Sunil Shetty Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Sunil Shetty is a very well known name in the Indian movie industry. He is an experienced actor and a producer who became very popular in Bollywood.

Sunil has also shown his skills as a successful entrepreneur.

Early years

He was born as Sunil Veerappa Shetty on August 11, 1961, in a panchayat town situated in Karnataka, one of the Indian states. He was born into a Bunt or Nadava family who spoke by an old Dravidian language of Tulu. This language is mainly spoken in Karnataka and Kasaragod. That is why the people who speak Tulu language natively are often called Tulu people.

Not much of his early life has been disclosed. It is known that he was a big fan of Bollywood and always looked up to popular actors as role models. It is also disclosed that he is a huge fan of sports from an early age, especially the ones including fighting sports. It is confirmed that he had a Black Belt in a known combat sport made from Karate and boxing, called Kickboxing.

As for his education, he graduated from the „H.R. College of Commerce and Economics” located in Mumbai. He gained his degree in Hotel Management. He said that he always thought it was a smart idea to go with a safe career, and so he decided to go with this. In the end, he knew that he would be happier if he was doing something else. It was always acting for him.

He is very close to his father Veerappa Shetty and his sisters. The older one is named Sujata while the younger is Sumita. They try to spend as much time together as possible, but they sadly have very different careers and therefore can’t really spend too much time together.

Career development

In 1992, he made his first film appearance in a movie which was directed by Deepak Anand where he starred alongside Divya Bharti and Danny Denzongpa. The movie was released on the Hindi language in September the same year.

This movie was a huge hit because of its great action pilot where he plays the role of a police officer who was framed for murder. This was a great choice of a movie to launch a career where he portrayed an action hero figure. Most of his following movies were also a great success.

One year later, in 1993, he gained a role in a romantic action movie called „Time is Ours” where he starred with Akshay Kumar with whom he later played in a lot of movies. This movie was also filmed in the Hindi language. In 1994, he again gained a role in a romantic movie which became an extraordinary hit in the cinemas in India.

This role of inspector Vikram Singh, a very honest young inspector, brought him the nomination in the category of Best Supporting Actor at Filmfare Awards. The movie earned six times more than its original budget.

The same year he filmed another action movie where he starred alongside a very popular Bollywood actress and a model called Samy Ali. He was more than happy to be in the movie and many critics stated that his role was very significant and that his acting skills pushed the roof in this one.

One of two his last movies in 1994 is called Mohra and this action thriller filmed in Hindi became a huge blockbuster. The movie earned also six times more than it has spent on the filming. It was a huge success and Sunil was one of the people who kept that going!

The last movie he starred in 1994 was a comedy movie directed by Shivdasani Deepak and is a remake of another movie directed by Bhagyaray.

In 1996 he appeared in an action film directed by his good friend Deepak Shivdasani with whom he had already collaborated. It is titled „Krishna” and it was especially praised for its soundtrack. One of the most popular singles on the soundtrack of the movie is named „Jhanjariya”.

The film named Sapoot was also very successful for Sunil, and Akshay Kumar yet again had the lead role in it. He says that his favorite thing about working at a big project, being in a big movie, is that he gets to meet a huge crew of phenomenal actors that can pass on some skills.

He starred in Ashok Honda’s action thriller called Rakshak which was another remake of K.S. Ravi’s action films.

In 1997 he starred in a war movie for the first time. It was named Border and it spoke about the war which occurred between India and Pakistan in 1971. This was a very important movie with a meaningful message, and that’s why it was important to do this role properly. He was under a lot of stress, but managed to do it anyway.

The movie was presented on the commemoration of Indian Independence day which is celebrated on 15 August and is very important to Indian people. This was a very high-grossing film directed and produced by J.P. Dutta, a producer best known for patriotic movies.

The movie was filmed in three languages: Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi. This was due to the differences in the people, but the producers still felt like everyone needs to have a chance to see it. It was a huge hit.

His last 1997 movie Was a gangster movie where he starred alongside Pooja Batra and Ashish Vidyarthi. It didn’t receive very good critics but it was well-received in the cinema.

In 2000 he turned from action roles to other film genres. He starred alongside Akshay Kumar in a comedy movie called „Hera Pheri”. His second movie filmed in 2000 was a romance directed by Dharmesh Darshan called Dhadkan where he again starred with Akshay Kumar.

