Steven Adler Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Even though we mostly notice lead singers of the band, the members in the band who are behind them lead equally interesting lives as well.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the famous drummer of the world famous band Guns’n’Roses. Stick with us if you want to find out more about his life, career and net worth.

Early Years

Steven Adler is born under the name of Michael Coletti in Cleveland (Ohio) on January 22nd 1965. He is the son of an Italian-American father, Michael Coletti, while his mother is a Jewish American, Deanna.

After the divorce of his parents, he leaves with his mother to live in Los Angeles (California).

In order to respect the Jewish tradition that forbids naming children as their father, he is renamed Steven, and then takes the surname of his mother’s new husband, Melvin Adler.

Steven Adler has an older brother, Kenny, as well as a younger half-sister, Jamie.

Steven Adler grew up in the San Fernando Valley until he was 13 years old. He then lives with his grandparents in Hollywood. He meets Slash guitarist at Bancroft Junior High School.

Steven Adler is known for being part of the hard rock group Guns N ‘Roses. With these, he recorded two albums and two EPs (in chronological order, Live?!

Career Path

In his teens he met the future guitarist of Guns N ‘Roses, Slash. This happened one afternoon when Steven was on a skateboard and after a blow Saul Hudson approached him on his bike to see if Steven was okay.

That same day – according to Slash in an interview Steven showed him some chords on his old guitar and aroused Slash’s love for the 6 strings…

Together they formed a band called Road Crew, and when it dissolved, Adler and Slash joined Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, and Duff McKagan to form Guns N ‘Roses. Adler played drums on two albums, “Appetite for Destruction” and “GnR lies.” When Axl insisted that the group stop using drugs, everyone but Adler ignored him.

He was expelled for this in 1991 and instead came Matt Sorum, drummer who had also collaborated with The Cult.

But that would not doubt much. One night Steven attended a Hollywood Rose concert and was fascinated with that group. After the show, he approached the singer of the group Axl Rose, and congratulated him on the show.

The next day, Hollywood Rose members met to rehearse with Steven Adler, who finally, after many comings and goings, became part of what would be the birth of Guns N ‘Roses.

It would not take long to take his great friend Slash to be also part of that great project. With his raw and direct style, he permeated the group’s first work, the album “Appetite for Destruction”.

Due to his serious drug problem, and his inability to rehabilitate himself, Steven was fired from the band in the spring of 1990. His last record with GN’R was the song “Civil War”, released within the album “Use Your Illusion II”, and that is also the only song on that double album where Adler participated.

On April 7, 1990 was his last performance with the band, in the mini concert held at the Farm Aid IV festival, in the city of Indianapolis.

When leaving the ranks of GN´R, the group had to replace it quickly to continue with the recordings of the album “Use Your Illusion”, for which drummer Matt Sorum was chosen.

After leaving the group, Steven fell into the deepest stage of his addiction. This led him to suffer two heart attacks, one of which left him with serious sequelae of facial paralysis and speech difficulties.

At that time the period of rehabilitation for Adler began, which took him several years in the hands of specialists, and which he managed to overcome thanks to the constant support of his family. Once recovered, and seriously angry with his old teammates, the drummer initiated a trial against Guns N ‘Roses, claiming that “they forced me to consume heroin.”

During the litigation, Adler’s contribution was legally recognized within the group’s work, but before finalizing the trial, the parties decided to agree without reaching seniors.

Guns N ‘Roses gave Steven a sum of 2,500,000 dollars, in concept of his work in the band, and the damages caused by his dismissal.

He was dismissed from the group because of his addiction and the problems it causes after recording a single piece of Use Your Illusion II, “Civil War”. Steven Adler was replaced by Matt Sorum, former drummer for The Cult. Steven Adler continues his career with his group Adler’s Appetite who released an album called Adler’s Appetite.

In March 2009, Steven Adler revealed that he would play Slash, Slash’s first solo album, and that Slash would produce the new Adler’s Appetite album. Slash has been confirmed in the summer that Steven plays a song with Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on bass.

