Stonebwoy Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Ghanaian music scene is definitely full of talented and interesting artists, and some of them have even crossed over the borders of Africa.

Their music is winning over the world and they continue to surprise with new beats and catchy songs.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about an interesting and talented artist called Stonebwoy.

We are going to continue to talk about his net worth, how he became famous and what is known about his personal life.

So, if you would like to hear more about this famous Ghanaian artist, here is an opportunity to do so.

Early years

Livingstone Etse Satekla was Born on March 5, 1988 in Ashaiman, Greater Accra Region, but originally from Anloga (Angloga or Awunaga) in Ghana’s Volta Region.

As a young boy, he always enjoyed listening to music and singing. Almost everyone who knew him, knew that he is going to succeed in a career related to music and nothing else.

It was hard for him to focus on school when he was so invested in music from an early age, but he did want to finish school and become someone in life. In school, he was always in drama and writing lessons, because these two things were his passion and love.

If he didn’t become a singer, he would definitely still be in show business, one way or another. Stonebwoy started in music while still a student at the Methodist Day General Teaching College where his eldest Sarkodie, a hip life superstar (Ghanaian Afro-rap), passed. It’s in high school that he starts to make a name for himself as a rapper.

There isn’t any more information about his early years and childhood, so we are going to continue in writing about his career and how he managed to reach the level of success he did in his life.

Career path

This popular artist began his career by competing in a rap competition. He was always interested in music, and his parents wanted to show their support to him, by being his rock.

Supported by his family, he participated in “Kasahare Level”, a very popular rap contest organized by the radio Adom FM, with guests like Sarkodie and Dr Cryme, another famous rapper of the country. On this occasion, Stonebwoy won the competition hands down.

This victorious rap battle and his style of music gives it a rising popularity and attracts the attention of the dancehall artist, afro-reggae, hip life, producer and organizer of “Samini Fest” Emmanuel Samini Samini aka Samini or Batman who help realize his project on his label Samini Music.

In 2012, Stonebwoy recorded his first singles: “Arula (Survivor)”, “Climax” featuring Samini and “Ghetto Love” featuring Irene Logan, founder of Liberia’s Irene and Jane group and songwriter and singer of R & B, afro-soul and afro-pop. The following year, he won his first award: “Best collaboration” for the song “Climax” (Samini) at the 2013 Bass Awards, the year of his graduation from Marketing

Recognized by his peers and by many Ghanaians as one of Ghana’s best reggae / dancehall, able to sing in many languages, including English, Pidgin or Patwa (Jamaican Creole), Stonenwoy has been nominated several times and won many awards: “Best collaboration” for the song “Climax” (Samini) at the 2013 Bass Awards, “Best dancehall song of the year” for the song “Climax” (Samini) at the 2014 Bass Awards, ” Best Reggae / Ragga / Dancehall Artist of the Year “at the AFRIMA (African Muzik Magazine Awards 2015,” Best Artist of the Year “at Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2015,” Best African International Work “at BET Awards 2015,” Best Reggae Song of the Year “,” Artist of the Year “,” Dancehall Artist of the Year “,” Best Reggae Video “,” Best Performance “and” Album of the Year “at the 2015 Bass Awards,” Artist of the Year “,” Reggae Artist / Dancehall of the Year “and Cha nson reggae / dancehall of the year “at the Ghana Music Awards 2015,” Reggae / Dancehall Artist of the Year “and” Reggae / Dancehall Song of the Year “for the title” Go Higher “at the Ghana Music Awards 2016.

In 2014, Stonebwoy ca out with his first hit song called Climax. The song became an absolute hit and it was played all around the radio stations in Ghana and the rest of Africa. Another song that he recorded together with Irene Logan called “Ghetto Love”, also became a huge hi in his home country.

It seemed like everything was going well for this young artist and chances continued to open up for him everywhere he went. His first album came out in 2014 under the name Grade 1 Album. The album was a huge success and his fans were eagerly waiting for him to make this crucial step in his career.

The album featured many artists and the songs from this album are still some of his most recognizable songs. His second album came out in 2014, under the name Necessary Evil. The album had a total of 29 songs and one of the most famous songs from the album was Baafira that he recorded together with Sarkodie, who is a rapper.

This album proved to be a success as well, because Stonebwoy received a total of three rewards for it and six nominations. Epstles of Mama was released in honor of his mother, and the album had a total of 24 songs. Some of the more famous artists that he featured on this album were King Promise, Sean Paul and Burna Boy.

The album was a success as well and it managed to reach number 13 on Billboard chart top 200. This album was even named as one of the two best albums in the world in 2018 and it has a total of 10$ million views on YouTube.

His musical style is called as Jamaican Patois and he is seen as a multifaceted rapper. His versatile style of rap can be easily noticed in his songs and he is pretty recognizable because of it. He went on a large tour in 2014 and went to Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain to share his music with the world.

He also visited Australia and other European countries in the meanwhile. His songs have definitely went all around the globe, and people recognize them instantly when they hear them.

To give back to the people who have supported him for so many years, he started a Livingstone Foundation and the foundation sponsored 5 students from a school that he actually went to as a teenager.

His current net worth is estimated at around 5.5$ million. The biggest part of the money comes from his music and performances, but also from his tours, public appearances and other things he does. He is definitely one of the most popular young artists in Ghana and people know his name as soon as you mention it.

He has many followers and subscribers on his social media accounts and often shares photos of him in front of expensive cars and in front of his mansion. Coming from a not so wealthy family, he definitely earned everything he has through hard work and dedication, so it is only natural that he likes to flaunt his wealth.

Personal life

Stonebwoy had luck because he was 100% supported by his family in his intention to start a music career. They noticed his talent from early on and wanted to be with his every step of the way.

Stonebwoy is now living a nice life in Ghana, and has gained world-wide recognition.

Besides being a successful businessman, he is married to Dr Louisa Ansong and the couple has two children together. They seem to be living quite happily, and unlike other rappers, he didn’t have any scandals connected to his name.

Judging by the number of followers on his social media, he seems to be liked by many, and since he is a rapper with no scandals attached to his name, he is definitely giving a good example to younger children who are listening to him.

He hasn’t come out with any new songs recently, so we hope that he is going to do so in the following period. Since he hasn’t made large pauses in the past, we can only assume that he is going to come out with new material very soon.

Quick summary

Full name: Livingstone Etse Satekla

Date of birth: March 5, 1988

Birthplace: Ashaiman, Ghana

Age: 31

Profession: Singer, Songwriter

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 85 kg

Net Worth: 5.5$ million