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Sean Evans Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Every celebrity is famous in its own way and all of them have faithful fans who follow their ever step. Besides being popular for your acting or singing skills, people can get into the public eye and become popular because of their other skills.

In the age of social media and YouTube, we can find numerous new celebrities and people who became popular because of their various talents.

Sometimes people come into the public eye because they become engaged to an interesting project on social media or YouTube.

We are going to talk about such a celebrity in today’s text, and that celebrity is Sean Evans. This interviewer and media personality became known to a wider audience of people recently, because of his popular show called Hot Ones.

We are going to talk about his engagement in the show, his talents, early years and career.

We are also going to talk about his personal life and other interesting things you might want to know about Sean Evans.

So, if he is one of your favorite celebrities, here is an opportunity to find out more about him.

Early Years

Sean Evans was born on April 26th 1986 in Chicago in Illinois. He grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and he spent most of his childhood there.

Sean grew up with his family, and brother Gavin. Sean finished high school and University in Illinois.

The background of his today popular show Hot Ones, goes back to his childhood. As a child he used to enjoy eating spicy food, and he could definitely beat any of his family members by eating spicy food. He even managed to break the record by eating the spiciest pepper in the world, which later inspired him to make his show Hot Ones.

Food is another love of his and he enjoys combining food with entertainment. There aren’t any more information about his childhood and early years, so we are going to jump on to his career and personal life in the next part of this text.

Career Path

Sean’s career started at the Complex magazine. He worked as a journalist there, as a freelance reporter. The Complex magazine is a media platform based in New York, and it is mostly directed to the younger audience. They mostly write about pop culture, sports, music and style. His is where Sean made his first steps as a freelance reporter and where he learned the basis of this work.

Sean worked for the Magazine from New Orleans where he did interviews and publications, and later uploaded them to YouTube. One of his most famous interviews were the ones with Steph Curry and 2 Chainz.

After Sean proved to be a great interviewer and after he showed he had that special something to continue working in this field, the magazine offered him a chance to work full time for them. He moved to New York and started working from there.

Even though he enjoyed working at the magazine, there was still something missing and he quickly decided it was time to start something new or something on his own. This is when he decided to quit his job at the Complex magazine and start a career on his own.

The show Hot Ones is a show created by Christopher Schonberg. The show is produced by the Complex media and T-Pain, Kevin Hart or Action Bronson are interviewed in full tasting of hot sauce … and it’s worth a look!

Who would have thought that interviewing rappers and at the same time making them try spicy sauces would be as successful and even millions of views?! Nobody. And yet, even we got caught up in the game!

The principle of the show? Talk about the release of their new album and answer private / existential questions, while eating chicken wings seasoned with sauces more and spicier as the show. The show starts nicely with sriracha sauce and the pressure rises with sauces like 100% Pain (100% pain …) and the final sauce, the Mega Death Sauce. Names that do not leave indifferent, especially when we see the head and tears of artists!

T-Pain who asks if we warned his wife that he might not come back, Kevin Hart who cries, Redman who calls God for help … It’s sadistic but we love it! And you, would you be able to meet Sean Evans’ challenge for First We Feast and taste all those sauces?

After Kevin Durant, Kevin Love and Joel Embiid, Shaquille O’Neal had to come and squat Hot Ones’ table-high. The monster of the floors may have eaten the pivot in his career, but he ate very expensive on this interview … spicy.

Recall the concept, for those who would not know this classic series available on YouTube. Literally untouchable with hot products, Sean Evans receives many celebrities in front of his cameras and asks them different questions while enjoying more spicy chicken wings than average. From the simple little spicy taste to the sauce that sends you directly to hell, there is something for everyone.

In particular, we had seen Kevin Durant take a full turn on his chair by sweating liters while closing his eyes, we also saw Joel Embiid finish limit trance but while raising the challenge from beginning to end. This time, it is the Shaq who has stuck to the challenge, and without wanting to spoil the case to prevent prevent: the end is surprising. A big dadais like the Big Diesel, normally it engulfs you that without problem and limits while being hydrated with embers.

