Rich Paul Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

For professional leagues, sports agents have a lot of influence, and Rich Paul is one of the NBA’s most prominent sports agents.

The long-time friend and partner of LeBron James has been a basketball visionary and has even influenced his customers ‘ trades between teams.

Rich Paul has accrued an estimated net worth of $25.0 million in 2019 when receiving the best offers from his customers. Of sheer professionalism, he’s done it all — and without a college degree.

So when the NCAA imposed what was called the “Rich Paul Law” on NBA Draft prospects agent requirements, the NCAA was slammed by clients and associates of Paul.

It is evidence that an agent like Rich Paul is invaluable and sought after.

Early Life

Rich Paul was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on December 16, 1981. He used to live in a one-bedroom apartment in Glenville above the store of his uncle, R&J Confectionery. In 1999, his father died of cancer.

He graduated from Benedictine High School and pursued his entrepreneurial interests instead of opting to go to college. Paul purchased Atlanta’s throwback sports jerseys and sold them from his car’s trunk.

That’s how he met LeBron James in 2002, then-prep-to-pro. James, who was to be drafted in the 2003 NBA Draft by the Cleveland Cavaliers, met Paul at the Akron-Canton airport.

Paul allegedly wore an authentic Warren Moon jersey that caught the attention of James. Until leaving, they spoke and exchanged contact information.

Eventually, Paul sold James a jersey from Magic Johnson Lakers and a uniform from Joe Namath Rams. Since then they’ve been friends, and they’ve been an important force in the NBA together.

Paul joined his close round of friends when James entered the NBA. He soon began to work with Leon Rose, a lawyer and athlete’s agent working in CAA, who in the beginning of his career managed James ‘ contracts.

Since he was close to James he also worked with Rose, he learned the NBA business’s tricks. Paul abandoned the CAA in 2012 and brought James with him to begin his own management agency for sports, called Klutch Sports Group.

It was a very courageous move that was rattling the world of sports agents. Paul never finished college so this started some questions about his abilities in handling the league’s most lucrative player.

But the hard negotiating skills of Paul talked for them. Paul started shedding his reputation as a simple friend of LeBron James and proved to be an intelligent and competent negotiator. He signed more than $624.0 million in deals as of 2018.

Klutch had previously integrated with the United Talent Agency, a one-man army.

Today Paul, while running the show, has several agents working for him. And some experts foreseen that he is going to let his co-workers represent college athletes, helping him get around the law of the NCAA.

He is popular to his customers because he gave them the contracts with better opportunities, to go where they want to play.

When Paul led the trade from New Orleans to L.A. which brought Anthony Davis, where he’s playing with James for the Lakers, he got some fans ‘ wrath. Yet he didn’t pay attention as long as they both wanted it.

Career Path

When free agency takes action every summer, agents as well as personal trainers become the main focus in the world of basketball.

An example of this is Rich Paul, one of the most successful representatives in the entire NBA, who has in his ranks basketball players like LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, Draymond Green, John Wall, among others.

Paul, 37, began as a friend of ‘King LeBron’ when the Akron-born was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2003.

A couple of years later he would start working under the command of Leon Rose, former agent of James and representative for Creative Artists Agency.

In 2012 his life would change, and he would decide to start his own company under the name of ‘Klutch Sports’, that was when LeBron joined his team.

As time went by, the Cleveland-born manager began to make a name for himself by recruiting top-level players to expand his brand.

Paul recently jumped to stardom, and after signing Anthony Davis last season, everyone could anticipate what the next step would be for the Pelicans star.

With the intention of moving to a larger market, Paul and Davis agreed to leave New Orleans and a possible arrival in Los Angeles Lakers, which Davis has previously said is his favorite destination.

Recently, the magazine ‘Sports Illustrated’ made a special about Paul with the motto ‘He will take over the NBA this summer’ to which he was quite grateful and made an Instagram post where he was quite sentimental.

”I feel here with a lot of humility. When I was growing up I just wanted to become someone important. I saw my parents do everything they could to help me fulfill my dreams and I am grateful for that … I have celebrated the criticism with the same desire as success.

