Rvssian Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Rvssian, in the past also known as RUSSIAN, is the stage name of a Young Jamaican dancehall and reggaeton singer and producer whose real name is Tarik Johnston.

He is also a skilled businessman, who founded his own record company which is his main source of income.

Russian became known through his production skills and collaboration with artists such as Vybz Kartel and Sean Paul and by his own hit singles which made to the top of charts.

Early years

He was born as Tarik Johnston on April 12, 1990, in the capital town of Jamaica named Kingston. He said that he respects his hometown a lot and that his favorite thing in the whole world is to go there when he has free time.

Kingston is a town special for the fact that it is the southeast American town in which its habitants speak the English language. That’s why he was already so good at it.

Tarik was in love with music from an early age and was always mesmerized with musicians. He was amazed at how they played so many instruments and made up their own lyrics.

But it wasn’t surprising that he was so into music since his father Michael Johnston was the founder of his own music company called Micron Music Limited.

He often spoke about his work and played music at home so it was a natural surroundings for Tarik. He said that music was the only right thing for him to do and that he always knew that.

He first wanted to become a DJ and he thought himself to play the piano. He was very persistent and stubborn in his intention so that he managed to learn how to play even more instruments and had learned stuff about the production of music without anybody’s help.

He was a student at Ardenne High School, a very prominent secondary school based in the Jamaican town of St. Andrew. After graduating from Ardenne High School he became a student at Edna Marley College in Kingston.

This is a very important art school founded by Edna Manley and it produced many notable Jamaican artists. A lot of prominent artists became teachers at this school which later rose to prominence.

Career development

Tarik was introduced to Jordan McClure and Di Genius with whom he started collaborating and who motivated him to start working on his sound.

DiGenius also went to the same high school as Tarik. They met really early and that’s what made the group stick together.

It was in 2008 that Tarik, who already took on his new stage name RVSSIAN, made his first rhythm named „Liberty Riddim“.

At that period he was already introduced to Vybz Kartel who became a huge name at Jamaica’s dancehall scene. He started working with Vybz Kartel and produced a lot of his songs. They had an extraordinary collaboration and it seems that they understood each other perfectly.

After two years of studying at Edna Manley College, Rvssian decided that he should focus on his career as a producer and musician so he left college.

He was motivated by his work with Vybz Kartel to whom he produced his project „Life Sweet“. The single was released on Kartel’s album titled “Pon Di Gaza 2.0” which was released through VP Records in 2010.

In 2010, the collaboration of Rvssian and Vybz Kartel grew to a more serious level. They began their work on a collaborative single named „Straight Jeans and Fitted“ which gained over 20 million views on their YouTube channel.

“Straight Jeans and Fitted” was released on his same-named album which came out through Adidjaheim and Notnice.

The very next year, in 2011, they have received their Youth View Award for Favorite Music Collaboration and Favourite Local Music singles they worked on together were „Get Gyal Anywhere“, „New Jordans“ and „Look Pon We“.

Although there were rumors that Rvssian and Vybz fought and parted ways it turned out to be a lie. The duo continued working together and Rvssian released numerous Vybz’s singles through his own „Head Concussion Records“.

He founded the label in 2007 and released hits for many dancehall artists such as De Marco and Blak Ryno.

Rvssian and Kartel continued their collaboration even after Vybz got arrested and was convicted. He even released his singles while he was in prison.

However, he had to find a new artist with whom he had to build a new collab since many thought that by Vybz’s relocation to jail his career would take a fall. He proved them wrong by launching a new female dancehall artist called J Capri.

He has released an album „Pull Up to Mi Bumper“ in 2013, featuring J. Capri. He also produced Charly Black & J Capri’s hit single „Whine & Kotch“ in 2012.

Both of these singles have collected tens of millions of views on his Youtube channel.

In 2014 he has released his single „Passion Whine“ made in reggaeton sound and collected a platinum plaque for it.

In 2015 he was the winner of the YVA Award in the category of Favorite Producer.

Rvssian is a huge fan of Rolls-Royce and has bought himself a white Rolls-Royce Wraith one for his 28th birthday. Itis worth $360,000.

He already has a Range Rover.

In 2016, he got more famous in the USA after he produced the solo debut album of a young American rapper named Kevin Gates.

The album named „Islah“ reached platinum sales. After the release „Islah“ went on No.2 on Billboard 200. The biggest hits from the album were „Really Really“ and „2 Phones“.

In 2017 he released Vybz Kartel’s singles titled Highest Level and Kremlin even though Vybz is still in prison.

He is known for incorporating Latin music and rap with dancehall. He made a huge hit with Passion Whine together with Farruko and Sean Paul.

He was the main producer of a big Latin hit called „Krippy Kush“. The album with the same name was released in 2017. The music genre of the album is mostly made in trap genre although there are many influences from Rvssian, Bad Bunny and Farruko who all performed the single.

2017 brought him another great collaboration with Cardi B, famous for her hit “Bodak Yellow.”

Cardi B flew to Jamaica in November the same year for the shooting of her new video.

The name of the song was “Sooner” and Rvssian is the main producer for the single.

He is a huge fan of Bounty Killer, Sizzla and Beenie Man. But he also liked Tupac, Lil Wayne, Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, and Dennis Brown.

Many of his friends don’t know that he launched his label Head Concussion Records with his two high school friends, from scratch.

Rvssian also has his own Youtube channel named HeadConcussion TV.

He made several collaborations with a Jamaican hitmaker Shenseea. They collaborated together in 2017 on a single “Best Na Na” by King Kosa and in 2018 on “Hard Drive”. Both collaborations also included another dancehall star named Konshens.

One of Rvssian’s latest collaboration was with French Montana, with whom he worked on his hit single called “Writing on the Wall”. Rvssian was featured on this track, alongside Cardi B and Post Malone.

Personal life

As for his personal life he had grown up with his older sister at Cherry Gardens in Kingston. He was a huge fan of football and played it alongside cricket all the time through high school.

Rvussian has been connected to a beautiful young female artist named Shenseea and there were rumors that they were together.

The root of these rumors lies in the fact that Rvssian gave her a gift in the form of an expensive Rolex watch. People went that far they harassed Shensee over Twitter claiming that she slept with Rvssian in order to earn the Rolex.

Eventually, it was found that he has given the watch to her as a gift and a token of respect for their long friendship and collaboration.

Rvssian is the one that discovered her and helped her to rise in the world of dancehall music. He produced many of her singles and managed to gain her a contract with Interscope Records.

Rvssian has bought himself a grand house in Miami and says that it is better for him because he is closer to American recording studios but is also not far from home.

Quick summary

Full name: Tarik Johnston

Date of birth: April 20, 1990

Birthplace: Kingston, Jamaica

Age: 29

Profession: singer, songwriter, producer

Height: 174 cm

Weight: 77 kg

Net Worth: $2 million