The year 2001 brought two new movies: „This is your house, this is my House” directed by Priyadarshan, and „Love Amour and Romance” directed by Rajiv Rai.

In 2000 he had released a music album for children called „Jantar Mantar” where he sang and recited on.

In 2001 he toured through Canada and America with Akshay Kumar with whom he acted in a lot of films.

In 2004 he Appeared in an action-comedy movie called „I Am Here”. His co-actors in the movie were Shah Rukh Khan, Zayed Khan and Amrita Rao.

In 2007 he gained a role in a comedy movie with Akshay Kumar in the lead role. It was the same year he gained a role in Shootout at Lokhandwala.

„One Two Three” was his average grossing movie from 2008. It was a huge hit and filled the cinema for a long period of time.

In 2010 he starred in a movie called „Red Alert: The War Within” which was premiered on a movie festival in Germany the same year.

In 2017 he gained the role of the antagonist in an action-comedy movie called „A Gentleman: Sundar, Susheel, Risky”.

Sunil is a very versatile person who is interested in many different fields of business and hobbies. He is a captain of a cricket team from Mumbai called „Mumbai Heroes”.

Sunil invested his time and money in a dining bar and also owns a club called „H2O”.

He has worked as a TV host on reality shows on the national program. One of the most popular was „Biggest Loser Jeetega”, made from its American original version called „The Biggest Loser”.

In 2005 he received the Rajiv Gandhi Award given by Mumbai Youth Congress for outstanding credit. In 2001 he became the winner of the Filmfare Award in the category of the Best Villain. It was for his movie Dhadkan from 2000.

In 2009 he received a new award, this time the South Asain International Movie Award for the Best Actor. He received it for his role in „Red Alert”. Other than acting, Sunil tried himself in production.

He produced several movies, from an action movie called „Khel-No Ordinary Game” made in 2003, to a comedy movie called „Running Around”.

In 2003 he played a role in a TV series called „Ehsaas” and in 2007 he had one in „Kasamh Se”. He played himself in „Ehsaas”.

Sunil created an online digital platform which helps talented people in Bollywood to find their dream job. It is called „F… the Couch”.

He became a special guest appearance at the Hiru Golden Film Award in 2014 and 2016.

He also invested in his real estate company called „Reality and Developers”.

In 2013 he had already opened a luxury lifestyle store for home supplies and furniture located in Mumbai. He runs it alongside his wife Mana. It is very important for him to keep his family active and important in his life, and that’s why he always spends time with them and gives them a chance to make decisions for him sometimes.

Personal life

Sunil got married to a fashion designer and a social worker named Mana. They got married in 1991 and have two children together called Athiya and Anan. Their love was very romantic and the media noticed that, so they were all over the new couple very soon.

Athiya was born in 1992 while Anan came 4 years later.

Athiya, his daughter, became also an actress and has acted in a romantic movie called „Hero” for the first time. It was in 2015. He was very proud of her and says that he would never tell his child what to do, but he had an honor being able to mentor her when she was just starting out.

His wife Mana is a very conscious philanthropist who runs a non-governmental organization for under-privileged kids and who spend a lot of time trying to provide a better life for the young population.

His son Ahan turned to act also and follows his father’s footsteps.

He practices Hinduism as his religion. He says that it’s very important for him, but he doesn’t like when people get it in the way between him and his career.

He is a huge fan of two American actors: Bruce Willis and Goldie Hawn. He also likes to listen to Bryan Adams music. He says that he loves all nations and doesn’t judge anyone based on what the media says about them, because he knows how hard it can be when the media wants to make of you somethinig you’re not.

His favorite cricket player is Sachin Tendulkar.

He likes to read and one of his favorite books is „Sunny Days” written by Sunil Gavaskar.

In 2014 he had changed his name from Sunil to Suniel.

He is often called as Indian Dolph Lundgren because he had a black belt in Kickboxing.

He created his production company named „Popcorn Entertainment”:

A lot of his friends call him „Anna”.

Quick summary

Full name: Sunil Veerappa Shetty

Date of birth: August 11, 1961

Birthplace: Karnataka, India

Age: 58

Profession: actor, producer, businessman

Height: 181 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: $10 million