Roberto Duran Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Looking at the biographies of famous athletes, we can say that they are very interesting, and often times their life is hard, their success is excellent, and their fall can be even more significant. But sometimes they can rise to even higher levels then they use to be.

Here we encounter one man that is a truly a legend – Robert Duran or as he is known “Маnоѕ dе Ріеdrа” (“Наndѕ оf Ѕtоnе”)  is famous Раnаmаnіаn fоrmеr bохеr that maintains to stay in the spotlight even today.

He fought as a boxer, professionally frоm 1968 tіll 2001, and he is most known to be а vеrѕаtіlе fighter аѕ wеll аѕ іn-fіghtеr іn thе rіng.

He was known for his amazing рunсhіng роwеr, and during life, he collected more than 3 million dollars of wealth, and we are talking about the money that remains on his bank account, and it is estimated that he spent seven times that amount.

Early Years

Duran was born on June 16, 1951, in  Panama and grew up in the tenements of El Chorrillo – he was born and raised in extreme poverty. The district where he grew up was called “Casa de Piedra”, or when translated the House of Stone.

Roberto mother was Clara Samaniego and his father Margarito Duran Sanchez – they lived in poverty and did numerous jobs to survive.

And it is really interesting to speak of this, having in mind that during is a career he got the name – Hands of Stone.

Duran had a concise amateur career, and he began professionally boxing when he was just 16 years old.

He was young and eager to win, and he had what it takes to be a champion.

He won his first 21 fights without a loss – this was so interesting at that time.

After this Carlos Eleta bought his contract for 300 dollars and hired trainers Ray Arcel and Freddie Brown to teach Durán the well-made points of sparring.

This made a Duran a champion – he developed amazing punching skills with a tremendous left jab – from this moment on, Duran seems to be unstoppable.

Career Development

When we are talking about his professional career, we can say that he started fighting as a featherweight (127 lbs.).

Duran’s first title fight was for the World Boxing Association lightweight championship (135 lbs.). This was in 1972 — the match against Ken Buchanan at the Madison Square Garden.

Durán won the tournament on a technical knockout.

It was said that Duran was a dirty fighter – he often held press conferences where he insulted his opponents.

He won his first 31 fights and then fought a nontitle light welterweight bout against Esteban de Jesús – Duran lost this fight, and it was the first fight after 31 wins.

After two years, Duran had a rematch against de Jesús, and this match ended when Duran finally knocked him out with a right cross to the head.

Durán gave up his lightweight title in 1979 and began fighting as a welterweight (147 pounds).

Eventually, he fought Sugar Ray Leonard, the undefeated WBC welterweight champion -this match took place at Stadium in Montreal. This match and Leonard remained his most famous opponent of all times.

At a press conference, Duran insulted Leonard before the fight, hoping to intimidate him. And apparently, he did an excellent job – he wins the fight that was later called “Brawl in Montreal.”

When Duran spoke about this fight, he said that he was so much smarter than Leonard and that this was the fight where he should be a bad gay, and the Leonard was a golden boy. The reality was somewhat different, and the fact was that the crowd loved Duran.

Duran also said to Leonard’s brother that he has just a few days as a champion, cause he is going to kill him.

In the second match, five months later, Leonard was determined to intimidate Durán – he did that job, and Duran eventually said “No mas”, which means No more. He needed to stop right away.

Duran is often asked about the time he had lost from Leonard – this was, as he stated a turning point in his life. When he has won Leonard, he was the king of boxing.

But this time took its negative side on Duran – he started partying, eating, drinking, everything was excess.

So the rematch came too soon, and it ended as it did.

Many described this event as a humiliating defeat for Durán, but soon he recovered.

Durán soon finds his way back to the ring – he fought light middleweight (154 lbs.). He lost against Wilfred Benitez and Kirkland Laing.

After these defeats, Duran signed a contract with legendary promoter Bob Arum and later he won Pipino Cuevas, in just the fourth round.

In 1983, Duran fought Marvin Hagler, the middleweight champion – he lasted 15 rounds with Hagler, at the time, no one else could do it. But eventually, Durán lost.

In June 1986 he fought WBA light middleweight champion, Davey Moore -Duran knock him down with a thunderous right hand and win this fight.

This was Duran birthday, and the crowd sing to him Happy birthday, and he cried, honestly from the bottom of his heart, as he said once describing this event.

