Starlito Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Celebrity lifestyles are full of fun facts and we can never learn enough about their incredible careers and lives.

Every celebrity went through difficult moments in order to come on top and become as successful as he or she is today.

In today’s text we are going to talk about Starlito, an American rapper and producer that won over the hearts of many with his songs and musical talent.

We will talk about his career, his net worth and personal life, so if he is one of your favorite rappers, keep on reading.

Early years

Jermaine Eric Shute was born on December 15 1984 in Nashville Tennessee. When it comes to his early childhood, there aren’t many information about it and he rarely speaks about his early years.

Starlito grew up in Nashville, and as he stated, he had a very close relationship with his parents. He always consulted with them when he wanted to make the next step, so talking to them had a huge importance in his life.

Even though Starlito started his school quite well, when he fell in love with music, he made the decision to drop everything and focus only on producing and creating music.

Even though his parents supported him, this came up as a shock to them.

Starlito was a very intelligent child, and he didn’t even have to study hard to be on top of the class. This is one of the reasons his parents thought he would definitely choose a career according to his abilities.

He went to the Humme-Fogg Academy but he never fully committed to the idea of college and going to school. This was the reason he dropped everything and focused only on music.

Even during his studies, he was creating music and writing lyrics while his colleagues studied hard for their exams.

School wasn’t a priority for him, and he knew that he never wanted to be in that kind of career later on, but, he managed to finish and get the degree in Marketing Program and Recording Industry. This degree proved to be quite useful later on in his life, since he focused on producing as well.

There isn’t any more information about his early days, so we ill jump on to his career development and explain the course of his career over years.

Career Path

Starlito launched his career after releasing the song Grey Goose in 2005. This was the moment everyone noticed him and heard about his music. He knew that he had to use this moment of fame to come up with great songs, that are only going to attract more attention.

The song was featured by Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy and it was an absolute hit among the audience. He managed to gain attention by collaborating with, already established, rappers and he definitely got a part of their fan’s attention as well.

His second song was Champagne Crazy. The song was featured by Lil Wayne. The song was a hit as well, and Starlito was well on the road to success. More and more people started to notice him and he got his place on the charts. His next song was called I go Ham.

The song was featured by Gucci Mane, who established a good connection with Starlito and both of them already had several songs behind them.

In 2012, Starlito conquered the 201st place of the US-Rap Top 250. The then 28-year-old from Nashville has played in the Rapgame for almost a decade. Born Jermaine Eric Shute, he decided early on for the music. As an All Cash Cashville Prince, he immediately convinces with unbelievable work ethics, which gives his fans three to four projects a year each year.

Those who come from poor backgrounds in Nashville have few alternatives as African Americans. To his prospects – after all, he is captain of the college basketball team – he says rationally and emotionless: “Dante Jones is the only NBA player from Nashville, so there was only one choice for me: rap.”

He starts recording his first songs at the age of 16, and in his second year at Tennessee State University, he publishes his first mixtape “It Is not A Game No More” locally. After six months and more street albums All Cash Cashville Prince 2005 snatched a contract with Cash Money / Universal Records.

In retrospect, however, the rise comes too fast, the big, cold sea too early for the boy from the province. Although his “Gray Goose” mix with Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, and Lil ‘Wayne’s clubs heats up, mixtapes like “The I Love You” series are well received, and he’s also starring on the hit “Like Father, Like Son.” “Birdman and Lil ‘Wayne album featured, but the right breakthrough is denied him. Label boss Baby Birdman is increasingly caring for other artists, so he chooses to reboot.

In the meanwhile as Starlito – inspired by Carlito Brigante from the movie “Carlito’s Way” – on the way he asks with the track “B.M.F” for freedom with the boss. He has a look and resolves the contract with Starlito in late 2010.

The mixtape “Free At Last” is the new beginning. It follows – according to the enormous work ethic – countless indie albums and tapes. Outstanding and a top 10 work of 2011 in SPIN Magazine: “Stepbothers” with Memphis spitter Don Trip. Starlito releases that tape exactly as it did on its own Grind Hard label ever since.

Fortunately, Jermaine used the retracted cash money situation to graduate college.

He now helps him to stand on his own feet and to feed his fans year after year and consolidate his place in the rapgame.

Starlito’s net worth is estimated at around 3.5$ million. Most of his net worth comes from the songs he wrote and produced, but the biggest part comes from his performance.

Starlito also tried his talent as an actor, so some of the money comes from acting as well.

He is not done creating great music yet, so we will certainly see more of him in the future.

Personal Life

Starlito is very secretive about his personal life, so there isn’t many information about his romantic or family life. He lives in a luxurious mansion away from the spotlight. This is probably the reason why he never became a bigger star than he is right now.

He never sold his privacy to anyone and he lives having his personal life hidden more than having bigger amounts of money.

He also owns a residential apartment in his hometown of Nashville, where he spends a lot of time. Starlito spends his money on luxurious things, which is why he owns several expensive cars in his garage.

We don’t know who is Starlito dating and whether he has kids or not, but he would probably disclose if he had something to say to the media.

He is very active on his social media where he announces his performance and future projects. He has many followers and subscribers that follow his work and are eager to see him release something new. Starlito is certainly a star, and his biggest trait, besides his talent, is his ability to keep a normal lifestyle even though he is rich a famous.

He still keeps a close relationship with his family, who seem to be his biggest support and base. Without their love and support in youth, he wouldn’t have been so successful right now.

Therefore, he is very thankful to them and enjoys spending time with them.

Starlito is one of the rare rappers who finished college, and another fun fact about him is that he loved playing basketball and was quite good at it.

Quick summary

Full name: Jermaine Eric Shute

Date of birth: December 15, 1984

Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee

Age: 34

Profession: Singer, Actor

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Net Worth: $3.5 million