Ryan Debolt Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Ryan De Bolt is a known American-Mexican businessman who became more famous because of his wife. He doesn’t like when people talk this way about him because he works very hard in his industry, but people cannot help it simply because they know more about his wife than they do about him.

Ryan De Bolt is not so known for his business skills although he is very good in his job he is very known for the love of his life: his famous wife Sara Ramirez.

Sara Ramirez is a very popular American actress who became famous after starring in a TV series “Grey’s Anatomy”. She has been nominated for many awards and is a loved TV personality, so she gets quite a lot of attention and attends formal dinners, where you can see Ryan as well.

Ryan is currently working in the position of a business analyst in TIMEC, an American company whose name comes from combining words Time and Challenge. He says that he loves his job and wouldn’t change it for anything else. Many thought he was going to try out acting because his wife always jokes about that, but he said that he doesn’t have any interest in that.

Early years

He was born on September 25, 1980, in the capital town of Mexico called Mexico City. He said that growing up in Mexico isn’t really the ideal environment for one to develop without any trouble, but his parents were very caring and they always helped him pursue his true passion. When he was getting into trouble, they got his back.

That means that he is of Mexican descent and that he is one of the lucky ones to enter the United States and manage to become wealthy and famous and live the American dream. He faces much prejudice because of this and people think about him as if he is an immigrant. This hurts him and he wants to change that.

He has spent most of his childhood in Mexico since his parents worked there but they all lived in difficult conditions. This is why he had the dream to go to America since he was very young. He was dedicated to make a better career and live a prosper life later.

His parents had very hard jobs and earned very little so they were always on the verge of poverty. It was until his parents decided to relocate to the United States. This was very hard for them to do, but they knew they had to do it.

They didn’t want their children to suffer and live in poverty but they wanted them to get a better education and become happier than they.

They also wanted them to have a happier childhood and better healthcare which is something they couldn’t get in Mexico but they could have it in the United States.

He was a very good student in high school and he easily fit in the school’s program since he was quite intelligent. He always had a pretty good work ethic and therefore didn’t have much trouble with studying at all. He always felt as if he was destined to do much greater things than he was currently doing.

He did have some problems with children who bullied him because he was part Mexican part Irish but he seemed to develop a good defense from it and succeeded in his goal to become a respectable and wealthy American. He says that he is very sensitive about this topic and also tries to raise awareness about it.

He enrolled college although it is not known which one he finished we are sure that he excelled in it since he became a worthy worker and businessman. He doesn’t like to brag with his accomplishments, but he likes to state that he is a pretty ambitious person that always aspires to do better.

Career development 

His major field of expertise is business analysis and he became a very skilled worker in that area. It was pretty tough for him to start because he was an immigrant and his chances to get a steady job were low. However, he was well educated and this helped him quite a lot.

It always bothered him that he had to work more than others in order to achieve the same things, same paychecks and same positions just because he wasn’t American.

His parents gave him the foundation to become a moral and hardworking individualist who respects his Mexican descent. He lived a cozy life after he started receiving a good salary. He helped his parents to provide them a normal daily life. This was the best thing about his new life: he could finally pay his parents back for all the hard-working days and nights they did to provide them a better life.

Although his parents lived and worked in the United States they earned much less than him and couldn’t afford what he could. This was simply because they don’t have the education he does and they couldn’t get good offers.

So he rewarded them with paying some of their bills, sending them to vacation and a lot of other things. He is a very good son to his parents and he says that he will always invest in them.

Personal life

Ryan had romantic relationships before marrying his current wife but he never found his soul mate before meeting her. He said that he actually had a very hard time finding a woman who was ready to settle down with him.

He dated and went out but all of his relationships ended without marriage and without plans for a future life in the relationship. This started to worry him and his parents, who thought that he was working too much and was neglecting all of the other aspects of his life.

When he met Sara Ramirez he was mesmerized and just felt a close connection to her.

He stated later that it was love at first sight and that he knew that he would conquer her heart. She always jokes about him being really braggy about this and says that he was the one who was head-over-heels in love with her.

