Teyana Taylor Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Teyana Taylor is a name that got into the limelight in the past several years, and for a good reason.

This talented and beautiful singer, was presented to the larger audience in a Kanye West music video for the song that went viral.

Her exceptional body and dancing skills is what first draw everyone to Teyana, but her talent is what made them stick to her music.

In today’s text we will talk about her career, personal life and everything else that you would like to know about this talented singer and performer.

Early Life

Propelled to the international media scene thanks to her appearance in Kanye West’s clip Fade, Teyana Taylor is a multifaceted American artist. Born in Harlem on December 10, 1990, Teyana Taylor grew up alone with her mother.

Passionate about dance and music, she entered several competitions of young talents in order to be noticed. At 16, she participated in Beyoncé’s choreography for the title Ring the Alarm.

A year later, she collaborated with the biggest names in the music industry in the United States, including Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z.

There was once a princess from Harlem, eager to conquer the world thanks to her multiple talents. She is a singer of R’n’B and neo-soul with a captivating voice, but also a dancer, choreographer, model with perfect curves, actress (Madea’s Big Happy Family, The Love Section and Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming).

In terms of private life, Teyana Taylor is 27 years old and a mother. She is also the daughter of Instagram star Niki Taylor and the love wife of Sacramento Kings basketball player Iman Shumpert.

The life of the young artist therefore resembles in every point a fairy tale of the 21st century.

Unfortunately, the diva burned its wings several times. Her natural charisma, her versatility and her attitude as a badass and assertive woman please the artistic milieu, but her temper of a scorched head will very often dampen her disproportionate ambitions.

In fact, the beautiful Teyana looks more like a cursed princess than a Disney princess.

Career Path

On a more personal level, Teyana Taylor tries her hand at song. In 2014, she released a first album, VII, with fairly confidential success.

At the same time, the dancer and singer is trying to pursue an acting career. She appears in some films which do not, however, go through the cinema box.

In 2016, Kanye West chooses to make Teyana Taylor the star of her new clip. For Fade, the American performs a sensual, athletic and sexy choreography, which exceeds 40 million views on the internet.

With this performance, delivered to the general public during the MTV Video Music Awards, Teyana Taylor enters a new dimension. Since then, the dancer has multiplied projects.

Among her new professional activities, Teyana Taylor launches her fitness training program in which dance obviously occupies an important place. She also tried her hand at styling and joined forces with big brands like Adidas.

Married to basketball player Iman Shumpert, Teyana Taylor is the mother of a little girl, Iman Tayla, born in 2015. Grace Jones and Janet Jackson are among the influences of Teyana Taylor.

In the Fade clip, Teyana Taylor appears alongside her husband. It is also the daughter of the couple who is present in the plan with the flock of sheep.

Many internet users compare Teyana Taylor to Emily Ratajkowski, another personality revealed to the general public thanks to a steamy music video.

His quote: “When I dance, I can dance twelve hours straight. I can rehearse for twelve hours and not feel tired. It’s crazy how the whole body works.”

Fashion as a senseless pastime? No way! The story of Teyana Taylor is also the story of how you can make it onto one of the most monumental albums of the 21st century simply by dressing damn ‘fly’.

Fortunately, she still has a lot of style. By talking about fashion, Teyana Taylor befriends rap giant Kanye West. At first he doesn’t know anything about the musical talent of the New Yorker.

When Kanye asked her to come to the studio where he was finishing My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in the summer of 2010, it wasn’t at all about her singing something.

Originally, the controversial artist just wanted to distract himself by talking about the latest fashion trends. But Teyana has other plans. She really wants to be on the album. When Kanye plays his song sketches for her, she begins to hum melodies and thus gains his attention.

When she left the studio a few hours later, she did her part in one of the most hyped albums of the young 21st century. In the intro “Dark Fantasy” Taylor and Justin Vernon contribute the chorus.

For rap superstar West, Teyana Taylor becomes something of a protégé: “Kanye always thought that I was something like the female counterpart to him.” That is called self-confidence. In 2012, the 21-year-old was the first female artist to be signed on his GOOD Music label. Does she find a very logical choice, because: “Who else is cool enough to be the first lady at GOOD Music???”

