Smokepurpp Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Rappers today are not just rappers; they are much more than that – and they and their management teams are fully aware of this fact.

They use every possible resource to make their success last longer and to have more money; why not to be influential as much as they can.

One of the rappers of the younger generation, Smokepurpp is one of those young artists who does understand how things are working out in today’s show business, and he is using all of his resources to make his success last.

Omar as is his real name, once stated that in today’s “game” you have to give much more than rap itself and that today rap music is not just rap music, it is much more than that.

He pursues a flashy lifestyle and looks while remaining accessible to his online fans through social media, but his story is also heavily involved with drugs but is also the story about coming clean and overcoming anxiety and addictions.

You need to have an image, if you do not have it, you are not capturing anyone’s attention, and this is the worst possible thing for artists.

Smokepurpp is clearly doing the right thing, since his success is rising, and his Net Worth is almost 2 million dollars.

Early Years

Smokepurpp or Lil Purpp as he is also known, is known for being a Soundcloud rapper, or to speak to all those who do not know what this means – he belongs to a generation of young rappers who are pursuing a musical career online.

He is known for his interesting instrumental music product and collaborations with his childhood friend Lil Pump.

Smokepurpp, or as his real name is Omar Jeffery Pineiro on May 15, 1997, in Chicago, Illinois.

Speaking about his name, he said that he feels like it is friendly that he has Smoke in his name, but he also said that this does not mean that he needs Smoke or anything.

Of course, later in one interview, he said that he wrote music while on drugs, but that now he is clean.

Before he rises to fame he said in one of his early interviews is that he is going to be seen everywhere and that his name will be a common household name. Smokepurpp, Lil Purpp is to name to be remembered.

When he was a little boy, his family moved to Florida, to Miami, and there he went to North Gardens High School.

Speaking on his upbringing, he said that he was the type of person who was always surrounded by diverse people, and that stayed till this day.

Once he said that he began producing just because he was really bored and that he does not know to do anything else – right from high school, he started doing music.

He began rapping before dropping out of high school. While there, Smokepurpp started to producing and creating instrumental tracks; and it is said that he helped Lil Pump to launch his career.

After that, he decided to drop out of school in his senior year to pursue a musical career for good, and he has done it.

His first job was his Soundcloud debut.

He stated in one interview that he was in producing business first and that he loves this process since it allows him to feel his own beats before anyone raps on them – this is one process that sets him apart from many others, and he said that in this way he feels the music.

Career Development

As we are talking about the SoundCloud debut, we are talking about the fact that his career started here when he originally produced and was a part of rap movement in the SoundCloud.

Smokepurpp belongs to a group of so-called “mumble rappers”, which make heavy beats with mumble tracks over them.

Mumble rap is loosely defined as the microgenre of hip hop that mostly published on the online audio distribution platform SoundCloud in the 2010s – and Smokepurpp is one of them.

Although the name suggests mumbling, many rappers who have been labelled “mumble” rappers have scrutinised the term as they claim they do not mumble in their songs, and that it is used to discredit younger rappers. The word is often used as a pejorative to rappers that put little importance on lyricism, but they claim that this is not the case and that lyrics are truly important for them, just as a good beat is.

His first ever rap song was released on SoundCloud in 2015, but Smokepurpp deleted it due to its lack of quality.

After this, he uploaded his second song, “Live Off A Lick” featuring Florida native rapper XXXTentacion.

On September 23, 2014, Pineiro released his first music video titled “It’s Nothin” with rapper Lil Ominous, who is also his close cousin.

His first song was the song “Audi” that soon after its release went viral on SoundCloud.

Smokepurpp released debut mixtape “Deadstar” in 2017 and his debut studio album “Up Now, F*** Next” was released at that same year and reached number 42 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The mixtape Deadstar included artists such as Juicy J, Chief Keef, and Travis Scott.

In 2017, he signed with Interscope Records and Alamo Records.

Smokepurpp’s single “Audi” has had more than 25 million plays on SoundCloud and 33 million on Spotify.