They started dating in secret and were together for several years before they went out in public. This was important because she would constantly get followed around by the paparazzi and all of her relationships had to suffer because of this. The media also liked to run their fingers in sometimes, so she decided to try out a very secret relationship and see where it’s going.

They became engaged after their vacation together in Paris, the capital of France, and the town is considered to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, often called the city of love. This was a pretty neat memory and Ryan says that he was very nervous to propose her.

She was overwhelmed with feelings after he proposed to her there and she said yes, Ryan states. He was a bit afraid that she was going to say no because they almost had a media incident the day before, but everything turned out to be all right.

It was in 2011, and they got engaged the same year. The couple says that they always felt as if they were going to be together for a long time and that this kept them connected.

One year after, they got married and they made it perfect for them. They chose a small, private ceremony on the most beautiful beach in New York. They want to have their beautiful memories kept for themselves and not for all the world to see. This was a pretty praised decision because many celebrities decide to get very public weddings in order to get attention.

They have invited only their closest friends, family and other important people in their lives. They said that this event was very emotional and vulnerable and they wanted to keep it very hidden.

It is no wonder that Ryan De Bolt fell in love with his beautiful wife since she has such great charms and personality. Watching her interviews, you can see that she really loves her husband because she always talks about him as if he was the most perfect man in the world.

Her name is Sara Elena Ramirez and she is a very popular Mexican American actress and a singer. She is also a skilled songwriter which is not known to the public that much. They usually just know her from the popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy.

She chose an acting career and started acting in a lot of Broadway productions. She always knew that she would become an artist of some kind but didn’t know that she would end up on the big screen. She says that expressing herself through motion and writing has always been helpful and that she was destined to do art.

She was born on August 1975 which means that she is five years older than him but nobody minds it. This isn’t really a big age gap.

Her first big hit came with ‘Lady of the Lake’ musical on Broadway in 2005. She was so good in it that she received a Tony Award and it was in the category of ‘Best Featured Actress in a Musical’.

But her big and worldwide success came with her role of Dr. Callie Torres which is one of the most liked characters in an extremely popular TV series Grey’s Anatomy’.

Her husband Ryan likes to hear her sing because she has a beautiful voice. He says that he would be happy if more people started to pay attention to her music, not only her acting because she truly deserves more attention in that field of art as well.

She sang in a lot of musicals and gave her voice to the character of Queen Miranda in ‘Sofia the First’, a popular animated series. She said that it was a very fun experience and that her husband teased her a lot because of this.

In 2009 she has released her debut single titled ‘Silent Night’.

In 2011, which is the year she got engaged to Ryan Debolt she released her first Ep, which she released herself. She said that it is very hard to find a production house when no one believes in you and that she wanted to produce it anyway.

Both Ryan and Sara are big activists for human rights and especially for the rights of LGBT people. In 2015, she received an award for her contribution to the human rights campaign. This was praised by young fans all around the world and she is very happy that the world nowadays is being more tolerant when it comes to these things.

Ryan Debolt and Sara Ramirez are still happily married and it seems that they are doing great.

They got married on June 4, 2012, so they are together for over five years.

Sara rose some controversy on her fifth marriage anniversary after she announced that she is really a bisexual which got people interested, especially because the character she played in “Grey’s Anatomy’ is also bisexual.

It seems that Ryan and Sara met back in 2010, at an afterparty at which they were both invited. Nobody confirmed this, but it is believed that Sara once said something about a celebration they met at.

Ryan was very romantic when he proposed to her in Paris: he went on his knees in a beautiful romantic place beside a fountain and she was stunned by his proposal.

The pair still don’t have children and it is not revealed are they planning them either.

Sara revealed her bisexual orientation in a summit in LA in 2016titled “True Colors Fund’s 40 to None’.

It is interesting that she got engaged to Ryan after only one month before that she got married in TV ser, for her lover Arizona.

Quick summary

Full name: Ryan De Bolt

Date of birth: September 25, 1980

Birthplace:  Mexico City, Mexico

Age: 39

Profession: businessman

Height: 178 cm

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $5 million