Stanley Enow Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Stanley Enow is a very known Cameroonian rapper with various talents which brought him to work on TV and radio.

His work is very well known since he often appears on TV shows and gets interviews.

He is also a winner of the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards in the category of Best New Act. You may hear of him as Bayangi Boy. This exposure helped him a lot, especially during the time when he was just trying to become known.

He is expected to get even more famous due to his hard work and ambition.

Early years

He was born as Stanley Ebai Enow on August 2, 1985, in the town of Bamenda in Cameroon, located in Middle Africa. He says that most of his life, he has been judged by the people around him and that he was determined to succeed just to prove them wrong.

He is a part of the Bayani tribe which resides in the South West of the Cameroon state. That is why he is nicknamed Bayangi Boy.  He doesn’t mind the nickname at all and finds it quite cool, actually.

He has spent his childhood in Bafoussam. It is the capital city of this region and has a very high population number.

He was a student at the Government Bilingual High School. His family moved to Douala, a big city in the Littoral Region where he continued his education by enrolling the University of Douala.

It was in high school that he discovered his passion for rap music which still keeps him going.

He was also very intrigued by break-dancing so he learned it and practiced whenever he could. He wrote his lyrics and learned how to perform in a very interesting way.

Career development

Stanley became a known face to the public on two very popular night shows called „Cocktail Hit Parade“ and „Groove“ where he performed very often, showing off his break-dancing skills and great rapping talent.

He earned great reviews and started getting various offers from production houses for collaborations. He was more than happy to work with them and said that it was finally time for him to move on and start a serious career.

He was also often invited to perform on radio stations in his hometown but also all over the country.

He was allowed to work there in various positions, from animator to director’s position.

Due to his great popularity, he was invited to host a TV show called „Mboa“ which was oriented to the music niche. He gained a loto f money from MTV Group who paid him to do a voice-over of their telecom advertises.

In 2013, Enow has finally released his first single called „Hein Pere“ which came out in the summer.

Soon after its release, he was named as „African Music Revelation of the Year“ which was a very big honor and it opened him a door to more media space.

The same year his video for this single received an award in the category Best Video of the Year.

The song came very high on all music charts and came to Top 3 singles of Trace Africa and Reverbnation.

In 2013 he received two Cameroon Academy Awards in the categories of the Male Artist of the Year and also in the category of Urban Artist of the Years. This was a very special moment for him and he said that he was very excited to be there. It was one of the first big events where he actually got a lot of attention and new followers.

Enow was also honored to be nominated in several categories at MTV Africa Music Awards the same year but he didn’t receive any.

Nevertheless, he won Best New Act Award at the same event but the next year, in 2014, he came out with a new single called „Tumbu Boss“ which came from his first album named „Soldier Like My Papa“.

He has made several collaborations with known African names such as Davido, Ice Prince and Aka and they were all very successful. The songs all became hits.

Interestingly enough, his longtime friend Softouch is a producer and has produced all of his hit songs. That is why he has trust in him and believes in his work.

By the end of 2014, he has released a new single followed by a music video called „Njama Njama Cow“ which was also very listened all over Africa.

It was in the summer of 2015 that he finally released his first album after several singles announcing it. The 5th single from „Soldier Like My Papa“ was named „Work Hard“.

Stanley is known for his bodyguards who follow him everywhere and they are almost all former military personnel. He feels safe with them beside him.

In 2015 he was featured on a single named „How E Go Be“ performed by 2 face Idibia.

He also collaborated on Gasha’s song „Black I Am“. His release was a single named „King Kong“ and it was featured by DJ Neptune.

In 2018 he released „Elle est la“, „Caramel“ and „Casanova“ and they all reached the top of the African charts.

Stanley is also one of the owners of a record label titled „Motherland Empire“. He co-founded it in 2013 and has released all of his work through the house.

His latest collaboration as a record label CEO is taking a young rapper Dicko under his wing, signing him to Motherland Empire.

This came after he was slammed now and then for his selfishness because a lot of people claimed that the only reason why he doesn’t sign anyone to his label is that he wants all the fame for himself and doesn’t want the competition.

Personal life

He often communicates through social media, like Twitter.

In 2018 he got into a conflict with a Twitter user who gave very negative comment on his music work and he replayed to him with just two words „Pure Idiot“.

He often emphasizes how he gets bullied a lot in the cyber world but it seems that he had found a way to cope with it.

His father was a member of Cameroon Armed Forces and he dedicated his song „Hein Pere“, which means „Yes Father“ to him. He is very proud of his father and his bravery and strength.

When asked what he loves best about his country of Cameroon he says it is their go-getter spirit, the support to artists and having English and French both as Cameroonian Official Languages.

He speaks proudly of geography, history, and culture of his friends and the harmony in which hundreds of ethnic groups live.

It is known that he had many girlfriends but he doesn’t reveal their identity because he didn’t have a serious relationship with any of them.

He has over 400k followers on his Instagram account where he often posts.

His role model sin breakdancing was Usher and MJ and he was very popular because of his dancing skills in high school, especially by the girls.

In music, he found Tupac and Mos Def as genuine role models which always had great lyrics following great music and vice versa.

While he was a kid he wasn’t supported fully by his parents but they changed their mind after they realized it was his dream and he was determined to succeed.

He is not married but he has a kid who is 4 years old. He says that he never found a soulmate and a girl he wanted to marry. But he is very happy with his relationship with his son.

His most favorite holiday destination is Zanzibar and he often recommends it when asked about where he likes to travel.

Quick summary

Full name: Stanley Ebai Enow

Date of birth:  August 2, 1985

Birthplace:  Bamenda in Cameroon

Age: 34

Profession: singer, rapper, producer, dancer, TV host, model

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Net Worth: $1 million