Small Doctor Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Celebrities in Nigeria are beginning to win over the international scene one step at a time. Their interesting musical taste and fast rhythm is what attracts people from all parts of the world to listen to them.

We are going to talk about such a celebrity in today’s article and his name is Small Doctor.

This famous Nigerian artist has been around for a while, and his songs went around the globe. We are going to talk about his net worth, his biography, career path and his personal life.

So, if you want to know more about this famous Nigerian artist, here is the perfect opportunity.

Early years

Adekunle Temitopewas born on October 19th 1996 in Dopemu. As a young boy growing up in Nigeria, he used to spend his days listening to music and watching videos from various famous artists all around the world.

He always liked their music videos, how they acted and represented themselves.

He grew up in a normal family and never had a lot of money growing up. Everyone who knew him, knew that he had interest in music and was always listening to it all the time. This is how everyone knew he is going to become something music related in the future.

Adekunle went to the Ain’t Orsosan Nursery and Primary school in Oniwaya.

After finishing school, he tried going to the University but he dropped out of it due to his desire to start playing music and singing. His parents weren’t too excited for it, but they accepted it because he was too determined to continue.

Career path

Adekunle began his career in 2012, when he released songs Gbagaun, Penalty, Anobi and Mosquito Killer. Adekunle started his career when he was still young and in secondary school. He began by creating freestyle songs and mixtapes and later on continued creating songs.

He was always into music, so he had this talent in him always. The music simply flowed out of him and writing songs was pretty easy for him. His fame began when he could finally release songs that were completely his style and his flow.

Most of his songs were produced by Dre San and in 2015, when he became a very public figure. Everyone started recognizing him and appreciating his talent. All the news outlets knew who he was and what his music is. Almost all of his performances are very media covered and he continues to gain attention wherever he goes.

This gave him even more motivation to pursue his career further, even though he was very young when everything happened to him. when asked why< his name is Small doctor, he said that the name was given by his coach Alhaji Alabi Pasuma, who pretty much introduced him to the industry.

Oasuma is also one of the most popular stars in Nigeria at the moment, and his career has lasted several years. Small Doctor’s label now is Real Beat Planet Entertainment and almost all of his hit songs were released through this poplar label.

He often said that his childhood was very difficult and he grew up with almost nothing as a child. This made him very eager to grab fame and have everything he never did as a younger child and teenager. His music is described as a combination of English and Youba language, and the genre is called Fuji pop.

Small Doctor’s album is called Street Ambassador and the most popular songs on the album were Penalty, Mosquito killer and Gbagaun. Some of the famous people he has collaborated with are Olamide, PAsuma Wonder, Side One, Dre San and many others.

By collaborating often with other artists, he has made quite a name for himself and his fan base has definitely widened a lot. Many of the fans who support artists he has worked with are now his fans as well. His songs are constantly on the TV screens and almost everyone knows who this talented young artist is.

Small Doctor is currently one of the most famous Nigerian singers and he was listed on the Most Premising Acts to Watch in 2018. He also won the Headies Award in 2018, which was one recognition more in his successful career.

Even though he has made quite a name for himself, Small Doctor has a net worth of around 200$ thousand. He is still very young and only 23 years old, so we can expect a lot more from him in the years to come. Judging by the fact that his career has only been going upwards for years, there is no reason to stop now.

He often shares his wealth on his social media accounts, by posting photos of him next to expensive cars and in front of his mansion. Small Doctor also has many followers on his social media accounts that are constantly following his every step and making him one of the most prominent stars in Nigeria today.

What h has in store for his fans in the future, we have to wait and see. So far he hasn’t announced any new projects, but he will probably come out with something exciting for his fans in the future.

Personal life

Small Doctor was born and has lived in Nigeria for his entire life. Growing up in African country, he used to pass his days playing music and watching videos from varied noted artists. He invariably liked their music videos, however they acted and diagrammatic themselves.

He grew up in an exceedingly traditional family and ne’er had plenty of cash growing up. People who knew him, knew that he had interest in music and was invariably paying attention to it all the time. Musical career was something that was definitely destined for him.

Adekunle got his education at the Ain’t Orsosan Nursery and first faculty in Oniwaya. When finishing faculty, he tried going to the University however he decided to leave it because, he wanted to begin taking part in music and singing. His parents weren’t too excited for it, however they accepted it as a result of he was too determined to continue.

In 2018, Small Doctor was arrested because he was accused of having firearms and for threatening a police officer, while driving along Lagos. In front of the judge, Small Doctor was released from all charges and he walked free in spite the allegations.

Small Doctor began his tour in 2018 under the name Omo Better Concert. He performed in front of the 20 thousand people on the Agege Stadium located in Lagos. He also played in London in front of a large audience at the O2 Academy Islington in 2018.

2018 was very successful year for him and he continues to release good music and great songs. Small Doctor’s music is a combination of Yoruba and English language and he often uses Yorba slang in his songs. This is the reason his songs are easily recognizable.

His songs are all over the TV stations and his songs are being played on all radio stations. He is currently one of the most sought after singers in Nigeria. When it comes to his personal life, he has been linked to many famous women.

He usually aforesaid that his childhood was terribly tough and he grew up with nearly nothing as a toddler. This created him terribly desperate to grab fame and have everything he ne’er did as a younger kid and juvenile person. His music is delineate as a mixture of English and Yoruba language, and therefore the genre is termed Fuji pop.

So far, he hasn’t presented his girlfriend to the public and showed who she is, if he even has one. He seems to be enjoying his single days and has nothing against it.

Small Doctor definitely managed to create quite a name for himself in Nigeria and he will remain as one of the hottest young stars in Nigeria for several years for sure.

Whether he will come out with something new in the following years, we have to wait and see, but his fans are eagerly waiting for him to do so.

His social media is being followed by many followers and subscribers who are following his every move and waiting for him to announce new projects.

Quick summary

Full name: Adekunle Temitope

Date of birth: October 19th 1996

Birthplace: Lagos State, Nigeria

Age: 23

Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Rapper

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 85 kg

Net Worth: 200$ thousand