Sonya Nicole Hamlin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Sonya Nicole Hamlin is a lawyer from the United States who lives a very low profile life and rarely appears in public.

She got famous after she became the second wife of a known actor named Idris Elba.

She doesn’t like the fact that people often talk about her as if she had done nothing besides dating Idris, but people rarely interest themselves for her private life and business.

Idris Elba is a very famous African-American actor who got famous for his role in a highly viewed HBO series called “The Wire”.

During his lifetime of creating movies, he has won many awards and went to many fantastic events where his wife Sony Nicole Hamlin appeared alongside him. That’s where the media met her.

Sonya is not active on social media and liked to keep her private life for herself.

That is because she is tired of answering questions about her short marriage with Idris Elba.

Sonya doesn’t like the public attention and wants to keep a low profile. She thought that the media wouldn’t be interested in her for so long, but they did in the end.

Early years

Sonya Nicole Hamlin was born in 1974 in the state of Nevada, in the United States.

We don’t know much about her early life because she wasn’t in the media at this point and she didn’t want to share all of these things with other people once she became the center of attention.

We do know a bit about her education because she is often asked about her career.

After she finished high school with great scores she enrolled a law university and majored in property law.

She said that she was always very passionate about this area of her life and that she knew that this would be something that she will be successful in.

She studied law not only in the states but also in the United Kingdom.

She was traveling from Washington to London during her studies and said that meeting other people was a very important thing for her at this point.

He posted on her social media that London is the second favorite city in the world, after Las Vegas which she loves best.

Career development

When she met Idris she was finally done with her dream of having her own law firm. She had an office and over 10 employees were working there.

She wasn’t ready to give this up for Idris’s career so she told him that she wanted to keep on with her business.

In 2009 she filed for bankruptcy so it seems that her choice of divorcing Idris was not a very good decision.

Many think that her life became much worse and went upside down when she divorced Idris because she was not mentally stable anymore.

Personal life

Sonya and Idris got married on April 9, 2006. Idris, a known British actor married her in Las Vegas, in one of their popular wedding chapels.

The pair were introduced to one another by Idris Elba’s manager who happened to be Sonya Hamlin’s good friend from college.

She said that she never thought about him as a romantic person, but realized she was very wrong later on in life.

The two of them had a very passionate romance and fell deeply in love with each other.

They decided to get married pretty quickly and Sonya stated in her later interview that she was a little bit drunk when the pair got married.

Many thought that she was joking but later realized that maybe it was her drinking problem that got in the way for them.

After they got married in April, Sonya filed for divorce in June the same year.

Their marriage was really short and people knew that probably a dark secret came out and they couldn’t be together any longer.

They were very close and soon started living together in an apartment in Maryland.

They even flew to Las Vegas to watch the match between Mayweather and Zab Judah since both of them loved boxing.

After the match in which they both enjoyed Idris suggested to get married and since both of them were a little drunk they decided to go with his plan.

He bought her a ring in a jewelry store in the hotel in Vegas where they stayed and they went to the courthouse to get their marriage license.

It was in sunset April 9, 2006, that Sonya and Idris got married in the Little White Wedding Chapel with Daniel Krastew (a stranger who got found there) as their eyewitness.

Sonya was very much affected by their divorce and she fought depression by getting even more engaged in her work.

She said that she had a very hard time and that her mental health was awful. Idris always felt bad for her, but he said that she has many issues she has to solve on her own to be happy with someone else.

Sonya was very much in love with Idris Elba (whose real name is Ideissa Akuna Elba) who was born on September 6, 1972, in London, England.

He is also known by his nickname DJ Big Driis. He is very tall, over 1,9 m and the pair often looked funny together because of the height difference.

She said that she never married him for the money, but people say otherwise and they all later commented about the compensation she probably received from Idris.

Before becoming an actor he was a DJ. His first acting gig was in Crimewatch on TV.

In 1995 he managed to get a lead role in a known TV series called Bramwell. He is also the receiver of a MOBO Inspiration Award in 2014 and he has a net worth of over $15 million.

His first marriage was with Hanne Kim Norgaard, a makeup artist.

This didn’t work out as well and Idris said that he started to get worried about himself once he realized that none of his relationships seem to work well.

He worked on the series “The Wire” when he met Sonya Nicole.

He said that at this part of his life, he was thrilled to meet new people and claims that he might have made a few mistakes by being too childish.

Since she filed for divorce in the state of Maryland she was told that she must wait for one year to pass in order to get a divorce.

When she found that out she decided to file for divorce in another state, in Nevada. She did it because you can get a divorce in Nevada much sooner than in Maryland. Sonya didn’t want to get a divorce but Idris left her no choice.

