Saygin Yalcin Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Saygin Yalcin is a world-known entrepreneur and a businessman of Turkish origin who was raised in Germany so he also has German citizenship. He travels all around the world and spends a lot of his time out of the country, so he doesn’t claim too many benefits from his citizenship.

He lives in the beautiful town of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates and is known for his love towards lavish life. He is one of the favorite men of the Dubai media and everyone knows him there.

Early years

Saygin Yalcin was born on May 14, 1985, in Germany, in the town of Bremen, which is located in the northwestern part of Germany in Europe. He was raised in the same city. He said that growing up there was weird because he is of Turkish descent and it was hard to blend with all of the other kids.

Saygin was a very active child and was a big fan of sports from his early years. He was especially good at football and has dreamed of becoming a world-known footballer. He always had the wish to have a lot of money, so he was making various ideas about how he could get it.

He was a football player in the German football league for juniors called „-Junioren Bundesliga“. He said that it was a lot of fun to play with these guys and that he loved to be in sports, but it wasn’t making him so happy so he wanted to proceed in a career in another field.

After finishing high-school he enrolled a German University called WHU – Otto Blisheim School of Management in Germany and as a really good student. He gained his degree in BA (stands for Business Administration).

Although he primarily finished college education in Germany he later decided to earn more diplomas and gain experience and knowledge at the University of Southern California and the ITAM in Mexico. ITAM is a Mexican Technological Institute.

His career started with his first job which was great for him: it was in the marketing and sales of one of the biggest German company called BMW, which produced vehicles. Everyone knows about this massive company and they were very excited to hear about Saygin’s decision.

After raising experience in this company he continued his work at L’Oreal and Capgemini, in almost the same branch of marketing and sales. Saygin always had good ideas when it comes to marketing and it didn’t take a lot of effort for him to become famous in it.

His parents are immigrants from Turkey which came to Germany in the search of a better life. He is very grateful to them for all the time they have invested in him while he was a child. That is why he has dual citizenship. He often visits Germany and goes to Turkey although he lives in Dubai.

Career development

He decided to start his own business in Germany which he later relocated to the United Arab Emirates,  where he created his new business online titled He had moved to Dubai when he was 24.

He was a man on the mission, determined to succeed in life and become known to the world.

His business there was successful so he eventually sold it to, Amazon’s e-commerce platform. This was a phenomenal choice because he could invest all of the money into his other rising business choices.

His next entrepreneurship idea was a company and he was the CEO of this company. Due to his great entrepreneur skills, he was invited to become a visiting instructor at one university in Dubai.

He also owns his YouTube channel which became very known for the show called „Startup Hero“. It offers his fans a chance to show their ideas for business or similar to Saygin and he will fund them if he finds them interesting. Many are happy that Yalcin is using his money to also help others and he isn’t just living a selfish life.

When he was a kid he lived in the family of four in a small apartment in Bremen, and today he lives in luxury. He owns his expensive place in Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the United Arab Emirates and the world. The tower has 170 levels and is 830 meters high. The tower was originally meant to be called Burj Dubai but they have renovated it to honor the president and is now called Burj Khalifa.

His company SellAnyCar soon became known for its motto: „we buy any car in the Middle East in less than 30 minutes“. Social media helped this motto become a meme and that’s one of the reasons Yalcim is even more famous today.

Saygin Yalcin is today included on a very special list named „Forbes Top 50 under 50“. His company has made it to the list „Top 50 Most Promising UAE Middle East Startups“. He is very proud of everything he has done and is still very invested in all of the business startups he does.

In 2015, his business was valued at a tremendously gigantic amount of $1 billion. He is still working with it.

If this wasn’t enough we must also mention that he has his own YouTube channel called by his name where he has almost 1 million subscribers. He is one of the most influential Middle Eastern YouTubers and shares a lot of different information there. Yalcin speaks about his business and new entrepreneur ideas but he also speaks about his personal life. Saygin is very popular for his motivational video because he has succeeded from zero to a very wealthy man.

In 2016 he posted a photo of himself and the beautiful and popular singer from Barbados called Rihanna. This stirred a lot of controversies back in the day and everyone thought that she liked him only for his money. Others claimed that she has enough money herself and that she is actually in love with him. This „relationship” didn’t last too long. was his creation which brought him a lot of money and a ticket for a better life. It is the 1st private club shopping online site located in the Middle East.

