Syahrini Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Celebrity power can sometimes break barriers and cross over seas, to touch an ordinary person no matter how far he might be.

Some celebrities who are major stars in their home countries, are less recognizable in some other parts in the world.

However, there are stars whose star power can overcome those distance troubles and come into the homes of all people around the globe.

In today’s text we are going to talk about Syahrini, a famous Indonesian singer and actress.

We will talk about her net worth, biography and personal life, s if you are interested to find out more about her life, here is a perfect opportunity to do that.

Early Years

Fatimah Syahrini Zaelani was born on August 1st 1982 in Sukabumi in Indonesia. She grew up with her family in Indonesia, and most of her days, she spent playing with other kids, just like any other child.

One thing that was always different about her is that she was always into music and performing.

While other kids were in school, she always imagined being on the stage and performing. Her dream from early on was to become a famous singer or actress. Her family noticed her talent from an early age and they were ready for her to make a big name for herself one day in the future.

Her life was full of ups and downs, but when we sum it all up, she has definitely been more on the top.

Her career is absolutely amazing and she is considered the Beyoncé of Indonesia. Her popularity can be measured by the number of followers she has on her social media accounts, and that is around 30 million followers.

These numbers are proof enough that her name is huge.

Since there isn’t more information about Syahrini, we will continue on talking about her career path and how she came to the place she is right now.

Her popularity and fame can’t be denied, and this talented singer was one of the biggest singers in the 00’s.

Career Path

Syahrini plunged into the world of discussing Indonesia for the first time as a singer in the soundtrack of the film “Coklat Stoberi” (2007) entitled “The Stare of Love” (2007).

Armed with high confidence, Syahrini then released her first album “My Lovely” (2008) with the mainstay singles “Lying” (2008) and “My Lovely” (2008). Both singles are well known but have not been blown up yet.

Syahrini tried to plunge into the world of cinema by starring in “The Thief Kuburans” (2009). But it has not yet become a breakthrough to boost its popularity.

Syahrini’s name sticks out as a singer when she is paired with Anang Hermansyah on the single “Don’t Choose Me” (2010). This song reaped great success by occupying the top chart on several music shows. Anang and Syahrini also briefly released this single in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Not stopping there, they then released their second single, entitled “Last Love” (2010). This single also achieved the same success as the previous single.

A few months later, Anang arranged the song “I’m Not Ordinary” (2010) for Syahrini. This single is on the compilation album titled “I’m Not Ordinary” (2011). But the collaboration Anang and Syahrini did not last long. After bringing the single “I’m Not Ordinary”, Syahrini whacked several problems with Anang which resulted in the collaboration between the two ended.

Syahrini, who did not want her name to sink together with the end of the contract with Anang, released the single “You Who Choose Me” (2011). This song is the work of Syahrini’s own younger sister, Aisyah Rani. Syahrini’s decision to go solo is a success.

His solo song “You Who Choose Me” is much in demand by music lovers and has become the champion of the charts on various radio stations throughout Indonesia.

Nearing the month of Ramadan, Syahrini released the religious-themed single “Taubatlah Taubat” (2011). On the single he was assisted by Pasha Ungu in the process of cultivation.

Syahrini’s contribution in the field of singing was quite successful. Evidently, at the “SCTV Awards 2011” award ceremony, Syahrini won the titles “Most Popular Singers” and “Most Inbox Female Singers” at the “2011 Inbox Awards”.

Syahrini has been named the “Trendmaker 2011 Artist” version of infotainment because fashion is worn up to her speaking style. Syahrini sparked an “Alhamdulillah yes, something really” style of speech that became a trend among young people. In addition, he also casually named his makeup, such as “The Equator Crested” and “Anti-Tsunami Eyelashes”. This is admitted not as intentional. He himself did not expect if the language style imitated by the wider community.

Syahrini has an astounding net worth of 20$ million. This famous Indonesian singers and actresses, so it is no wonder that she has such a big net worth. Her career has been full of popular hit songs and big roles.

Since she is now married and laying a bit low, we don’t know if she will go back to her performances. Her fans are definitely eagerly waiting for her return and praying it comes soon.

She has a big follower base on her social media. She has around 30 million followers on her Instagram account, which is proof enough how big her name is in Indonesia.

Her net worth is now doubled if not tripled by marrying, since her husband is a famous and successful entrepreneur.

Personal life

Syahrini, a beautiful singer whose real name is Fatimah Syahrini Zailani was born in Bogor, August 1, 1982. The singer from the Bogor University of Pakuan majoring in Law spent his childhood in Sukabumi, West Java.

Syahrini has had a pretty calm life. Even though she is a big star in her home country, she had a pretty scandal-free life. Syahrini grew up with her family in her home city and did the usual things that kids do. Her childhood years are mostly unknown to the public and she doesn’t like to talk about it too often.

Since no information have appeared so far, we can only conclude that she had a pretty normal childhood. In 2011, she was involved in a controversy regarding a contract management mistake. She was involved in corruption, involved with medical equipment. Together with Syahrini, accused were Aura Kasih and Jennifer Dunn.

The main suspect in this case was Tubagus Chaeri Wardana who was, allegedly, in relationship with all the women. According to the case, Syahrini and the other mentioned female celebrities, received gifts from Wawan, whose brother is a Banten Province governor?

Syahrini remained silent about this matter and didn’t speak out. Syahrini was highly influenced by some of the famous world stars, such as Beyoncé and Tata Young. Another Indonesian star who was a big influence for her was Krisdayanti.

Girl group Pussycat Dolls, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna were also her role-models during her career progress. When it comes to her fashion influences, she mentioned Jackie Kennedy as her fashion icon.

In March 2019, she got married to a wealthy entrepreneur Reino Barack. Many world stars congratulated her for her engagement and nuptials. The marriage ceremony was held in Japan, and Syahrini looked beautiful. Among the guests, there were many famous people from Indonesia but also worldwide.

She seems to be enjoying her married time, and she often posts photos on her social media accounts. She is very active on her Instagram and Twitter account, where she often shares news with her fans.

Syahrini hasn’t announced any new projects yet, but we do believe that she has something in store for her fans for the future.

Whether it will be in the same genre as before, we have to wait and see.

Quick summary

Full name: Fatimah Syahrini Zaelani

Date of birth: August 1st 1982

Birthplace: Sukabami, West Java

Age: 37

Profession: Singer, Actress

Height: 1.56 m

Weight: 49 kg

Net Worth: 20$ million