Riff Raff Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Some people simply have that X factor that makes them famous, and we can definitely say that about our today’s celebrity.

Riff Raff or Horst Christian Simco, is a famous American rapper that has made many popular songs we enjoy even today.

We are going to talk about his net worth, how he managed to become one of the hottest rap stars and what makes his life so unique in every way.

So, keep on reading to get to know this popular rapper even better.

Early Years

Horst Christian Simco was born on January 29th 1982 in Houston in Texas. His mother Anita, worked as a maid and his father Ronald was a Vietnam War Veteran. Due to his participation in the Vietnam War, his father suffered from severe PTSD and Horst grew up under this influence.

During his life, his father worked on serval jobs to support his family, including being a police officer and Walmart manager. His mother was a Jewish woman, whose family suffered several tragedies in the Second WW.

While he was still in school, Horst enjoyed playing basketball and he was very sociable. He went to the Langham Creek High School and played as a shooting guard on a basketball team. Before his senior year was over, he decided to drop out of high school and find his focus elsewhere. He managed to get his GED even after dropping out.

His parents divorced while he was still in school, and his father was diagnosed with tonsil cancer soon after. This is why Horst was forced to relocate frequently between Duluth and Houston, until he finally decided to drop out of school and move to Los Angeles to pursue his rapping career.

There isn’t any more information about his early life, so we are going to move on to his career beginnings and see how this actor became such a star.

Career Path

Horst began his career slowly and he recorded several CD’s and tracks that he distributed around L.A. until his major break came. Having been active as a rapper for some years now, Riff Raff, recorded his first successes in 2008 via the popular rap platform WorldStarHipHop.

So Simco comes in the following years more often with seasoned producers and rappers like The Alchemist or Action Bronson in contact.

With the latter, he recorded the track “Bird on a Wire” in 2012, which not only became a click hit on YouTube, but also received positive response from critics. For example, Complex Magazine lists “Bird on a Wire” as one of the 30 best tracks of the year.

Lyrically, although mostly anxious to fabricate the largest possible poses and provocative nonsense, Simco also draws attention with quite existing rap skills about Dirty South, but also classic boom bap beats. Only logical that the first big record deal for Riff Raff will not be long in coming.

Similar to the Viennese Money Boy, behind all the fun, the weird clothes and the lyrics about Versace, Gucci and Bling-Bling, there is a sophisticated marketing concept that is supposed to bring one thing above all else: money.

This flows at Riff Raff latest from May 2012 in torrents. He signs a $ 3 million contract with Diplo’s label Mad Decent and, in addition to some mixtapes, starts working on his label debut “Neon Icon.”

With well-known producers such as Diplo, DJ Mustard and Harry Fraud as well as some high-profile features, the focus for Riff Raff’s album seems to be clear: more money, more jewelry, and more fans. The whole other shit is not fun for him.

In this case, this quote is the most voted comment in the video of Versace Python Freestyle, by Riff Raff, on the famous network. And being honest, it sums up perfectly why Riff Raff likes it so much.

Musically we can highlight two great items in the Riff Raff profile. On the one hand, it’s excellent commercial smell without it means ending up bored or repetitive. One of its greatest virtues is to be an excellent selector, able to intuit where the shots will go in the following months and appropriate that sound.

It does not mean that he is the discoverer of gunpowder, but it is necessary to recognize his merit to approach the fire and not burn, as is the case of his scaling with the trap, or for example, mount riddles with instruments that play the fiber thanks to your samples, as is the case with Time, for example.

Although he is constantly accused of his few skills for more traditional rapping, it is undeniable that he is one of the best hook-makers on the scene. Some of his choruses are just great.

If we combine these two characteristics, we can affirm that some of the Riff Raff themes are simply great. And there is nothing more to discuss. Enjoy them if you want, or stay with your arms crossed and sulking at the back of the room.

And if we keep talking about things we cannot deny, the business eye of Riff Raff is impeccable. We cannot refer to him as if he were Donald Trump, but it makes a sixth sense to know where to develop his career. Since he became known for his television appearances, including incorporating the MTV into his alias or his relationship with Soulja Boy.

Riff Raff did it, getting notoriety and exposure. So much so that his talent did not go unnoticed by one of the geniuses of music as an industry and business, and he became part of Mad Decent, with all that that implies.

Perhaps the career of Riff Raff seems at first glance a lot of movements to each one more crazy or pathetic to achieve fame. What today is known as attention whore in Internet slang? But in reality there is a constant in his career: being viral, with all that that implies. And always being true to its own essence, although this is the most eclectic thing you can face.

Riff Raff, of unknown age, does not live under the prism of getting his name reflected in the annals of history, or earning millions of millions of dollars. Those pleasures already enjoy them in their day to day, because their character, not their person, is rich, famous and notorious.