Yalcin is a very close friend to Kris Jenner, although there is no information that they had something more going on. He is so close to their family that he had given Kris’s daughter named Kendall Jenner a new Rolls Royce when she was celebrating her 21st birthday. This has put Saygin on the covers of a lot of magazines.

His titles at the Canadian University in Dubai where he is a lecturer are Advisory Board Member and Entrepreneurship Academic Lecturer. He says that he enjoys staying in contact with young people and that he loves to share advice with them as well.

He has launched his online business named in April 2010. It has grown into a multimillion business project which holds over half a million private members joined in.

Saygin is a man of a lot of talents. Many don’t know that he is also a designer and that he had a very successful line which he co-designed. The items in question were luxury handbags which were made out of ostrich leather. This line was a big success and was very lucrative for him.

Another thing a lot of people don’t know is that he also worked in the entertainment business too. This happened while he was still in Germany. He had a chance to be a radio host on his radio program. He even made it to several TV shows. He joined a crew at two most popular german TV shows titled „German Idol“ and a similar one called „Germany’s Got Talent“. Saygin often speaks about his passion for music.

His had employed 120 employees and had three offices: One in Dubai and the other two in Istanbul and New York. He says that he always tries to give them the best conditions to work in because they all work very hard.

This entrepreneur fluently speaks four languages: Turkish, German, English and Spanish. Many think that he is actually stupid and got lucky, but he proved them wrong. He is a well-educated man that had some luck and a lot of talent.

Saygin is also a representative of Springstar, an investment fund in Europe.

His motivational skills are excellent. He uses real stories to support what he speaks. For example, he says that he applied for a job of a cashier at Burger King and ended in being a businessman.

He owns over 80 companies and works with each one actively, not letting it fall back.

He is very active on social media and is very popular in Dubai. People follow him and like his photos because he is their role model. They see the effort he has put into his work and how it paid off, so they realize they could do it as well.

Personal life

Most of his friends and family claim that he is a workaholic. They base their opinion on the fact that he can stay awake for days if he is launching some business at that time. He states himself that it’s not him that is a workaholic, but his brain is workaholic.

He is a very big fan of eating and his favorite food is sushi. His favorite restaurants are Zuma and Scoozi. He says that he doesn’t have to eat expensive sushi to be happy: his mother’s meals do a great job as well!

His relax time is often at the Dubai Marina where he enjoys to swim and relax by the pool.

He likes to do everything himself. He has decorated everything in his home and has bought every piece of furniture and decoration in there. He likes the feeling of control and simplicity, so he doesn’t let anyone mess with his ideas.

He gives a lot of money to charity and good causes. Chris Brown has exclusively designed a car which was put in the auction. The money which was raised is donated to a children charity organization. In this case, a singer Chris Brown used his awesome graffiti skills to design and upgrade Pontiac Firebird from 1992 and people bid for the car. The money went to the SOS-KinderOrfer from Germany.

He has his airplane, a Gulfstream Private Jett. It cost $35 million and he often travels with it from Dubai to Germany. The flight each time costs another $100 000.

He is a proud owner of the fastest car in the world, The Bugatti Veyron. He is a lover of cars but doesn’t go crazy about them on social media too much.

He has a younger sister with whom he grew up in a Bremen apartment sized 40 sqm. His sister is ill and suffers from a very severe form of epilepsy and he invests a lot of money in medical research because he is trying to find a way to help her and other people who suffer from this incurable disease.

He has an Instagram account with over 600 k followers and he regularly posts there. This is another source of income he has, but a much smaller one than all of the others he has.

As for his personal life, he is very secretive. He doesn’t share information and photos of any of his romantic partners but in 2018 he has been seen going out with a beautiful dark-haired lady several times. The rumors even say that he had married her but that he keeps it a secret. He doesn’t want to talk about it in public at all.

Every time he is in Germany by business, he goes to see his old friend from the neighborhood and hangs out with him. They claim that he didn’t change at all and that he is still quite humble and not cocky.

Quick summary

Full name: Saygin Yalcin

Date of birth: May 14, 1985

Birthplace: Bremen, Germany, Europe

Age: 34

Profession: entrepreneur, businessman, lecturer, Youtuber

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Net Worth: $100 million