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Rick Dale Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Reality TV shows are definitely taking a major part in today’s media. Most of us have a favorite reality TV show we like watching, so American restorations are no example.

This popular History Channel show is very popular and more and more people are tuning in to watch this show.

In today’ article we are going to talk about Rick Dale, the lead man of the show.

We are going to talk about his net worth and personal life, but we are also going to find out about his career beginnings and how he managed to gather fame he has today.

Early life

Rick Dale was born on December 13th 1970 in California. Rick spent his childhood with his brother Ron Dale, and both of them were under a big influence of their father.

Rick fell in love with cars and old things when he was younger and all of this can be seen in his passion for restauration.

Most of his childhood, he spent in the Boulder City, where he was born. Ron and Rick’s father was a professional racer, so they had the opportunity to see different cars and share the excitement with their dad.

Rick even built a soap box race car when he was younger, and he remembers those times in a very fond way. Their father got them into the business of restauration very young, so by the time they were teenagers, they already learned a lot.

One of the favorite things to restaurateur were old machines and cars. Everything that Rick learned from his father was very useful and gave him the opportunity to create a major business later on in life.

Since there isn’t more information about his early days and education, we are going to continue on to his career path.

Career path

Rick learned everything he knows from his father. Like we already mentioned, he worked alongside his dad and learned many tricks of the trade by watching him. Rick often says that he is grateful that he had such a great teacher.

His career started when Rick opened his first shop, called Rick’s Restorations. The entire shop is consisted out of family members, since the Dale family likes to keep close connections with each other.

While working in his shop, he restored so many things and even the biggest objects weren’t a challenge for him.

In 2010, he got an invitation from the History channel to join their project and to begin filming his own show, where he would preset different projects he is working on.

Even though Rick thought that there won’t be interest for his job, the show became an absolute hit and it is still going on History channel.

Rick’s shop is located in Texas, and the entire 6 seasons were recorded at his Texas shop. The show follows the staff members alongside with Rick, who is the main character.

We can see different and interesting objects that come into Rick’s shop, but also the main part of the show and that is the reveal of the restored item. The restoration is usually amazing and the objects can’t even be recognized after Rick’s magic hands work on them.

Besides focusing on restoration, Rick also introduces the viewers to the objects that are being brought into his shop.

Since these are mostly old items and antiques, Rick likes to explain to the viewers a bit more about the object and how we can restore the objects ourselves in an easy and safe way.

For larger projects he, of course, recommends going to a professional. Alongside with serious work that takes place in his shop, Rick also shows funny moments from everyday situations that happen to him and his co-workers.

The situations are usually funny and interesting, which is the main reason why this show has been going on for such a long time.

In 2014, big news broke, since Rick was let go from the series. The reason why History channel did that was because they wanted to completely change the concept of the show.

Until 2014, the show has been going on for 6 seasons and there were many unsatisfied fans against this decision.

Besides being on the History Chanel show, Rick made several appearances in the show Pawn Stars, where he is called by the show hosts, to sometimes restore an item that comes into their shop.

Rick was also in a documentary called Coked Up! And Counting Cars. One of his biggest rocks is his family. His wife is a business manager while his daughter is an accountant. The entire business is run by the Dale family and they all keep a close bond with each other.

Perhaps the secret to their business lies in the close family bond, and people definitely envy them on this achievement that is rare today. Rick’s niece is an assistant manager which only proves that the entire family is working hard together.

Rick’s net worth is estimated at around 2.5$ million and most of the money comes from his private business, even though the show also brought him fame and success as well. there is no doubt that Rick is still working full on and that he will continue to bring his net worth up in the following years.

So far there hasn’t been an announcement regarding the show, so we don’t know whether History is going to continue with the show or not.

Rick is also active on his social media, he likes to share photos not only about his work but also about his personal life. Even though he likes to share more information about his business than about his personal life.

Personal life

Rick Dale was born in California, and he spent his entire life there. He is still living there with his partner.

Like we already mentioned, Rick was fired from the popular show on History Channel, but this wasn’t the first time that he failed in something.

Even though business is something that he handles well, his love life is not that stable. Dale’s first marriage was ended with a divorce in 1993.

The divorce had a strong impact on his and he decided to close up his shop and stop working for a while until he comes to his senses.

Even though he was depressed, he still managed to meet someone he likes again, and in 1994 he was already married to Kelly Dale n a short time after dating.

We can clearly see Rick’s love towards his wife Kelly. He describes her as something he adores and cherishes, and she is definitely the light of his life.

Even though he seems to have a sturdy exterior, he is still a romantic at heart and loves to share affection with his close people.

Rick sees his wife as his dream wife, and without her he can’t imagine life. Two children, a son Tyler, 25 and a daughter Ally, are shared by the couple. Rick, who is a family man, through his social sites, shows his close ties to his children.

Rick will manages to keep his personal life personal, and not many people know how he lives and how he spends his free time. We do know that he is a big fan of old things and antiques.

Rick is a very open person and his personality and passion for antiques are visible in the show.

The old episodes are still being shown on the History channel. The fans are eager to see new episodes of the show, but so far this is going to remain a desire of the fans and a real deal.

Until Rick appears in something new, we can still re-watch the old episodes and enjoy.

Quick summary

Full name: Rick Dale

Date of birth: December 13th 1970

Birthplace: California

Age: 49

Profession: Reality TV host

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 77 kg

Net Worth: 2.5$ million