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Shay Carl – Net Worth 2020, Age, Height, Weight, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat

Shay Carl is one of the most popular American vloggers and YouTube personalities. He has his own 3 YouTube channels which have millions of subscribers. The net worth of this amazing YouTube personality is over $30 million.

Now you will see something more about Shay Carl, his early years and career development. We will also tell you something about his personal life and how to find him on social networks.

Early Years

Shay Carl was born on March 5, 1980. He was the fourth child in the family. It is important to mention that today his two brothers and sister are all active on YouTube and they have a large number of subscribers.

Shay Carl lived in many places during his childhood. When Shay Carl was four, his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona because his father was going to school for electrical engineering there. When his father finished the school, they all moved to Pocatelo, Idaho. After high school, Shay Carl served a mission to the Church of Jesus Christ and he spent about 2 years doing that.

He was also attending Idaho State University, but it didn’t last too long. Shay Carl gave up from studying and he started working on his own. He used to work as a radio DJ and also as a school bus driver. Later he started his activities on YouTube, which brought him an enormous popularity.

Career Development

Shay Carl’s videos are mostly comic videos about his friends, family and celebrities. He became a sketch comedian on YouTube. In 2007 Shay Carl started creating his videos on YouTube. The first video that he uploaded on YouTube was “Fun with Helium and Passing Out“. Within six months Shay Carl gained the partner status on YouTube and he earned about $2000 every month. Then he left his other jobs and dedicated himself to his YouTube channel.

We can say that Shay Carl owes a big part of his popularity to Philip DeFranco. DeFranco has watched Shay Carl’s videos on YouTube and he gave him a shout-out. It was the most important moment in the whole career of Shay Carl. Shay Carl and Philip DeFranco became good friends and the number of Shay Carl’s subscribers suddenly increased.

Later Shay Carl was one of the members in the YouTube Partner Program and he was also a co-founder of a production company Maker Studios. Later he sold this company to Disney for about $500 million. In 2009 Shay Carl colaborated with Midi Mafia and very soon his “Shaytards“ channel became very popular and won great awards. It is considered that “Shaytards“ channel has about 5 million subscribers.

It is interesting that in 2013 the actor Matt Damon appeared in one Shay Carl’s vlog. It is also known that Shay Carl promotes different brands and companies in his videos in order to get a financial benefit, of course. Most important “brand deals“ are with Skype, General Electric and Kia.

In 2014 the Shay Carl’s channel was on the 31st place on the list of the top 100 channels of New Media Rockstars.

In cooperation with his friend Corey Vidal, Shay Carl made a documentary called “Vlogumentary“, which became increasingly popular for a very short time.

Shay Carl was interviewed on different TV shows and networks, such as CNN; Dave Ramsey, etc. Shay Carl started uploading a new video every day and his wife Collette helped him in his work.

An interesting fact is that Shay Carl is not only a YouTube personality, but he is also a writer. He wrote a book „Fat Dad, Fat Kid“. It is a lifestyle and self-help book that he wrote in cooperation with his son Gavin.

In September 2016 Shay Carl decided to suspend his YouTube channel “Shaytards“ on the date of his 37th birthday (March 5, 2017). He announced that he will suspend his channel for one year.

On February 12, 2017, Shay Carl announced on Twitter that he is leaving YouTube because of the alcoholism. He said that he needed a treatment and he also wanted to provide a normal life to his family. It is known that before his decision of leaving YouTube he was caught in cheating his wife with an adult webcam performer, Aria Nina.

Shay Carl won a lot of awards and nominations for his YouTube activities and also in filmography.

Personal Life

In january 2003 Shay Carl married Colette and they have five children. His family is commonly called the “Shaytards family“ or “The first YouTube’s family“. He has celebrated the 14th wedding anniversary with his wife Colette and all the people think their marriage is perfect.

Shay Carl was known as a family man. His family had financial crises and they used to buy second hand products very often. But, Shay Carl was working day and night to provide his family a better life.

However, we have already mentioned that Shay Carl has been caught in cheating. Aria Nina, an adult webcam performer, announced very explicit messages that Shay Carl was sending her for several months. She also claimed that she had videos of the Shay Carl masturbating. It was a big scandal for Shay Carl and his career and we can say that it may be the beginning of the end of his career.

There is no doubt that this event caused problems in Shay Carl’s marriage. Right at that time he decided to leave YouTube, claiming that alcohol is the main reason for that. He announced that alcohol can destroy our lives and hurt the people we love, even if we don’t want it. It may not be the coincidence that he announced it right in the moment when he was accused of cheating his wife.

In 2014 Shay Carl purchased a property in Pocatello, Idaho and also in the year 2016 he bought the nearby Ski area.

An interesting fact is that Shay Carl lost 50.8 kg over one year. He had 136 kg and he was afraid of heart attack. Shay Carl had the support of his family and friends and he had also an extreme self-motivation. He ran 3 marathons and he talked thoroughly about his weight loss on his “Shayloss“ channel. He shared his experiences with other people on his channel.

Shay Carl adors Skiing. It is one of his favorite hobbies. During summer Shay Carl enjoys clearing trees and brush from the mountain. His favorite hobbies are also football, basketball and baseball. He loves travelling as well and he uses every opportunity to travel with his family.


Full name: Shay Carl Butler

Nick name: Shaycarl, Shay Carl, Daddytard

Date of birth: March 5, 1980

Birth-sign: Pisces

Birth place: Logan, Utah, USA

Residence: Venice, Los Angeles, U.S.

Pocatello, Idaho, U.S.

Age: 37

Occupation: vlogger, entrepreneur, author, YouTube personality

Education: Highland High School (Pocatello, Idaho), Idaho State University

Personal Life and Family

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Father name: Carl Butler

Mother name: Laurie Butler

Brother name: Logan Butler, Casey Butler

Sister name: Carlie Butler (Carlie Wood)

Marital status: Married (since 2003)

Wife name: Colette Crofts or Katilette

Children: Gavin, Avia, Emmi, Brock, Daxton

Hobbies: Travelling, Skiing, Football, Baseball, Basketball

Personal Look and Measurements

Height: 1.75 m (5 feet 9 inches)

Weight: 90 kg (200 pounds)  It is known that at one point of his life, Shay Carl had 136 kg, but he lost about 50 kg in one year.

Hair Color: Brown

Eyecolor: Brown

Shoe Size: 10-12 US

Arms/Biceps size: /

Waist size: /

Style and hair style: He has a beard and also full facial hair.

Net Worth and Salary

Net worth: $30 million

It is considered that in 2015 the net worth of Shay Carl was $50 million.

Social networks

Instagram: (@shaycarl)


Twitter: Shay Carl deleted his Twitter account after the shocking scandal with Aria Nina. On 1st March 2017 fans noticed that the Twitter account of Shay Carl has been deleted.




Email: You can contact the Shaytards by sending questions or statements to email

Quick Summary

You have seen in this article that Shay Carl is an American vlogger and one of the most famous YouTube personalities. He was born in Logan in 1980 and now he resides in Venice, Los Angeles, USA and also in Pocatello, Idaho, USA. He used to drive school busses and to instal countertops before he started his YouTube activities.

Shay Carl has a production company Maker Studios and his 3 YouTube channels have millions of subscribers. His net worth is more than $30 million.

Shay Carl had an online affair with an adult video star Aria Nina. Because of that and because of his problems with alcoholism, Shay Carl decided to leave YouTube. He deleted his Twitter account immediately after the scandal. Is it only a coincidence or not, you can decide on your own, but there is no doubt that Shay Carl is still one of the most favorite American vloggers.