Russell Wilson Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Russell Wilson is a famous quarterback who plays in the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL. He is very famous in sports and many people know him because of his skills and the fact that he is probably one of the best men in his team.

Due to his extraordinary skills, he has become one of the highest paid football players in the league. This helped him live a luxurious lifestyle he is well-known for.

His last contract from the team he plays in was in the amount of almost $90 million. This is a huge amount of cash and not a lot of people can say that they have achieved the same thing.

His current shirt number is 3. He always takes photos in this shirt and therefore you can see it in the media.

Early years

He was born as Russel Carrington Wilson on November 29, 1988, in a town of Cincinnati, in Ohio in the United States. He always says that he is very thankful for the fact he was born in the United States of America because he had an advantage over others. It was easier to find opportunities and he enjoyed working with many people.

Although he was born in a Cincinnati hospital he spent his childhood in Richmond in Virginia, alongside his brother Harrison and a sister Anna.  They were always pretty  close and their family had no issues with money so this lead to a more happy, healthy lifestyle.

His parents are very well educated and his father Harrison works as a lawyer and his mother Tammy is a legal consultant. They were always pursuing their children to get education and get good jobs so Russell was afraid that he was going to let his parents down.

He was just a little kid when he started enjoying football while playing it with his brother and father. It was an instant passion he felt for the sport, so he decided that he may join a team and actually build a career in sports.

He was a sixth-grader when he became a member of Tuckahoe Tomahawks, which was a youth football team. It’s a really tough thing to process at that time, but he took this as a responsibility and tried his best to be seen by many important people.

Russell has a very respective ancestor, from sportsmen, painters to members of faculty at universities. This put a lot of pressure on him because he didn’t want to be that person who failed at life because he chose sports over education.

Harrison B. Wilson Jr. is his paternal grandfather and he served as the President of Norfolk State University, while his paternal grandmother named Anna W. Wilson worked as a Jackson State University faculty member. One member of his family was an artist and it was A. B. Jackson, his maternal grandfather.

His father Harrison was also into sports and had played on the position of a wide receiver for San Diego Chargers but only for a short period of time. This was very comforting for his son Russell because his dad was okay with him playing sports and pursuing a career there.

His older brother Harry also played football at his University and his sister went to Stanford where she was a member of the basketball team. Russell felt like all of them were very different from their ancestors and it gave him peace knowing that he wasn’t the only one trying to pursue a different career.

His father died very young when he was 55, and his death was caused by a lot of complications caused by diabetes. This helped motivate Russell to live a healthier lifestyle.

Russell was a student of a preparatory school in Richmond, the Collegiate School. He was one of their best players and was named as an all-state player. This was a pretty phenomenal moment in his life.

The fact that he has received Richmond Times-Dispatch Player of the Year title twice talks for itself. He was really good, especially for his age.

In his senior year, he made it to the Sports Illustrated newspaper because of his great accomplishments in the winning of the state championship.

Other than football, he was also a member of the basketball and baseball team. He spent a lot of time doing sports and he was happy that his family supported this.

Career development

In 2006, Russell made a commitment to North Carolina University although he gained several offers. He said that he wanted to have a secure future and didn’t want to gamble.

In 2007, after becoming a student at NC he redshirted the first season and in 2008 he joined the team. It was a very exciting thing for him to do.

Wilson became the leader of the team very quickly and they finished the regular season with 4 winnings and 3 loses. This wasn’t the score he was hoping to achieve so he states that he obviously needed to work a bit more.

After the season ended he was named as the All-Atlantic Coast Conference quarterback which was the 1st time ever that a freshman gained this title.

At the beginning of 2009 season, he has broken a record in the number of consecutive passes which was held by Andre Woodson.

He also had a very successful 2010 season. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in communication in May the same year. This was a great deal for him because he knew that this would make his parents proud.

At the beginning of 2011, Russell stated that he would start training with the Colorado Rockies.

His head coach named Tom O’Brien later announced that Wilson was released from his football scholarship. This was pretty unexpected news.

In 2011, Wilson committed himself to Wisconsin and by the end of it, he was named All-Big Ten. He made extraordinary plays during his time in Wisconsin and finished playing college football at the 2012 Senior Bowl event.

In 2012 he was chosen and drafted by the Seattle Seahawks. The team was criticized for their selections, especially for Wilson. He signed a $3 million worth contract for a period of 4 years.