She can be heard on three songs on the label sampler released in the same year. And what shouldn’t be with Pharrell becomes reality with Kanye. “VII” will be released in 2014, seven years after the first label contract, the long-awaited debut album, which will be number 19 on the US charts.

In 2014 she can also be heard on “Hell Can Wait”, Vince Staples’ debut EP. The musician demonstrates her enormous talent for movement in the video for “Fade” from Kanye’s album, in which she dances lightly dressed through the gym.

The second album will follow in June 2018. The record is part of the almost usual megalomaniac “Wyoming Sessions” by Master West. In a remarkable effort, he released five of his albums on the market in just a few weeks. Teyana’s “K.T.S.E” (Keep The Same Energy) marks the end of the series after Daytona, Ye, Kids See Ghosts and Nasir.

The criticism of the almost 23-minute album is mostly benevolent. With 17th place, it can easily beat the commercial success of its predecessor. Could be worse for Teyana. Teyana Taylor has a net worth of 3$ million and since her career is constantly on the rise, we can only expect this net worth to rise in the future.

Her husband is a successful athlete as well, so combined they have a significant amount of money. We will see in the following years whether Teyana is going to make an ever bigger career than she already has.

Personal life

The New Yorker, born in 1990, has been drawn to show business since early years. Teyana sings, dances, raps and makes contacts to the greatest in the music scene. In 2006 she achieved first fame as a choreographer for Beyoncé’s hit “Ring the Alarm”.

In early 2007, Pharrell Williams signed Teyana Taylor with his Star Trak Entertainment label. There she is just 16. Whoever hopes for a quick debut album will be disappointed.

The young musician writes and sings for other artists, but those responsible for the label show less interest in a solo album. That is frustrating.

In 2006, the world first discovered it in My Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV. The young Afro-Trinidadian woman was only sixteen years old.

Her performance allows her to highlight her full potential, and she will catch the eye of Pharrell Williams, who will quickly sign her on his label Star Trak Entertainment.

It is 2008 when Teyana Taylor shows the public, for the first time, her talents as an R’n’B and neo-soul singer with the song “Google Me”, extracted from her first mixtape, From a Planet Called Harlem. This title earned him the title of American hip-hop group The Neptunes.

Success was immediate and the golden doors of glory opened to her. Teyana Taylor even says she is ready to conquer the world beyond the musical planet. Her plans are clear when she explains them to The Fader the same year: “My own TV show, my own cartoon, my own daycare, I try to be on all fronts.”

You would almost believe it when you see the unusual character that she embodies. Only here, his adventure at Star Trek quickly will turn short, the fault of constantly delayed musical exit plans.

No matter how well she writes for big R’n’B names like Usher and Chris Brown, her personal career doesn’t take off.

Teyana Taylor fights in her stable to release her productions without ever succeeding, and her first album project will ultimately be aborted. Her personal affairs don’t go smoothly when the New Yorker finds herself in the middle of a quarrel with Rihanna on Twitter in 2013, after the latter made fun of her in a video posted on Instagram.

Her badass attitude makes some people cringe, but her love of art, her versatility and her sassy character seduce a certain Kanye West, who will hasten to take her under his wing.

Hopeful, the Chicago rapper puts him in the spotlight in 2010 by inviting him to sing on his song “Christmas in Harlem”.

The voice of the chorus of “Dark Fantasy” on the album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was also. She also appears on the compilation of the Cruel Summer label, in the superb song “Bliss” in duet with John Legend.

These first conclusive tests will push Kanye West to sign it on his label G.O.O.D Music in 2012. After that, she will finally release her first album, VII.

On this disc, she affirms all her talent and her extraordinary artistic vision. Teyana Taylor renews R’n’B with soulful influences inspired by Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige and Janet Jackson.

The success was total and his album was placed at the top of the Billboard ranking of the best R’n’B / hip-hop albums. According to his mentor:

“Teyana brings something so R’n’B, so dark, so ghetto. All those things that are so lacking, but so necessary for music”.

Quick summary

Full name: Teyana Me Shay Jacqueli Taylor

Date of birth: December 10th 1990

Birthplace: New York, USA

Age: 29

Profession: Singer, Dancer, Actress, Director

Height: 1.63 m

Weight: 54 kg

Net Worth: 3$ million