As press stated in those times, he succeeded to make his debacle with Sugar Ray to become a distant memory.

Three years later, he fought Iran Barkley, the WBC middleweight champion (160 lbs).

He beat Barkley, and this was truly his biggest achievement since he was 37 – this fight was called one of the biggest of all times.

In his forties, he managed to fight as a middleweight throughout the 90s.

He always looked impressive against many opponents, and Duran managed to win the NBA super middleweight title in 2000, beating Pat Lawlor. But Duran lost three of his last five fights.

In July 2001, Duran also lost the super middleweight title fighting against Hector “Macho” Camacho.

He retired at age 50, and not many boxers retired at this “old” age.

Duran published autobiography called “I Am Durán” where he stated that he was Mike Tyson before Mike Tyson came along – he was the one that other boxers were scared.

He said in the book that boxers look at him once, and then they get scared. He looked like no one they have ever seen -he was dark and had bad intentions. People called him the Devil.

Durán was very proud that his book depicted his poverty as a street-kid in Panama as well as the exuberant insanity of his most significant years in boxing.

Personal Life

Duran did not meet his father before 1976 after one fight in Los Angeles – after this encounter, these two developed a good relationship.

He has six kids, Roberto Duran Jr, Victor Duran, and Robin Duran, Dalia Duran, Giovana Duran and Irichelle Duran.

Some reports claim that he has even eight children, from numerous affairs and marriages, but none of this is confirmed.

The one thing is sure, his son Roberto Duran Jr has been striving to make some success in boxing just like his famous dad.

Duran married his longtime girlfriend and childhood sweetheart, Mia Felicidad Duran, and they have been together for almost 40 years. And regardless of his turbulent lifestyle, he managed to keep his marriage to Mia solid.

Nowadays, Duran is active as a boxing promoter, and even he is retired from professional boxing.

In 2006 he was initiated into the World Boxing Hall of Fame and the International Boxing Hall of Fame one year later.

Duran’s life was so amazing that Hollywood made a movie about his life; it is called “Hands of Stone”. Lead characters are entrusted to Édgar Ramírez as Durán; Robert De Niro as his trainer, Ray Arcel. RnB star Usher plays Sugar Ray Leonard.

This movie had its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2016.

His first appearance in a film was in Rocky II, where he starred as a sparring partner for main character Rocky Balboa.

Duran also starred in smaller roles in “Harlem Nights”.

His life and professional boxing career are depicted in the documentary called Los puños de una nación or as translated as “The Fists of a Nation” that was created by Panamanian filmmaker Pituka Ortega-Heilbron.

He appeared in the documentary form 1992 called ” The Panama Deception” that spoke of life during the USA invasion of Panama.

And in the end, the most famous was the biopic the Hands of Stone that was released in 2016.

Duran appeared on the TV show “Miami Vice” as a drug lord Jesus Maroto.

Duran has been severely injured in a car accident in Buenos Aires, and he suffered a collapsed lung and several broken ribs. He was operated and recovered. His son was also hurt in the car crash.


As we have said, his Net Worth 3 million dollars. Roberto Duran began training boxing when he was in elementary school, and he started doing it professionally when he was just sixteen.

Roberto has been fighting in the Lightweight division and won all but one of his matches at the Lightweight level, a 70-1 record.

Duran moved up to the Welterweight division in 1980, defeating the WBC Welterweight Champion Sugar Ray Leonard.

Soon after, he moved to the Middleweight Division but was less consistently successful. He moved up to the Super Middleweight level in 1990, but by 1994, he was slowing down.

He eventually retired in 2001 after recovering from a car accident in Argentina when he almost died.

Duran fought 119 bouts and won 104 of them.

This interesting man also tried to be a musician and is a licensed ultralight pilot.

Now on his bank account, there are 3 million dollars, but it is said that he blew through more than $20 million while at the peak of his career; he has lead one lavish lifestyle.

He remains in the spotlight and does music these days.

Quick Summary

Full name:  Roberto Carlos Duran Samaniego

Date of birth: June 16, 1951

Birthplace: Guararé, Panama.

Age: 68 years

Profession: рrоfеѕѕіоnаl Boxer

Height:  5 ft 7 in

Weight: 119-176 lbs

Net Worth:  3 million dollars