Steve Harwell Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Steve Harwell is a known American musician and singer recognized for his work as the lead vocalist of a Californian rock band named “Smash Mouth”.

He has been very well recognized for his great work over the years, although the band hasn’t been so active lately.

Early years

He was born as Steven Scott Harwell on January 9, 1967, in the town of Santa Clara in California. He said that living in Cali was one of the most fun experiences he ever had, but he learned a lot of his lessons very quickly.

He was a student at Prospect High School. He always knew that he wouldn’t be a scientist since he was too interested in other things like art and sports.

Career development

He discovered his love for music very early but it was in 1994, with the formation of Smash Mouth that he found his true career. He said that he immediately found himself connected to other members.

The original composition of the band was Steve as the lead vocal, with drummer Kevin Coleman, guitarist Greg Camp, and bass player Paul De Lisle. It changed throughout the years obviously, but the original crew was the best.

Steve was the one to form the band. Before doing it he was previously a part od Freedom of Speech rap group. This was a try at creating good music, but they didn’t feel too well connected and the group eventually fell apart because everyone had their own idea of what they should do.

His manager named Kevin Coleman knew about his wish to form his band so he introduced him to Greg and Paul. The two of them were a part of a local punk band and they started rehearsing together. They were having a lot of fun and thought that it would be cool if they could do it in front of others.

They realized that they are good together so Steve proposed to other members that they form a band. They chose the name Smashmouth for the band. It was a quick decision, but they never regretted it.

Smashmouth is a term of American football offensive system. The band focused on rock music and started playing at various events and pubs. They had a lot of fun and the best performances they had were at sports events.

They have made a demo tape of their song called “Nervous in the Alley” which was later aired at KOME, a radio station located in San Jose.

It didn’t take long for Interscope Records to recognize their talent and they signed the band to the label. They wanted them to create a bunch of new content, so the guys had to start working very hard on new music.

In 1997 Smash Mouth released their first album named “Fish Yu Mang” which spooned their 1st hit song called “Walkin” on the Sun.

It was produced by Eric Valentine and featured by Saxophone, trumpet and trombone players. They also gained one new band member named Michael Klooster. He was their nee keyboardist.

The album was very successful and was certified Platinum twice. They are very proud of this because not too many bands could have done that.

In 1999, the band has released their 2nd album in which their music style turned more to pop music. Since pop music was mainstream then it brought them great publicity and positive critics.

The album which was released under the name “Astro Lounge” was a certified triple platinum and two singles from the album stood out from the rest of the album. They were called “All-Star” and “Then the Morning Comes”.

“All-Star” was an especially popular song which came up to No.4 on US Billboard and was on the soundtrack of a 1999 comedy movie Mystery Men. Many people started to make funny sketches and use the song in them, so it soon became pretty famous.

This video has over 250 million views on the band’s YouTube channel.

The same year they released “Astro Lounge” their collection album named “The East Bay Sessions” was also released.

It was the same year that their drummer Kevin Coleman left the band because of health issues. He was replaced by a California musician Michael Urbano.

In 2001 the band made a cover of the song “I’m A Believer” which became a part of the soundtrack for an extremely popular comedy movie “Shrek”. All of their songs that have been featured in Shrek became a true hit.

Their cover of the song entered the Billboard Chart, eventually going to No. 25. This was a great success for them and they were very happy to be a part of the crew.

In 20p1 the band appeared in a scene of a comedy movie called “Rat Race”.

In 2003 they have released a new album called “Get the Picture?” But the album had moderate success and they were abandoned by their record label Interscope. This was a very rough time for them and they contemplated whether they should stop making music or not, but they continued working hard.

In 2003, the Smash Mouth covered a song for “The Jungle Book 2”, named “I Wanna Be Like You”.

In 2005, the band signed up to Universal Records which ensured the release of their greatest hits album the same year. It was named “All Star Smash Hits”. At the end of the same year, they have released their 1st Christmas album which contained covers of several songs from performers like Louis Armstrong and the Ramones.

It was released by the Beautiful Bomb record label and produced by Greg Camp and Michael Urbano. Steve had also worked with them on the production.

Smash Mouth announced the release of their album in 2006 but was postponed many times. At the same time, Steve became one of the contestants in the reality show named “The Surreal Life”.

After the end of the show, the band decided to change the name of the album from Old Habits to Summer Girls. It was finally released in the Fall of 2006.

A lot of the music from the album was used in a comedy movie Zoom. In 2006 Michael Urbano decided to leave the band due to the creative differences from him and Steve. This was a very hard thing for him because no man wants to quit projects that he enjoys.

He was replaced by Jason Sutter.

In 2007 Jason became the drummer for Soundgarden so he was replaced by Mitch Marine.

In 2008, one of the longest members named Greg Camp left the band so Smash Mouth had to find a new guitar player.

So they hired Leroy Miller who stayed with the band for one year before being replaced with Greg Camp who returned. From that period on their bass player spot changed many names.

In 2011 Steve Harvell entered the challenge in which he had to eat 24 eggs and $10 000 will be given to St Jude’s Children Hospital. After he accepted this challenge he ate the eggs in a restaurant in Dublin and earned the Hospital $5000 extra money.

Smash Mouth signed a contract with 429 Records in 2012 and released their new album “Magic” in 2012. They worked very hard on this and wished to see some great responses.

It was produced by Mike Knompass who was their nee band member. The band went in their 2012/13 tour and promoted the album and their musical book called Recipes from the Road.

In 2014 the band made two songs for an animated movie “Pororo, The Racing Adventure”. It was a very fun project and they had a lot of fun doing it, so they decided that they could maybe take more opportunities like this.

In 2015, Steve was involved in a controversy during their concert at Fort Collins Food festival. He was hit with bread by the audience which caused him to share an angry rant on the crowd.

In the spring of 2016, the band has released a live album and it was titled “Playlist: The Very Best of Smash Mouth”. It was released by Sony Music Record label.

In 2018 Greg Camp returned to the band and they released “Unity” single a few months later.

Personal life

Steve is in a happy marriage with Michelle Laroque. They have five children together: Harlem, Harlem Jr., Harleem, Harlema, and Karlem. He said that many people judge him because of the names he gives his kids, but he doesn’t respond to criticism much anymore, because he realized how people can be a pain with anything.

Their first son Presley Scott died st the age of 6 months because of his illness. He had leukemia. This is a very hard thing for Steve to talk about because he loved his son very much. He tries to make his way out of these conversations.

Quick summary

Full name: Steven Scott Harwell

Date of birth:  January 9, 1967

Birthplace: Santa Clara, California, United States

Age: 52

Profession: singer, musician

Height: 182 cm

Weight: 94 kg

Net Worth: $8 million