The track in question is “Baby Cannot Drive” sung by Alice Cooper and Nicole Scherzinger. The album was released in April 2010.

Steven Adler also spearheaded Axl Rose saying he was going to rename his group “Adler’s GNR” and that Axl Rose would have done better to name his new group W.A.R. (initials of the singer) instead of keeping the name “Guns N ‘Roses” following the departure of all the original members in the 90s.

On November 22, 2009, Steven Adler joined Slash and Duff McKagan on stage with whom he played “Paradise City” at a charity concert in Los Angeles.

Steven Adler was very criticized for having chosen that name for his band, and for interpreting old GN’R songs in his concerts. However, Adler continues to work on his project, and trying to finish the recordings for his band’s debut album.

In 2010, three new titles from Adler’s Appetite group, Alive, Stardog and Fading, appear on Napster, taking over the imprint left by the release of Appetite for Destruction in 1987. As a result, the group is embarking on an American tour between September and December of that same year linking in 2011 with a European tour.

In addition to his musical activities, Steven Adler undertook the writing of his autobiography entitled My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N ‘Roses which was released on July 27, 2010.

On this occasion, the group is reforming without the singer Axl Rose nor the rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin and plays three songs.

On July 6, 2016 at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, he went on stage with Guns N ‘Roses for the first time since 1990 as part of the Not in this Lifetime tour. He plays “Out Ta Get Me” and “My Michelle”.

Steven’s net worth is estimated at around 15$ million. Most of this net worth comes from his time in the band, but also other projects that he did afterwards.

Personal Life

After a few days ago the musician had to be intervened in an emergency, due to a stomach injury that seemed to indicate that the former drummer had stabbed himself, Adler wanted to communicate directly with his fans through a Facebook and Instagram video in which he does not mention the circumstances in which he stabbed himself in the stomach.

The former drummer of Guns N ‘Roses caused concern in his fans a few days ago, when the news was leaked that he had been rushed to the hospital with a knife wound to the stomach.

Now Steven Adler shared a video on his Facebook account in which he makes no mention of the circumstances in which he suffered that injury, which was initially rumored to have been a suicide attempt.

However, his representative insisted that it had been an accident and that it was actually a superficial cut, in addition to emphasizing in passing that the musician had been sober for several years.

In his case, Steven simply offered information on his upcoming professional commitments. His addictions caused his departure from training in 1990, according to the rest of the band members – Ax Rose, Slash, Duff McKagan and Izzy Stradlin – and he himself recognized in 2011 that he had tried to take his life even twice before to realize that I needed professional help.

Once replenished of his serious health situation, in 1996 Steven joined the band “Freaks in the Room”, and later, in 1998 he became part of the group “Bullet Boys”.

Finally, in 2003 the drummer formed his current hard rock group, which was initially called “Suki Jones”, and then was baptized as “Adler’s Appetite”.

In the beginning, Steven Adler’s group was composed of singer Jizzy Peral, guitarists Keri Kelli and Brent Muscat, and bassist Robbie Crane.

In 2003, guitarist Eric Turner, of Warrant, temporarily entered and in 2004 Kerri Kelli left the band, and guitarist Michael Thomas replaced him.

On the other hand, Brent Muscat left the group in 2004, and singer Jizzy Peral in 2005, being replaced by Sheldon Tarsha. And in the fall of 2005, Craig Bradford joined as a member of Adler’s Appetite.

Currently, the band is composed of Jizzy Peral on vocals, Keri Kelli on guitar, Robbie Crane on bass, and Steven Adler on drums.

The group made a tour that took them through Europe, the United States, reaching shows also in South America, and promptly in Argentina.

Steven Adler was very criticized for having chosen that name for his band, and for interpreting old GN’R songs in his concerts.

However, Adler continues to work on his project, and trying to finish the recordings for his band’s debut album.

Quick summary

Full name: Michael Coletti

Date of birth: January 22nd 1965

Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Age: 54

Profession: Songwriter, Musician

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: 15$ million