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Tammy Hembrow Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

In the world of popular beauty and style influencers, there is a new generation of celebrities emerging. More and more popular fitness trainers are beginning to shape the way we look at ourselves and also our health.

Some might argue that their influence causes us to be too obsessed with our looks, but we can’t deny that their influence also makes us think more about our bodies and our health.

There are many beauty influencers out there and each one of them brings something special to the stage. They often strike big deals and endorsements with large companies, that allows them to gather a substantial amount of money.

In today’s text we are going to talk about a famous Instagram model and fitness instructor Tammy Hembrow.

We will talk about her life, career and net worth, so that you can gather all the important information about this famous model.

Early Years

Tammy Hembrow was born on April 22nd 1994 in Queensland in Australia. Her father is a famous Australian actor Mark Hembrow, while her sister Emilee Hembrow is also an Instagram star and model.

Tammy’s mother and father have a mixed ethnicity so Tammy is half Trinidadian and half Australian. Tammy grew up on a farm together with her two sisters and a brother, so she had the privilege of growing up in a large family.

Her father was a celebrity in Australia, so she knew what showbusiness brings from an early age.

Tammy’s education is not something she takes about often. We are not sure where she finished her high school or where she went to college. When did reveal to media that she did try going to college to get a Business degree, but she wasn’t into studying so she dropped out early on.

She then focused on her fitness profession which later on turned out to be the right decision. She hasn’t made a mistake for focusing on her fitness, because the social media seem to be created for people like Tammy.

Perhaps if she wasn’t an Instagram model, she would have become an actress or singer, but she would definitely be in the spotlight. From an early age, Tammy liked being in the center of attention and social media definitely allowed her that.

What is important to mention is that she is not just beautiful, she is also successful businesswoman and her clothing and fitness lines are doing better by the day.

There isn’t any more information about Tammy’s early years and childhood so we are going to move on to her career and see how much this beautiful fitness model earns.

Career path

Tammy Hembrow is an Instagram model and Youtuber. Her main source of income are regular posts on popular media platform Instagram. With over 9 million followers, she is one of the most popular people on This social media platform and everything she posts is being watched.

Tammy started posting videos on her YouTube channel back in 2012 when she was only 19 years old. Unfortunately, she deleted her older videos and we can now only see her videos from 2 years prior.

She started posting on Instagram way back in 2014, also on other social media, but she is currently at the peak of her popularity. Tammy regularly posts photos with ads on them. Every ad she posts or endorses is heavily paid by the companies. She can receive a sum up to several thousand for just posting a photo with the product.

Based on her Instagram account, Tammy is now an entrepreneur as well. She is the owner of Woman’s best collection of fitness clothing, Saskia collection for children and also the owner of Tammy Hembrow fitness.

Tammy also has her own fitness app and she is still working as an online fitness coach. From all of her businesses, Tammy earns a good sum of money. She also appears on TV and commercials which only gives her a bigger monthly salary.

What makes Tammy stand out is her amazing beauty and her incredible body. She is 165cm tall and according to her, she eats a lot and lifts heavy weights regularly. This helped her during pregnancy because she managed to get back her pre-pregnancy body without any problem.

She recently posted a video about her app and how to use it. People are able to get exercises, meal plans and all the other information about healthy lifestyle from the app. This is probably her biggest launch yet, since her clothing line.

According to her social blade, Tammy earns around 15 thousand per month and around 157 thousand per year. Tammy is currently living in her lavish home in Gold Coast with her two children. The home was paid around 2$ million and Tammy seems to be doing just fine without her fiancé.

Tammy has an estimated net worth of around 2$ million. She earns most of her money through Instagram posts that can give her around 20 thousand dollars per each post. That is a substantial amount of money and Tammy is well aware of that.

Since this talented young woman is only 26 years old, we can expect a lot from her in the future. Perhaps she will transfer to another career or maybe she will continue with her fitness, that is yet to be seen.

Personal life

Tammy came into the public eye especially during her pregnancy, when she managed to keep her body looking amazing even though she was heavily pregnant with her second child.

The women admired her beautiful figure and she definitely became a role model for all the women out there. Millions were motivated by her amazing body and she was considered to be a positive influence on all women.