Because of this, she was having a lot of big problems and she didn’t want to talk to anyone besides him.

He said that she should get professional help, but she claims otherwise.

Her family thinks that Idris ruined her since later her career went downhill as well.

It seems that Idris wanted to live in Los Angeles although he knew that she had her practice in Nevada and that she was doing great there.

For the man of his reputation, he could have lived anywhere and still get good gigs.

But it seems that Idris wanted to stay in Los Angeles because he wanted to improve his career even more and he was far more ambitious than her so he chose his career over her.

Her friends stated that she was very heartbroken and that their separation tore her up but she didn’t want to become just on actor’s wife.

Another thing that broke her heart was the fact that Idris was told that his marriage would damage his status as a single-sex symbol which is very important in Hollywood.

So he chose to become single and provide his career to rise. He said that one of the most beautiful things about fame is the fact that you can support your family, but sadly Sonya wasn’t meant to be his family.

Elba was once married before his relationship with Nicole.

He got married to Hanne “Kim” Abvgaard in 1999 but they ended their marriage in 2003.

Many people in the media think that Idris has an issue with relationships, but he doesn’t want to admit it.

On the other hand, critics think women settle down for him because of his charm, but in the end, don’t enjoy the relationship.

Sonya is known to be a very huge fan of boxing and she often visits matches and weigh-ins.

She did it also with her former husband Idris Elba. She said that she always felt better when she finished training because she could let all of her emotions out.

Sonya is also a big fan of the sea and loves spending time by the seaside. She said that family vacations are her favorite and that, after the divorce, she needed time alone as well to be able to reconnect to her family.

After divorcing Sonya Idris entered a relationship with Naiyana Garth and she gave birth to his first child whom they named Winston Elba.

They also got separated and aren’t living together anymore. Idris takes good care of his son and gives his mum financial support. It seems like Idris will never settle down.

Idris is today married with Sabrina Dhowre and their ceremony was held in Marrakesh, Morocco in April 2019.

He has had so many wives that the media thinks there is probably an issue he has that women find us about too late. Some people think he is picky. Either way, he certainly dated a lot of women.

Sonya is a shy person as we already mentioned and didn’t want the publicity concerning her marriage with Idris.

But a few weeks after Idris Elba left his girlfriend and the mother of his child Naiyana Garth she gave an interview in a popular magazine and opened up about her marriage, Idris and her broken heart.

She stated several things and we are gonna named the important ones in the following part of the text.

She described her romantic relationship with Idris as a beautiful experience. She said that they went on normal dates, went to dinner, to the cinema but they loved to stay at home the most.

When going out Nicole said that they always liked to coordinate outfits to look sharp.

She stated that Idris was a fabulous cook and loved to do it. Idris’s favorite breakfasts were eggs and porridge, but he had a thing for Jamaican food so he often ate ackee and saltfish.

Ackee is Jamaica’s national fruit and is considered to be a blessing for the country.

Describing Idris she used a phrase that he is a “homebody”. She wanted to say that he wasn’t the type to like to be out every night.

Idris liked staying home, watching TV and listening to music.

After going to Vegas for a boxing match they made a decision to get married and they did it.

After returning to the hotel they both called their parents to tell them about it and they had a little celebration in their suite. They chose chocolate and champagne for a little celebration.

They even went celebrating and they had their honeymoon arranged in a hurry, but they managed to fly to Jamaica to enjoy it. At that time they still didn’t share this with their family.

She says that she misses that time with him because he is a gentle soul and a good listener so she could talk hours with him.

After they separated because of their work she felt things are changing. She is convinced that a huge part of their breakup is the work of his friends who convinced him that marriage to her is not what Hollywood wants.

Elba even told her himself that he knows that actors dating models and actresses is a cliche and that he would rather date someone regularly but that he will get criticized in the way that the public would characterize Nicole as Miss Ordinary.

Sonya Nicole says that the decision to file for divorce was mutual and that it made them both sad.

Sonya says that she was very affected by the divorce, and not only because of her broken heart but also because her life seemed to go down afterward.

Since she was successful since the day she left college and became a successful real estate attorney she felt having a failed marriage as her miss, and it was followed by her failing business with real estate in the time of the recession.

She said that it caused her not to go out on a date for several years.

Nicole says that they are still friends and that they hear each other over the phone from time to time.

Quick summary

Full name: Sonya Nicole Hamlin

Date of birth: 1974

Birthplace: Nevada, United States

Age: 45

Profession: real estate lawyer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $300,000