Tamar Braxton Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Tamar Braxton is a beautiful American singer and actress who also made working on TV a big part of her career. She used to be famous in her hometown only, but she has been getting more and more popular worldwide as time has gone by.

Tamar got known as a part of the group The Braxton sisters but she later pursued her solo career and became the winner of Big Brother.

She said that each part of her career has a certain charm to it and that she would never give up on a specific one.

She successfully hosted several TV shows and acted in several projects and series.

She said that her work has brought her many friends as well and therefore she had an easier time getting into the new areas of media and the famous world.

Early years

She was born as Tamar Estine Braxton on March 17, 1977, in a town named Severn, located in the state of Maryland. She was the youngest child of Michael and Evelyn. Her parents have brought their family up in a very interesting way and they have made them believe that anything is possible as long as you’re determined.

She grew up alongside five older siblings, who took care of her just as cautious as her parents did. Her family was pretty big and they have learned to live together without getting in each other’s way.

She has four sisters named Trina, Toni, Traci, and Towanda. Their only brother was named Christopher. They always joke about him being the loudest one and the most dramatic one although he is the man.

Since her father Michael was a pastor in church all the children were members of the church choir, including Tamar. This brought them a new thing to do together and they cherished it.

Since all the sisters had a great musical talent and were awesome while singing and performing it didn’t take long for them to be noticed by producers. They used to sing together at home all of the time – it was their way of annoying their parents.

Career development

They created a group named “The Braxtons” in 1989 when Tamar was only twelve years old.

They had many stage experience since they toured with their parents on various religious events where they sang together. They loved spending time together and they had great chemistry, and the only thing they were missing was the initial spark that was supposed to launch them into the world of stars.

In 1989 they were offered to sign with Arista Records which they gladly accepted. It was a really interesting deal as well and the family was very happy to hear that they were doing well.

One year later the group has released their first single titled “Good Life”. The single had moderate success but nothing major so Arista Records dropped them, saying that it is very hard to make a marketing scheme for them because of the big year gap between sisters.

The sister who made a serious breakthrough was Toni Braxton, who was chosen by a known producer L.A. Reid to continue her solo career under his supervision. She doesn’t think that she is any more talented than her sisters, but she thinks that she maybe got lucky.

The other sisters didn’t stay together as a group since the producers of LaFace Records didn’t want to form a group. They wanted to continue pursuing their real dreams and their parents supported them in this call.

However, Toni’s sisters stayed together and became her backup singers on her tour. They also appeared in a lot of Toni’s music videos.

All of her sisters appeared in her music video for the single “Seven Whole Days”. They had a lot of fun shooting this video and the producer said that they’re a really dangerous group when they’re together – charming, but very dangerous.

In 1993, the LaFace Records decided to sign The Braxtons to their label but they never released their album while being signed to this label.

L.A.Reid started working for Atlantic Records and took The Braxton sisters with him. Everyone knows him and they immediately felt that this was a very good opportunity for the girls.

Two years later one of the sisters Traci decided to leave The Braxtons and start her career outside music. She was hoping to become a youth counselor.

But there was another reason that she didn’t stay with the group. She was pregnant and could continue being a member of the group. But that was not revealed then. She wanted it to stay as private as possible until she decides to share it with the media. Until then, many speculations about their group happened – some thought the girls had a fight, while others were convinced that they decided to part ways.

The rest of the sisters, Tamar, Trina, and Towanda finally released a new album in 1996 named “So Many Ways”, without Traci. They said that it was very fun to make this song and that they were really sure about the song becoming a hit.

The album was very successful and entered the Top 30 the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. It turns out that they were right.

In 1998 The Braxtons broke up after Tamar, who was the lead singer for the group, decided to focus on her solo career. She signed to DreamWorks Records the same year.

In 2000 her first album called Ridiculous was released and her song  “Get None” started getting airplay.

Her second single called “If You Don’t Wanna Love Me” was also noticed by the public. Several producers like Missy Elliott and Tricky Stewart worked on her album but the album still didn’t turn out as a hit. Due to the poor sales and lousy airplay, her record label decided to abort their cooperation.

Her single “Try Me” was one of the songs on 2001’s soundtrack for a movie titled Kingdom Come. It was a very popular song and there were a lot of speculations about who might have actually written it.

Tamar started collaborating with her sister Toni Braxton and appeared on the music video for her song “He Wasn’t Man Enough.”

