Rico Rodriguez Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Lives of film stars is often times more exciting and far different than the life of an everyday man.

The insane tempo they manage to live is something that only few of the most capable ones can endure.

In today’s text, we are going to talk about a famous Cuban actor Rico Rodriguez.

Stick with us to find out more about his life, personal side and much more.

Early life

Born on July 31, 1998 in Texas, Rico Rodriguez shot his first film, “Los Tamales”, in 2006. He plays a young boy, Paquito.

The following year, he is playing “Big Movie” and “ER”. He wins the role of Rico in the series “Cory is in the place” and turns in “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Rico Rodriguez made an appearance in “Nip / Tuck” in 2007, and in “N.C.I.S.: Special Investigations”.

After shooting in “Super Kids” (2009), he is starring in “The 3 Minute Talk Show” (2011) and “Good Luck Charlie” (2011). It is with the role Manny Delgado in the series “Modern Family”, which he won in 2009, that Rico Rodriguez will become known to the general public.

Shot in the form of a fake documentary, Modern Family explores with humor the different forms that a family can take today. The viewer follows the woes of the Delgado-Pritchett, Dunphy and Pritchett-Tucker families.

Since there isn’t much information about Rico’s early life and childhood, we are going to continue on to his career and learn more about the show itself, if you aren’t familiar with the concept.

Another thing we can say is that Rico definitely spent his childhood with us, through our screens, filming episodes of this famous show.

Career path

Rico Rodríguez is an American actor, born on July 31, 1998, in Bryan, Texas, United States. Of Mexican parents, Rico did not think about engaging in acting until his sister, actress Raini Rodríguez, debuted in a play and continued to get roles.

For his part, Rico debuted in a small role in the parody film Epic Movie (2007), which was followed by brief television roles in series such as E.R. (2007), Corey in the House (2007), My Name is Earl (2008), among others. After several audition tests for an important series, Rico would achieve his best known role: Manny Delgado, in the hit series Modern Family (2009-2019), a character he has played in more than 230 episodes.

In addition to the series, Rico has appeared on films such as Los Muppets (2011), The Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards (2013) and Endgame (2015), among others. R

Recently it was announced that Modern Family will come to an end in 2020, however, Rico has gained enough fame to continue signing up for major projects within Hollywood.

After ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘The Big Bang theory’, this year we will become orphans of an iconic series. ‘Modern family’ begins in our country next Wednesday, October 9, its 11th and last season.

A goodbye with millions of fans, more than 20 nominations for the most important television awards (it was awarded as the best comic series in the Emmy) and hours of smiles.

Not only that; The production – from 20th Century Fox and initially broadcast by ABC – has offered ‘lessons’ on three different nuclei of the same family in a false ‘reality’ format (the protagonists often turn to the camera): one reconstructs the traditional model (heterosexual parents with children), another addresses homoparentality (gay couple with adopted daughter) and the third reflects cultural and generational diversity (a senior citizen married to a young Latina). But what are the keys to its longevity?

The American family series have shown the changes of their time, such as the friendly comedies of the 50s and 60s, the corrosive ones of the 70s and 80s, when an inversion of the hierarchy begins in the traditional family, and in the 90s and 2000 consolidates the investment and we assist new models, such as single women in ‘Sex in New York’, or homosexuality, in ‘Queer as folk’.

‘Modern family’ uses the issues in vogue in society in a light, accessible and in-depth manner, and hence its success; more groundbreaking productions such as ‘Transparent’ remain for a more restricted audience.

A decade ago appeared a comedy of those that got everyone to talk about it. The dynamics were very simple, showing a family through the relationship of the three marriages that formed it. In each episode we saw how their lives crossed and how sketches happened.

Others have repeated the dynamic, such as the recently canceled Life in pieces, but none has achieved the success of Modern Family.

Although the last couple of years it seemed that the series was sinking, the tenth season has managed to reconcile with the Pritchett family, returning part of the original freshness that so much fell in love.

