Scot Pollard Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Scot Polland is an ex NBA player whose main teams during his career were Sacramento Kings and later Indian Pacers.

He was very known for his special hairstyles that he changed during seasons which included everything from bald head to ponytail.

Early years

He was born as Scot L. Pollard on February 12, 1975 in a town Murray in the state of Utah in the United States.

He has spent all of his childhood in the town of San Diego and in Washington. It was a wonderful experience and he said that he enjoyed growing up there very much.

After finishing high school, first Forrey Pines High School in San Diego and after Kamiakin High School in Washington, he enrolled the University of Kansas from 1993 to 1997.

His parents were very religious and Mormons and Scot had five more siblings. This changed the way his family works and he had to act a certain way quite often. He wasn’t mad about it, he just respected his parent’s choice.

Scot was never very religious as his parents but he believed in himself a lot and that he can succeed in becoming someone successful.

His father Pearl was a basketball player at Utah University so he shared his enthusiam with his son Scot. The two of them played basketball together and he took his kid to the games.

In 1993 Scot was named as All-American of all high school and it meant a lot to him.

Career development

At the 1997 NBA Draft he was chosen to be the new Detroit Pistons player whoch he considere as a success and the beginning of his striking career.

But he didn’t quite make it in Detroit.His first season for the Pistons was average and later he was traded for another player and had to go to play for Atlanta Hawks. There he was traded again but this time to the Sacramento Kings.

He played shortly there due to the injury he suffered. While playing for the Kings he was paired with their center Vlade Divac and was quite good in pair with him. The two of them were a great duo for several seasons.

After the 2002/03 season he was traded to another team, this time Indiana Pacers were in question. It was a really interesting time in his life and he was very enthusiastic as well, believing that he’ll come a long way.

In 2005, Scot’s contract with the Pacers expired and he had to find himself a new basketball team. That is how he ended up in Cleveland Cavaliers which came to the finals in 2007. He managed to get his first NBA ring and was very proud of it.

In 2007 he became a new player of the Boston Celtics. He retired soon in 2008 and decided to try himself in other fields such as business.

In 2007, he became a host in the Celtics Now TV show which was aired on Comcast Sports Net. It was titled “Planet Pollard”.

In 2008 he helped commentating CSN game telecast. In 2009 he joined NBA TV and in 2014 he became the member of the crew at the Indiana Pacers radio.

In 2012, he was given a role of Axeman in a horror movie “Axeman at Cutter’s Creek” directed by Joston Theney.

In 2014 he was also acting in “The Profit” an American Sports drama directed by Kevin Willmott. This helped him reach a big audience and get them to know his work outside of TV as well.

In 2016 he joined the crew of “Survivor: Kaoh Rong”, a reality TV show filmed in Cambodia. He finished Survivor as number eight.

In the movie “The Profit” Pollard appeared as Joseph “Profit” Smith, an NBA veteran basketball player. He gained good reviews.

Personal life

In 2007 he was involved in a little controversy when he said into the camera: “Hey kids, do drugs” and later apologized for it. However, many people remember it well and they decided not to support him anymore.

Pollard was very peculiar for his hairstyle and had various different ones: from Mohawk, pony tail to a bald head. He loves to switch things up from time to time and no one seemed to be annoyed by it.

In 2006 he had an interesting two ponytails hairstyle during a basketball game against the Seattle Supersonics.

He was given a nickname “Samurai Scot” which was connected to his hairstyle.

He had a very tight relationship with his father and his coach. This was really important for his confidence.

Scot is a very big fan of motorcycles so he often goes riding. He says that it relaxes him more than any meditation that was advised to him.

His father’s name is Pearl and his mother’s Mairlyn. He has five siblings: Alan, Mark, Susan, Neal and Carl. He loves all of them and wants to spend more time with them.

He also has three kids: daughters Tallula and Lolli and a son Ozzy. The fourth came with Dawn in 2016. He loves them very much and often talks about how he wishes he could spend more time with them, but his working schedule does not allow that.

He is married to Dawn Pollard and they live in Carmel in Indiana. They love each other and haven’t had much controversy going on in their lives. However, he had some controversy related to him.

He was very close to his father who has died of heart attack in 1991 and who didn’t get the chance to see his son as the winner of NBA Championship.

His first wife was Elizabeth and is the mother of his three older kids.

He also has a son Robert with Dawn and he adores him. Dawn posts a lot of Instagram photos of him, and their son on her Instagram account.

Dawn is a very beautiful woman and a model. It seems that their marriage is very passionate and firm.

Quick summary

Full name: Scot L. Pollard

Date of birth: February 12, 1975

Birthplace: Murray, Utah, United States

Age: 44

Profession: former basketball player, actor

Height: 211 cm

Weight: 126 kgs

Net Worth: $36 million