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Sue Aikens Net Worth 2020, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Sue Aikens is one of characters and star of documetary TV show Life Below Zero. As young girl she learned to survive in harsh conditions in Alaska.

Early years

Sue was born in Mount Prospect, Illinois, on July 1, 1963. Her birth name is Susan Aikens. Most of her childhood was spent in Chicago. Before Alaska, she lived in Palatine, Illinois.

After her mother divorced with her father she moved in Alaska, were her mother left her alone when she had only 12 years. As 12 year old girl she had to find way to survive and live in hard conditions that are in Alaska.

There is not much informations about her early years. She don‘t reveal much, so her education and life in early years remain a mystery for media.

Career Development

Sue‘s first job was at Kavik River Camp as hostess.

In 2010, she have appearance in Sarah Palin‘s Alaska and from 2011-2012 Flying Wild Alaska.

From 2013, Sue is one of characters in documentary TV series on Nacional Geographic Channel called Life Below Zero. She is one of six survivors. Her technique in surviving and long experience earned to her spot in this show.

Sue is known as strong woman who lift weights, she is also good with rifles, but she is strong emotionally too.

Sue also runs gas station and she operates B&B witch is seasonal.

She is also known as woman who was attacked by bear and being really hurt, but in same day she shot that bear. In 2007, while she was on river to collect water one bear attacked her. The bear was hurt her both arms, so she couldn’t shot him.

He also hurt her head, but she somehow managed to escape from him. In the same day she found and shot this bear.

This incredible woman had to sew her head and arm, her lips was dislocated.

Now she runs Kavik River Camp.

Personal life

Sue is not native Alaskan, her family is from Illinois. There are no information about her personal life, but there is rumor that she have been married three times. Now she have son, daughters and grandchildren.

In 2015, she had accident with snowmobile. She was seriously hurt. She had two torn joints and broken collar bone. She had many operations and her recovery was slow.

Two years later she sued producers of television series to force her to film dangerous scenes.

Now she have foxes for pets and she shoots wolverine and Caribou. Sue have many cold weapons such as rifles, pistols, revolvers and guns.


Full name: Susan Aikens

Nick name: Sue

Date of birth:  July 1, 1963

Birth-sign: Cancer

Birth place:  Mount Prospect, Illinois

Residence: Kavik River Camp, Alaska

Age: 54

Occupation: television personality and survivor

Education: Unknown

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Father name: Unknown

Mother name: Unknown

Sibling name: /

Marital status: Single

Partner name: /

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Children: son and daughters

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Body measurements: Unknown

Bra size: Unknown

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Waist size: Unknown

Hip size: Unknown

Body: Average

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $500.000

Her annual salary is $200.000.

As the most popular character in Life Below Zero, she earn $4.500 for week. Also she have other job in Kavik River Camp.

Social networks 

Sue have Internet in her camp though satellite. She uses social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Also, this help to her to see on camera her son, daughters and grandchild. She also share posts about her life in Alaska.

Her profile on Facebook have 60K people who like and follow her. Link is:

Her profile on Twitter have almost 20K followers. Link is:

She also runs with web site of Kavik River Camp. Link is:

Interesting Facts about Sue Aikens

She did not reveal so much about herself, so there is no place for rumors. Only rumor attached to her is about her ex husbands, that she had three of them.

Quick Summary

Susan Aikens was born in Mount Prospect, Illinois on July 1, 1963. Her parents divorced and she moved with her mother to Alaska. As 12 year old girl her mother left her alone in hard conditions in Alaska. She had to fight for herself and to learn how to survive.

Now she is most popular character in Life Below Zero and she runs Kavik River Camp.

She have one son, two daughters and grandchild.