As of 2018 he signed with “Cactus Jack records” and has collaborated with other famous artists like Lil Pump and DRAM.

Smokepurpp released his second mixtape titled “Bless Yo Trap” -it came out in 2018 under the “Cactus Jack Records”. On it, he worked with Murda Beatz as well as Lil Yachty and Offset.

This rapper released in 2019, one more interesting single called “Nephew” this was a collaboration with Lil Pump, and he released “I Like It” with Kanye West in 2019 with one interesting video.

As far as his future collaboration goes, Smokepurpp said that he does not have any dreams, cause he feels like he can do whatever he wants, but if he had to pick just one name, it would be a Young Thug.

He said that he was the one that really inspires his music, and additionally, he would like to work with Chief Keef, produced by Sonny Digital and London On the Track.”

On April 19, 2019, the rapper released EP ‘Lost Planet’ that was distributed by “Alamo Records” – it features artists such as Gunna, Lil Pump, and NLE Choppa.

Personal Life

Not much is really known about Smokepurpp’s personal life, and the majority of that information the public receive from social media – he is giving fans glimpses of his life.

He is very active on every social network he has and has millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Often times, Smokepurpp, or as some like to call him, Lil Purpp is connecting with his fans via social network, and on this occasion, the rapper is answering fan questions directly.

He wants to be a part of their worlds and to reach his loyal followers and to have more potential fans.

As the majority of famous musicians, he also has numerous tattoos – one is a broken heart, a bat, Florida on his neck, and an anarchy symbol on his head.

He is a tremendous fan of Drake and hopes to work with him one day, as he stated in numerous interviews.

For him, the biggest milestone and true inspiration were watching “Freshman freestyles” when he was really young.

It made an impact on the young rapper in every possible way – culture-wise, anything-wise, that’s the biggest stamp.

This remains his inspiration in the future, because whenever he is making music, he is thinking on this list, and how to get there.

But we must say that his rise to international fame had its fair share of problems – he had a hard time dealing with the death of Lil Peep. Later on, he struggled with the usage of Xanax.

Smokepurpp said that he has a severe anxiety disorder and that he has used Xanax from his high school – so it is expected that he had a problem in getting off it. But he also said on this occasion that this was the best decision he could ever make, because now his mind is clear.

He was really open with his struggle with anxiety, and he said that this is really important for all others – he said that it is important to speak of these issues openly.

He even stopped drinking too much.

He wanted to come clean because as he said in one interview, he was using everything a lot – Percocets and then Oxycontin.

As he said, he was spiralling out of control, and the worst part was that he did not care about music, actually about anything. These were the darkest times for Smokepurpp – as he said he was not a nice person.

But his environment is hard, he is surrounded by drug dealers, as he said himself – the temptation is hard.

His favorite movie is “2001: Space Odyssey”, and he also likes to watch Discovery Channel. Why? He loves the idea that we are so small and the universe is so big.


It is not an easy task to see how much he is worth, but our guess is around two million – his income comes through tours, music sales,  and internet advertising revenue.

He also spends a lot, and there is no doubt about it – Smokepurpp is spending a lot on expensive purchases and wild parties, but at the same time he is making a lot of money from advertising revenue and downloads on Soundcloud and YouTube, and from plays on Pandora and Spotify.

This famous rapper is earning money from his concerts and tours and from producing musical tracks for other artists.

On top of all this – Smokepurpp is designing his own commodities, which he sells online, very successfully.

The rapper hopes to get into product advertisement and further fashion design, which will increase his income even more, and he is on the right way to be there.

He is still new on the scene and but official endorsement contracts are coming his way, and he will soon be able to use them.

He has active touring life, and many speak of his “meteoric rise” and much more success that will come years after he released his debut mixtape, Deadstar.

So, he makes serious cash on tours, and he has been all over the world, on some of the most prominent festivals.

Quick Summary

Full name: Omar Jeffery Pineiro

Date of birth: May 15, 1997

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, US

Age: 22 years

Profession: Music production, Rapping, Songwriting

Height: 6’1″

Weight: unknown

Net Worth: 2 million dollars