However, his goal, which seems to be governed from when he gets up until he lies down, is based on getting viral.

In getting everything that your signature bears to overcome the barrier of one million views on YouTube. In that sense, JODY is perhaps the one who best represents the era in which we live, even if that means being a slave of his time.

That said, everything you’ve been doing and undoing over the years makes more and more sense. From his presence in that MTV program that tried to turn authentic palettes into gentlemen, to his first videos on the Internet, through his climbing in the world of music, everything is aimed at being unable to “reproduce another time ”to all its material.

Possibly, and in a very ironic way, what less s what I have in this equation is the record deal with Diplo, which materialized as a chain valued in thousands of dollars in the form of the Cheshire Cat.

All this business movement, which was announced on Twitter, seems to have no place in the imaginary of Riff Raff. However, we get to the exact point of the equation: Diplo is not an idiot. And Riff Raff has more musical talent than its beginnings in the industry could make us think.

In addition to his aforementioned ability to make great songs, and although it may seem at first that Riff Raff only says nonsense, there is much more to scratch in his music. He is a genius in the use of absurd metaphors, psychotic rewards and in general, literary figures inherited from the shabbiest and stale television culture of our generation.

His lyrics are full of masked references under absurd assumptions and he is the idol of abstract descriptions. For example, when JODY says “Presidential tint, Michelle Obama”, it does not refer to the hair of the first lady, but to the color of the tinted moons, presuming in addition to her millionaire status.

Some will say, that idiocy, but it’s about rap music, not about sitting in a chair or changing the world. Riff seeks, or so we think, to say the same as other rappers but in such a ridiculous way that you can only applaud his genius.

That lyrical complexity is one of its strengths. Riff is going to talk to us about his material possessions, about the drugs he uses and the women at the gas station who pass by his bed. But the beauty of the figures he builds to move us into this reality is amazing. JODY turns the deep Houston from which it comes, always present in his music, into a kind of paradise oasis.

To put things in context, one of the great virtues attributed to Action Bronson is its ability to bring to the scene great icons of the popular culture of the American lower-middle classes – references to Wrestling’s doldrums, for example. Riff Raff plays this game and takes it to another level.

One of the most repeated resources among current mcs is the namedropping ’, that is, mentioning in their letters the name of someone famous or iconic to convey their message through the qualities of that person. Riff Raff abuses the namedropping ’in such a way that it has taken it to a whole new level.

Their references do not go to famous actors, gangsters of Hollywood films or other artists. Artists of the 80s and 90s, players of the NBA spoiled or simply famous or famous, names that would wait for you in the mouth of a housewife or in that of a redneck, never in that of a rapper.

By continuing to cite some of its qualities, which for others will be simply nonsense, we cannot ignore its capacity for improvisation. Although JODY High ROLLER has once claimed that the vast majority of his songs are freestyle, an exaggeration that we cannot take for granted, videos that circulate on YouTube in which we can see how it unfolds in this area.

Bars and bars for minutes, or for example, the video that we leave below in the radio program Sway in the Morning. A lyrical madness in which the broadcasters are incapable of enduring laughter, but despite the surreal situation, in the end they themselves recognize the greatness of Riff Raff. A perfect summary of what it symbolizes.

Despite the original that may be in many respects, the truth is that the Riff Raff plot is already more than invented. At present we have gone from the mc that becomes an icon, to the figure of the icon itself, and which in addition to other things, is mc.

Through his way of writing on the Internet with all the letters in the upper box except for the “I” – who have exchanged emails with him, they affirm that this mania takes it to the last – its strange expressions, its mythical phrases like “RAP GAME… ”, the long list of NBA teams he could have played in if he had not been expelled for finding grass in his jacket, the living snake he uses as a bracelet…

They are all imaginary external features, which have Finishing penetrating among his fans. Some imitated, others for obvious reasons not, but all accepted. Riff Raff has a net worth of 6$ million, and most of his money comes from his performances and his albums.

Personal life

Riff Raff is well-known for his large number of tattoos and also for his participation in the show From G’s to Gents. In his private life, he is a big fan of the Simpsons.

In 2013, allegation against him have been made, and he was arrested after being caught with alcohol, marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He was released from jail the same night.

In 2018, Riff Raff was accused of rape and drugging of a woman in Australia.

Another woman came out, that was allegedly 17 years old at the time the event happened, and according to the records, he invited the girl into his tour bus and tried making advances on her.

Quick summary

Full name: Horst Christian Simco

Date of birth: January 29th 1982

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Age: 38

Profession: Rapper

Height: 1.79m

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: 6$ million