In August in 2012, he became the starting quarterback for the team. This was a great deal for him and he decided to pursue his further career stronger and better.

He received Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year award after the victory against New York Jets. His game started improving rapidly. His coach was very proud of him as well.

That is why he had earned a $222,000 bonus for his game. He was really proud about this and he states that he would love to be even better, but he needs a bit more physical training in order to do so.

2013 season was also very big for him since he contributed to the game very much and was one of their most valuable players through all playoffs. This was a big deal.

After his team won the Super Bowl he has become the 2nd black starting quarterback who won the Super Bowl event, and also the shortest one.

He earned a big bonus here, too.

In the next season, the Seahawks returned to the Super Bowl and faced New England Patriots on the field. They lost this game. It was a bit disappointing, but they have been working really hard and wanted to keep on going.

In 2015, Wilson signed an $87,6 million worth contract with the Seattle Seahawks due to his great game in his past seasons.

He has broken several records in that season: most passing yards and touchdowns, throwing over 4000 yards and highest passer rating.

He was chosen for his 3rd Pro Bowl and came to a high position of No. 17 in the NFL Top Players of 2016.

He played injured in 2016 season because he had hurt his ankle and a knee. He played the whole season although injured.

In 2017, he was chosen again to be the offensive captain of the team and it was the 5th time for him.

He was again named to the Pro Bowl, for the 4th time. He rose to no. 11 of the NFL Top 100 Players of 2018.

He had a very good 2018 season although it was not so good for the Seattle Seahawks since they had many injured men.

Other than football he was also great in baseball so he was drafted by Colorado Rockies in 2010 and in 2013 he was acquired by the Texas Rangers.

At the beginning of 2018, he was traded to the NY Yankees which was awesome for him because he was a big fan of them. He promised his granddad that he would be wearing their uniform eventually and he kept the promise.

Russell was very popular so he had many offers for advertising and endorsements. He was in ads for Levi’s, Pepsi, Nike and many more.

In 2014 he bought shares in “Eat the Ball” bread company from Europe. This meant quite a lot to him as well and he wanted to continue working with them. He says that the best publicity he gets is random publicity.

In 2016 he co-founded “Trace Me”, a fan network platform to connect celebs and their fans. It was a good idea, but it didn’t really seem to become a huge thing.

In 2018 he had invested to a mattress company named “Molecule”.

He was mentioned in “The Monster” single released in 2013 by Eminem. This was a great honor because he is a lover of rap music and he was very thrilled to hear he was featured.

He was a host of the Kids Choice Sports award on Nickelodeon. Three years in a row. This means a lot to him because he loves kids.

Russell is represented by the Mark Rodgers sports agency. They have been working together for a long time and have built trust.

Personal life

He has met his first wife named Ashton Meen in high school and they were together for eight years. This was love at first sight and they both knew it, so they decided to tie the knot soon. Maybe a bit too soon, one could say…

She was a student at St. Catherine’s High School which was very close to Wilson’s school.

They were introduced at the summer party and started going out. Later they had to start a long distance relationship since Meen was one year older than him and was the first to go to college.

They got together again at NC University and got married in 2012. They divorced in 2014.

The marriage ended in a huge controversy since Ashton was accused of having an affair with Golden Tate, a known football player who was also a former Wilson’s teammate in the Seattle Seahawks.

In 2015 he was involved in a short fling with Samantha Hoopes, a beautiful model who was seen to be driving with him in his Rolls-Royce.

Later that year Russell started dating the popular singer named Ciara and they made their relationship public by coming together to the White House State Dinner for Japan in the spring.

Their relationship soon started to be interesting to the press since they officially stated that they will abstain from sex until they were married.

They went on holidays on Seychelles in 2016 and he proposed to her there so they got engaged.

They got married in 2016 in a beautiful castle England and received a daughter one year later. Her name is Sienna Princesa. Ciara has a son from her earlier marriage names Future Zahir so Wilson is his stepdad.

The family is a big fan of dogs so they own the Great Danes named Prince, Naomi, and Hero.

Wilson is a Christian and actively volunteers in Seattle.

He owns “Why Not You” foundation which collects funds for Children’s hospitals and similar.

Quick summary

Full name: Russel Carrington Wilson

Date of birth: November 29, 1988

Birthplace:  Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

Age: 31

Profession: football quarterback

Height: 1,80

Weight: 93 kgs

Net Worth: