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Rob Schneider Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Rob Schneider is a very popular American comedian and an actor who is mostly known for his longtime lucrative work as a comedian at Saturday Night Live variety show aired on NBC.

He is also known for his comedy movies and his strong activism against childhood vaccinations. Many people decided to bash him for this and because of the fact he doesn’t have many arguments to support this, but he doesn’t care.

Early years

This known personality was born as Robert Michael Schneider on October 31, 1963, in a very large Californian city named San Francisco, settled in the State of California, in the United States. He says that it’s great to be born in America because there are so many chances that you encounter each day, not everyone can access these.

He has spent his childhood in the suburb of Pacifica, a city very close to the Pacific Ocean. He said that it was fun to grow up there because he could always go to the beach and hang out with his friends, but he was very annoyed by the windy weather.

He was raised by his mother Pilar, who was a teacher in the kindergarten and was very well educated for raising children.

She is a very religious Catholic. This had a big influence on Rob, who became conservative.

His father was a real estate broker named Marvin and he is of the Jewish religion. He always jokes about the fact that he doesn’t understand how his parents even got together because they believe in two different things.

Rob is of a very mixed background since his grandmother (from his mother’s side) was a woman of Filipino roots who got married to a white American soldier. He says that he likes the fact that he is mixed, but he doesn’t want to talk about it too much because to some it may appear as if he was trying to be special.

Rob also has an older brother whose name is John, and he is working as a producer and is quite good at it.

The two of them have spent a relatively calm childhood and are still on good terms. They don’t see each other too often, but when they do, they try to spend some high-quality time together.

Rob was a student at Terra Nova High School located in Pacifico in St Mateo County. After finishing high school Rob has enrolled the San Francisco State University. Many people don’t believe him when he says that he went to university and that bothers him sometimes.

Rob discovered his comedy talent at a very early age and soon started amusing his family and friends. It was in high school that he started his career as a stand-up comedian.

He was motivated by his older brother John who was at that time a manager of a band called „Head On“.

Rob used to be their opening act. He was very well-liked so he started performing at clubs, such as Holy City Zoo club known as „The Comedian’s Clubhouse“.

Career development

He showed up as a guest on various radio stations until he caught a break in 1987. He said that he liked to work on small radio stations and that he wasn’t bothered by it, but the paycheck wasn’t much so he was hoping to get a promotion soon.

His chance came after he became the opening act of a known comedian Dennis Miller.

He was so good while performing that he was later involved in the making of a special HBO series which eventually caused the management of NBC to offer him a job as a writer for their popular variety show named „Saturday Night Live“.

This was in 1988 but he showed his skills as a comedian very soon and became one of their regular members of the show. He says that that was the moment he knew he was going to do good and that he is very thankful for all of the chances he has gotten.

He was a part of this show in the period from 1990 to 1994 and was known for his roles of the Orgasm Guy and Tiny Elvis.

But his most popular role was the role of Richard Laymer, an annoying office employee. He said that it was very fun to play him and that he developed the character a lot more than he was supposed to and that’s why the character was truly funny.

He also appeared in a video published by NBC called „The Bad Boys of Saturday Night Live“.

He starred in the video alongside Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, and two other known comedians: Spade and Fasley. Working with these people was very fun for him, but he was also very happy about meeting all of these special musicians.

He has left the show in 1994 and started acting in various movie and series.

He had supporting roles in an SF action movie titled „Judge Dredd”, in „Demolition Man” featuring Sly Stallone and Wesley Supes and in a TV series titled „Coach”.

In 1996 he was a part of the crew in a series made for NBC, titled „Men Behaving Badly“.

Three years later he starred in a sex comedy movie titled „Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” for which he co-wrote the screenplay.

He also starred in a comedy movie called „The Animal”, released in 2001 and directed by Luke Greenfield. He said that it was fun and that he thought about making movies himself, but he hasn’t got too much time because he always spends it on so many other things.

He also starred in „The Hot Chick“ movie.

His Deuce Bigalow sequel named „European Gigolo” was released in 2005 but wasn’t a hit like his first movie.

Not only it wasn’t a hit but he earned the 2005 Worst Actor Razzie Award for the movie.

In 2006 he and his colleague David Spade from Saturday Night Live gained roles in a comedy called „The Benchwarmers”, which as directed by Dennis Dugan. Their fellow co-actor was Jon Heder.

„Big Stan“ was a movie released in 2007 and it was a first movie which Rob both directed and produced, and not to mention the star in it.

It has earned a little over than his budget originally was. This means that it wasn’t a huge success, but the most important thing is that no money was lost. Rob then saw that he wouldn’t be a good movie maker and he decided to step out of that career for now.

Rob Schneider liked to act alongside Adam Sandler, who was his friend – comedian also from Saturday Night Live.

In 2010, this duo starred in a comedy movie called „Grown Ups” which was again directed, Dennis Dugan.

Their co-stars are Chris Rock, Kevin James, and David Spade.

This movie was distributed through Columbia Pictures and was a big box office success; it has earned 270 million dollars and was made on the budget of $80 million.

In 2005, Rob Schneider made a series of appearances on various TV shows and series.

He guest appeared in a popular series called „Ally McBeal and the famous „Seinfeld“ series.

He was the host of a TV special named „Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit ’97“ and also the Teen Choice Awards the same year.

It was the year when he often appeared in a popular talk-show named „The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. He says that talk shows are great, but he always needs to prepare jokes and listen to the host a lot to be able to come up with funny things on the place.

In 2007 he made a famous gag when he showed up dressed as Lindsey Lohan on the above-mentioned show since Lindsay couldn’t do it although she was scheduled to guest on the show.

It was because she was arrested for DUI. This caused a bit of controversy, but in the end, everyone forgot about it so it was fine.

In the summer of 2010, Rob decided to release his first comedy album and it was released through Oglio Records.

He was hired to play the role of Billy in a music video made for a single „Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On” performed by Neal McCoy.

In 2015 he released a sitcom named „Real Rob“ which had its premiere on Netflix.

It was a series about him and his everyday life and it featured his wife Patricia and their little daughter named Miranda. The second season continued in 2017.

In 2016, Rob and his wife Patricia were both featured on a web series named „Game Grumps“ where they spoke about a fighting game named „Mortal Kombat“.

Personal life

As for his personal life, he was in a lot of serious relationships which came to an end after he met his wife Patricia.

From 1988 until 1990 he was married to a model London King and the two of them have a daughter together.

She is named Elle King and is a popular musician today.

He dated Julia Sweeny from 1991 until 1994 when the pair decided to split. In 1995 he had a short fling with Jill Barron followed by a marriage with Helena Schneider in 2002.

They have been together for 3 years but she works and lived in Germany although she is a Brooklyn native girl.

His last marriage started in 2011 and it was created with Patricia Maya who is a TV producer and an actress.

They have two daughters together: Miranda (born in 2012) and Madeline (born in 2016).

Rob is a founder of the Rob Schneider Music Foundation which provided funds to buy an instrument for elementary schools in his hometown Pacifica.

Schneider is very known for his controversial views on vaccination of the children claiming that vaccinations are very dangerous.

He also claimed that they can cause autism in children.

He even fought for two new laws in California which would allow parents to choose whether they want their children vaccinated.

He was a Democrat until 2013 when he turned to the Republicans because he was disappointed with the Californian Democratic Party.

Quick summary

Full name: Robert Michael Schneider

Date of birth: October 31, 1963

Birthplace: San Francisco, California, United States

Age: 56

Profession: comedian, actor, producer, TV host

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Net Worth:  $15 million