While re-doing his career, sharing fun stories about his relationship with Yao Ming or the time he spent what should have been $ 1 million in a matter of hours, O’Neal is just like every week on Inside the NBA, but this time in an even more original and boiling. Who will be the next NBA player to take up the challenge of Hot Ones…?

The Hot Ones broadcast, aired on YouTube and co-produced by the First We Feast gastronomic site, has become a classic. In each episode, the program receives a different celebrity and they interview her while they give her to try more and more spicy chicken wings.

For the premiere of the eighth season, Hot Ones received a guest of size: the famous British chef Gordon Ramsay. The interview begins more or less quiet (we all know what Gordon is like), but as the itch of the wings increases, the number of rudeness coming out of his mouth becomes more and more uncontrollable. A must see if you’re a fan of the chef’s explosive personality.

Sean is the essential part of the show. He is the ones who asks questions and pushes his guests to discover more about them. He is capable of eating a lot of spicy food, which gives him an opportunity to combine two things he does really well, and these are spicy foods and journalism.

Sean is currently working on the show and doesn’t seem like he is going to stop anytime soon. His primary income comes from the show Hot Ones. His current net worth is estimated at around 40$ million. That number is pretty high considering that Sean just recently got into the public eye, but the reason for his popularity is the massive popularity of the show.

Almost everyone is talking about the Hot Ones and eagerly awaiting the new episode. Since the show has an interesting concept and everyone seems to like it very much, it will definitely continue to become more popular in the future.

Whether Sean has something new in store for us for the future, we will have to wait and see. He is a big fan of food in general so maybe his next project will be linked to food. Sean has seed his net worth wisely, and he has a lavish home where he lives with his wife. Sometimes he likes to share photos from his personal life so we can see he is living pretty lavishly.

Sean has plenty of followers and subscribers on his social media. Through his social media he likes to connect with his fans, followers and announce new projects to them. In the next part of the text we are going to continue talking about Sean’s personal life and other interesting facts you would like to know.

Personal life

Sean Evans grew up in Chicago Illinois and he spent most of his childhood there. He has a brother Gavin and his father has been featured in one of his videos. Sean is a pretty new face on YouTube, but the massive popularity of his show Hot Ones definitely brought him in the public eye quickly.

He is currently dating Natasha Alexis, who is a former LA Laker girl. They are a gorgeous couple and we can often see photos of them on the social media. They both like posting photos of each other on their Instagram accounts. Natasha is also a Miss California and Sean is definitely proud to be with such a beautiful girl.

Whether the couple is going to tie the knot soon or not we have yet to see. Sean met a lot of celebrities though the show and definitely managed to make a lot of business connections. He might even start something on his own in the future, maybe even a show similar to this.

He doesn’t like to talk about his personal life on the show, and he is mostly the one who asks questions. Sean is a pretty secretive guy and we weren’t able to find many information about his personal life. When it comes to scandals, so far his life has been scandal-free.

Since he seems like a good guy, we can expect him to continue being this way in the future as well. Sean managed to gather many fans in the recent year, so he has a big responsibility towards them to deliver something original and fun.

We can expect Sean to continue down the same road when it comes to his career, and that he won’t change his direction too much.

Sean even has his signature sandwich and he presented the recipe on the show. Perhaps his next project will be related to food in that sense. That is yet to be seen.

We all have to see whether Evans will tie the knot with his beautiful girlfriend Natasha, and maybe we will witness another celebrity wedding in the recent future.

Sean definitely brought in an interesting concept to YouTube and by watching his show we can laugh and enjoy looking at our favorite celebrities for 20 minutes.

Quick summary

Full name: Sean Evans

Date of birth: April 26th 1986

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Age: 33

Profession: Interviewer, Youtuber

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: 40$ million