Rowan Blanchard Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

No matter which celebrity is your favorite, all of us like reading and learning about all of them. Their lives are simply full of fun events and interesting facts that we can learn a lot from.

Sometimes they set up good examples, and other times not so much.

Either way, their goal is to make us happy through their performances or to send us valuable messages about life.

In today’s text, we will be talking about a famous American actress Rowan Blanchard. This young actress made her debut pretty early on in life, and now she has made her name known through many roles in the industry.

We will be talking about her net worth, her career and early days, so if you would like to know more about her keep on reading.

Early Years

Rowan Blanchard was born on October 14th 2001 in L.A. in the United States. Her professional career is very recent, given that it was in 2010 when she debuted to the cameras, both film and television.

Previously, Rowan practiced dances, from 4 years of age, when she gave her first recital.

She grew up with her parents in California, and her parents worked as yoga instructors, so she was into fitness and wellbeing from early on. Her grandfather was from Middle East and she is of Syrian and Armenian ancestry.

On her grandmother’s side, she is of English, Swedish and Danish ancestry. Another interesting fact about her is that she got her name based on a character from the Witching Hour. Her two younger siblings are called Shane and Carmen.

After working in numerous commercials, “Plan B” (2010) was the first feature film in which she participated, playing a girl of 7 years, in this romantic comedy whose main characters were in charge of Jennifer Lopez and Alex O ‘ Loughlin.

A year later Rowan obtained its first leading roll, when interpreting to Rebeca in the fourth delivery of the adventures of the “Spy Kids”. In “Spy Kids: All the Time in the World” (2011), his character is that of Jessica Alba’s stepdaughter, who plays a superspy, retired who has married Rebeca’s father, (Joel McHale) and the that, along with his twin brother (played by Mason Cook, must help to fight the evil villain on duty (Jeremy Piven).

Career Path

Rowan Blanchard’s career started when she was really young. She always knew that she is going to be in show business, so all the steps she took were leading towards an acting career.

Her first role was in various commercials, and after gaining enough experience and being noticed by the producers, she started to chase after more serious roles.

Her first major role was in the movie Plan B from 2010, where she played a young girl in a romantic comedy. Her co-stars ere Jennifer Lopez and Alex O’Loughling.

Rowan also participated in the Disney’s Junior Original Series Dance A Lot Robot where she played the role of Caitlin. This was the moment when she was really getting into the public eye and started getting noticed by people. Her fan base grew bigger and bigger, so soon she was a true star, especially among children.

In 2011, she got her first major role in a movie called Spy Kids: All the Time in the World where she played the roles of Rebecca Wilson.

The same year, she played the role of Raquel Pacheco in the little in Common. The year 2011 was a good year for her, as she got to score some major roles and really get her face out there.

In 2013, Rowan started a new role in Disney’s Girl Meets World where she portrayed a role of Riley Matthews. This Disney Series is actually what she is most famous for and many people recognize her today as the Riley from the show.

Rowan showed another one of her talents during the filming of the show, by singing the song for the show together with Sabrina Carpenter. A daughter of Topanga and Cory from the Boy Meets World. Rowan is on the Disney Channel Circle of Stars and in 2015 she began acting as the Cleo on the Disney Channel Original Movie called Invisible Sister.

Rowan’s career so far has been focused on the children’s industry and movies, so we will definitely be seeing her in more “grown-up” roles in the future as she is getting older.

In 2017, she announced to her fans that she will publish a book called Still Here. The book came out in 2018 and was a huge success among her fans.

2018 brought another interesting project for Rowan, when she was a part of the movie adaptation of Wrinkle in Time.

In 2019, the news announced that Rowan will be a part of the TNT’s Show piercer together with Daveed Diggs and Jennifer Connelly. So far she has been announced as a guest star, but perhaps she will stay as the regular cast member.

Rowan’s net worth is estimated at around 3.5$ and since she is a young star, we will definitely see this net worth going up in the future.

So far she hasn’t scored any major roles that would launch her into the stardom, but she has plenty of time in front of her.

She seems to be hard-working and dedicated to making a strong acting career, therefore projects will probably be lining up for her. The biggest amount of her earnings comes from the Girl Meets World, but she is still singing new contracts so we can expect even more of the money to come in.

Personal life

Rowan Blanchard is like a real-life Lisa Simpson. Or a Matilda Wormwood. Or a Hermione Granger (if you can untangle all that furious intelligence and turn her away from authoritarianism and arrogance, which is something she does not have).

She is the kind of well-informed, intelligent and self-aware teenager who is also aware worldwide that they no longer exist in 2015, when young people are supposed to be locked in their room checking the likes on their Instagram.

It is important to note, however, that at age 13, Rowan Blanchard is still deciphering who Rowan Blanchard is.

Born in 2001 in Los Angeles, she has performed since she was five years old, and currently plays Riley Matthews in the hit Disney Channel series, Girl Meets World (a post-millennial spinoff with the inverted gender of the seminal teen program of the nineties.).

She scolded a journalist on the red carpet for asking her for diet advice. she later said: “I’m 13 years old! The only diet advice I can give is: ‘If you do not ask for French fries, you’re probably crazy'” (Rowan is an advocate for Amy Poehler’s #AskHerMore campaign).

Then, this summer, Rowan spoke at the annual conference of the UN Women’s National Committee in California, and gave a poignant and intelligent speech on gender equality, which miraculously did not leave you thinking: “Who gave a microphone for this teenager?”

In August, Rowan published a very small treatise on the importance of intersectional feminism on her Tumblr, and since then the media has proclaimed her as the poster girl of a new wave of feminism, along with her fellow actress and being enlightened, Amandla Stenberg.

A headline called her the “postmodern feminist of Disney”. It is an appropriate description. But it is not the complete picture. On the one hand, Rowan is still a teenager who likes to eat frozen yogurt with her friends, and, on the other, her causes as an activist go far beyond feminism.

When we spoke on the phone this week, it was five in the afternoon in Los Angeles and Rowan had just finished the rehearsals for that day. On October 14, his birthday, will close the final episode of the third season of Girl Meets World. she will celebrate with an intimate Harry Potter-themed party: “Every year I have a kind of Halloween party,” she explains.

This one, wait, it will be in costumes. “I want everyone to come with robes, but I do not know if they will be willing.” Will you know there will be a Harry Potter play? “Yes!” she says, a few stronger decibels: “I just read an article about that!”

She is also reading The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion and Women of Will, a book about Shakespeare’s heroines. And The Catcher in the Rye for school. Because Rowan is still going to school. And after she graduates she wants to go to Columbia or Oxford.

“Columbia and Oxford are on the start screen of my laptop, so every time the school irritates me, I remember why I’m doing it, I have not decided it yet, but I think I want to go to the Columbia School of Journalism.”. Maybe she is actually a real life Rory Gilmore…

It certainly comes from a family of great conversationalists of food. “I grew up in a home where we were always welcome to give our own opinions and to resolve things for ourselves,” she says. “Honestly, I do not think I’d be where I am today if [my parents] had not let me work my own way and disagree with certain things, but the truth is that a lot of girls are very influenced by what other people think.

All of them are, but there is a lack of representation of the girls in the media, and if you only see girls on TV who use slogans or say ‘Oh my God!’ every nine seconds, it’s not authentic, what I’m trying to show is that girls do not have to be silly. ”

Quick summary

Full name: Rowan Blanchard

Date of birth: October 14th 2001

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California

Age: 18

Profession: Actress, Model

Height: 1.65 m

Weight: 50 kg

Net Worth: 3.5$ million