She worked with her sister a lot and the guest appeared on many of her albums, from The Heat, More than a Woman and Pulse.

She often sang backups to her sister, especially when she gained her own Las Vegas show. Whenever the girl needed each other, they were there, without an exception.

In 2004, she changed labels and signed a contract to Casablanca Records where she was able to start working on her second album for which she hoped that it would be noticed. Unfortunately, she left Tommy Motola and his label without producing an album.

Several years later, in 2010, she signed to Universal Records, and her new single called “The Heart In Me” was released in the summer of the same year. This collaboration was ended in the same way as the last one: without an album.

She and her sisters became protagonists of a reality TV series titled Braxton Family Values. It was aired in 2011. It was a very important TV show and the girls enjoyed being the center of attention but also wanted to show the world who the Braxton girls really are.

At the end of the same year, she sang at 2011 Soul Train Awards.

In 2012, she got signed to Streamline Records. Just a few weeks later her own reality TV show started airing on WE TV and was named “Tamar & Vince”. Vince is her husband. This was quite a lot of work for all of them since they were surrounded by cameras a lot, but they soon found comfort in this new way of living.

She co-hosted several TV shows, from Basketball Wives to The Culturalist.

In 2013, she changed her label again, this time to Epic Records and finally released her second album called Love and War. “Love and War” was also the name of the lead singer and it became a huge success. The album peaked at No.2 on the Billboard 200 chart.

In September 2013 her reality TV show called Tamar and Vince entered the 2nd season. It was actually more popular than the couple thought it would be, so they continued to create the content.

She has released her first Christmas album titled Winter Loveland at the end of the same year.

She was nominated for three Grammy Awards for this album of which she was very proud of.

2014 brought a new season of Tamar & Vince show, in its 3rd season.

Her new single called  “Let Me Know” was featured by Future, a popular rapper, and it went high Billboard charts.

She also appeared on her sister’s music video “Last Call”, together with all her sisters.She said that it’s always most fun when she works with them because she feels comfortable and at home when they’re all together on a set.

Her own shoe and clothing line was launched in 2014 and she named it Tamar Collection.

“If I Don’t Have You” was the lead single from her album from 2015: Calling All Lovers.

In the fall of the same year, she entered the  21st season of Dancing with the Stars competition. Her partner was Val Chmerkovskiy.

She had to leave the show because of her health problems. It seems that she suffered some serious problems with her lungs. She said that everyone that she knows was very supportive, but she still had to get her time off.

She made a Braxton Family Christmas album together with her sisters. They were very happy to work together again, especially on Christmas music.

Tamar also gained a small role in a TV series titled Being Mary Jane.

In 2017 she joined the Entertainment One record label and soon released her fifth album titled Bluebird of Happiness.

In 2019 she became one of the contesters in Celebrity Big Brother reality show. She was very well-liked by most of the other contests and viewers.

She won the Big Brother show and made a huge thing about it since she was the only African American to ever win a season of Big Brother in the US.

After the win, she was hired for the role of a Chef in a popular soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful.

Her first appearance in the movie was in a movie Gangland directed by Jean-Claude La Marre.

Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, and Whitney Houston are her biggest influences.

Personal life

One of her more significant relationships was with a music producer Tricky Stewart. She said that she always enjoyed hanging out with many different people because learned from them and had fantastic conversations.

As for her personal life she got married in 2001 for the first time. It was to a music producer Darrell Allamby. They separated two years later. This was a very tough period for her, but she said that she had learned a lot of things that moment.

It was the same year she started dating Vincent Herbert who married her five years later.

She became a mother of Logan Vincent Herbert in 2013.

In 2017, she filed for divorce with Vincent. This was a very stressful period in her life, but she had to continue because of her son.

Her friends often call her Tay Tay. They actually have quite a lot of nicknames for her, but she says that her favorite ones are too dangerous to be shared.

She likes to change the color of her hair but she doesn’t like to die her hair often so she likes wearing wigs. She says that it gives her the freedom of expressing herself without putting too many harsh chemicals on her hair. She started to notice this when she was pregnant.

Quick summary

Full name: Tamar Estine Braxton

Date of birth: March 17th, 1977

Birthplace: Severn, State of Maryland, United States

Age: 42

Profession: singer, actress, TV host,

Height: 1,70 m

Weight: 75 kg

Net Worth: $8 million