Tammy is a heavy promoter of healthy lifestyle and she is definitely living up to what she promotes online. Unlike some other celebrities who only speak and post photos of fitness routines and healthy lifestyle, Tammy is there to make people believe in beauty influencers once again.

This young Instagram model is now very well known to the entire world and not just to the Australian audience. She continues to amaze everyone with her outstanding body, and beauty.

Tammy has around 10 million subscribers on Instagram, but also many followers on other social media outlets. Her biggest platform is still Instagram. She posts daily photos and communicates with her fans regularly.

Tammy was engaged to her boyfriend Rece Hawkins. The couple was only going out together for a couple of months, when Tammy surprised her family with the news that she is going to become a mother. Their first child was born in 2016, when Tammy was only 21 years old. Even though she was young, she always wanted to become a mom early on and didn’t regret her decision ever. They named their first son Wolf.

The couple seemed to be happy together and the family functioned well, at least judging by the photos and posts on social media accounts.

Only a year later, Tammy announced that she is going to become a mother once again. In 2017, she gave birth to their daughter Saskia.

Even though she and Rece seemed to be the perfect couple for everyone online, there were definitely problems between them. She announced her separation from her fiancé Rece in 2018, and she did that through a YouTube video.

Tammy told her subscribers that she didn’t cheat on her fiancé nor did he cheat on her. The reason they split up was between them and none of them wanted to talk about it at that time.

According to Tammy, they had many issues and everything resulted in a separation, after they couldn’t find mutual grounds. The couple hasn’t talked about their relationship since, so we can only assume they are trying to work things out and manage their two kids together the best way they can.

In August 2018, Tammy was again in Tabloids after she was filmed leaving Kyle Jenner’s birthday party on a stretcher. Everyone was worried about her and wondered what happened on the party.

The fans received an apology from Tammy and she said she was sorry for her behavior. Her ex-boyfriend wasn’t too happy with her explanation because her actions affected him greatly business-wise.

Never the less, he didn’t want to further the discussion or attract negative energy, so he didn’t speak again about this matter.

What makes Tammy stand out is her amazing beauty and her incredible body. She is 165cm tall and according to her, she eats a lot and lifts heavy weights regularly. This helped her during pregnancy because she managed to get back her pre-pregnancy body without any problem.

Tammy remains single for now, since not a lot of time passed since her breakup with her ex fiancé. She hasn’t been linked to anyone new and so far, she is enjoying her single time, enjoying life. Her sister Emilee is also a big Instagram str so two of them often posts photos on their social media. Her sister is a beauty influencer and Tammy is solely focused on fitness.

Tammy often posts photos of her children Wolf and Saskia on her social media accounts, and the children are absolutely beautiful. No wonder since their parents are as well.

Tammy often photos with her family members which only means show is proud of them. Her father is probably the biggest celebrity in the family, since he has been a famous actor who acted in many Australian films. He is still active and we can often see him on photos with his children.

Tammy’s mother is a beautiful woman as well, and many say that the girls got their good looks from their parents definitely. The entire family lived on a farm with animals and Tammy often says that she is happy that she had such a beautiful childhood.

Tammy is now a successful businesswoman and her businesses are only seemed to be expanding. She is very dedicated to expanding of her fitness line and also to the clothing line she created. The clothing line was named after her daughter Saskia and Tammy seems to be very dedicated to offer something amazing to her fans.

Since there is no more information about Tammy, we can conclude that this beautiful girl is not only hot she is also a great business woman and an excellent mom.

With only 26 years, Tammy is definitely breaking the rules when it comes to what women should or could do, since she seems to balance everything in her life perfectly.

Tammy is an inspiration to all the women out there who are raising their children on their own and are willing to focus on their bodies as well.

Tammy is definitely a proof that we can achieve anything if we really want it, and the most important thing is to set up goals in life to which we can strive towards to.

Quick summary

Full name: Tammy Hembrow

Date of birth: April 22nd 1994

Birthplace: Queensland, Australia

Age: 25

Profession: Influencer, Model

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 59 kg

Net Worth: 2$ million