74 kg

Net Worth: $5 million