The truth is that the whole season has had a background theme that has managed to give some episodes homogeneity and explain something that goes beyond the funny scenes.

With the issuance of the last chapter last week, both in FOX and in Neox, we can already say that a stage has been closed. Throughout the year they have shown us the end of a generation. It is that strange moment that we have all lived in which at home you are still part of the children, but you no longer have a routine to be considered that way outside those walls.

All, especially them, have gone through vital milestones that take them away from children’s lives. Births, graduations or first periods have been central themes in episodes in which we were seeing how Phil, Claire, Mitch and Cam’s relationship with their children changed completely.

We have been told about the passage of a child’s life at the beginning of adult life, but also the turning point that can be for parents.

Mitch and Cam have had to face having a woman at home, and it is one of those situations in which he has become precarious to have two parents, but almost anyone who has teenage children will have looked alike.

Having previously passed through the Dunphy’s adolescence has allowed Lily to have a more particular character. It has become a small Claire, permanently satirical and with a mixture between cynicism and coldness that has given a new meaning to her role. The same cannot be said for Manny.

We had always laughed because he was too young. But it is no longer surprising that he drinks coffee or read poetry and is, of all, the one who has least known how to find his new place. It is a pity, because he could have given curious situations to see him interact with a brother who could be his nephew.

The truth is that although this year it worked, and despite the satisfaction of having seen this stage close in good manners, the end of Modern Family is necessary. Too many adults and too spent to continue exploring without expiration date.

Modern Family, as we know it, has ceased to exist and the repetition of the presentation scene of Haley’s babies has been that wink between screenwriters and the public in which we have been able to enjoy closing that door. There are not always situations like that.

With the renewal for one last season, after a tenth that has garnered positive reviews, we know that they will leave through the big door, having counted everything necessary and having another year to teach us what happens to the Pritchett before saying goodbye.

Rico is definitely one of the cast members that has captured sympathies of many of the people in the audience. This interesting character combines naivety of teenage years with a unique humor that only Modern family can bring to the people.

Rico’s net worth is estimated at around 12$ million, which is an extraordinary salary for someone his age. This 21 year old actor is wealthier than many of his older colleagues, and his character is something that many will remember for a very long time.

Besides having his salary from the show, Rico is also working on other projects that are bringing him more money and increases his net worth.

Personal life

At 18, the young actor Rico Rodríguez, who plays Manny, the son of Sofia Vergara and Benjamin Bratt in Modern Family (ABC), faces one of the saddest chapters of his short life: the loss of a father.

Roy Rodriguez died at age 52 on March 12, but it wasn’t until Sunday that his son made the news public on his Instagram account.

In an emotional message, the young man said that this has been the hardest week of his life and he remembered his father as “the most affectionate, loving, hardworking, determined and fun man I’ve ever met. He was like a superhero, he had the ability to get the best out of you day after day. ”

His sister, actress Raini Rodríguez, whom we saw as Trish in the Austin & Ally (Disney) series, also turned to her Instagram page to express her pain.

Although it has not transcended the causes of Roy Rodríguez’s death, it is believed that it was sudden, since Rico had shared images the week before both of them in which they are very happy, enjoying life.

This has been a huge event in Rico’s life and he has been strongly hit by the sad news. When it comes to other information about Rico’s personal life, he seems to be doing the same things people his age are doing.

This young actor grew up in front of the cameras and in front of all of us, and we cannot help ourselves but to admire his extraordinary talent and dedication to acting.

He hasn’t yet announced any new projects, but since the show is still running, we can guess that Rico will continue to play the role of Manny.

Whether he will be a part of another show or movie soon, we will have to be patient and see if this happens.

Until then, we can enjoy the hilarious episodes of our favorite show and follow our favorite characters in their new adventures.

Quick summary

Full name: Rico Rodriguez

Date of birth: July 31st 1998

Birthplace: Bryan, Texas

Age: 21

Profession: Actor

Height: 1.75m

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: 12$ million