It was March 2002 and LeBron James, by then only a promising basketball player at the institute, was preparing to catch the Cleveland-Atlanta flight to witness the final of the university tournament.

The considered second best player in history after Michael Jordan was already an avid collector of retro sports fashion, so he could not help noticing a 21-year-old next to him.

That stranger, who doubled in size and size, wore a vintage shirt from an American football team of the eighties. A rarity, because it had sewn, not ironed, both the name and the number, as used by the players themselves.

James, fascinated by the garment, approached to ask him where he had obtained it. Upon learning that it was he who sold them, they exchanged phones and soon became close friends.

Seventeen years after that, the alliance that forged LeBron James and Rich Paul in front of a boarding gate has led them to be considered the kings of the best basketball league in the world. On and off the court.

At 37, Rich Paul is one of the few omnipresent names in American sport that has never set foot on a professional court. Shining stars beg you to be part of your client list, decide franchise destinations with their advice, and share a seat in the front row of celebrities such as Kendall Jenner or James Corden and Sports

Illustrated, the bible of sports journalism, place your image on the cover of The Power Issue, a special issue dedicated to business. Paul, founder of the representation agency Klutch Sports, is the epitome of the American ideal of self-made man.

Out of a troubled neighborhood, raised in a family mired in poverty and without university studies, he has managed to raise a multi-million dollar business that the big leagues contemplate fearful before the incipient threat of monopoly.

It is also an inspiration for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who have proof that it is not necessary to be a virtuoso of the basket or rhymes to see beyond the gang horizon.

Rich Paul grew up with his father, in a one-bedroom house located on the top floor of the store he ran. They got up every day at six in the morning to seal lottery tickets and sell bread and milk in East Cleveland, one of those neighborhoods that could have served as a location for The Wire.

Of the sound of shooting as an original soundtrack and ruined blocks only amortized by heroin addicts seeking discretion to put on a peak.

He says that a good number of his best friends have ended up in prison or killed. His father, obsessed with having the education he could not enjoy, came to threaten him with physical violence if he showed him any hint of rejection of the study.

Despite the lack of resources, he managed to get his son to go to a “good” institute in the city, with Catholic education and mostly white students. Soon he died of cancer, with his vital mission finally accomplished.

“Everything I needed to run a business I learned from him. He was the voice of reason and the father of the whole neighborhood,” Paul said in an interview with The New York Times, which he called “the agent of change”.

Once graduated, the young man, who since childhood had felt passion for urban fashion and sneakers, decided to make a living as a street vendor of retro sports shirts.

He bought them from an Atlanta supplier for 130 euros and resold them in the trunk of his van, across the country, for double. Its marketing strategy was based on loans to friends who advertised the business on party nights and, thanks to word of mouth, would soon achieve weekly benefits of about 10,000 euros.

Paul planned to open his own sports fashion store, but he put everything aside when LeBron entered the NBA and put him on the payroll as advisor and manager of his marketing contracts. The three-time NBA champion and he have led parallel lives.

Both are natives of Cleveland, children of single-parent families, out of troubled neighborhoods but who studied, thanks to sports scholarships, in prestigious schools.

The agent argues that educational training was always a priority for them: “We used to say, ‘There’s nothing cool about being an idiot. ” In 2007 he signed for a powerful Creative Artists Agency representation company and, after five years, decided to become independent and found his own agency.

Klutch Sports today has about twenty players in the best basketball league in the world, with salaries totaling more than 200 million euros annually.

The influence of the agent is such that even the NCAA, the organization that governs the university sports leagues in the United States, published this August a new requirement for the representatives of players aspiring to enter the NBA: to have a university degree.

Both the fans, as the press and the stars themselves were outraged by a rule that was soon qualified as The Rich Paul Rule, for his unimpressed affront to the humble origins of the representative.

He, however, did not consider the measure as a personalist attack, but as an attempt to marginalize everyone from less privileged environments from the system.

“The only ones they are leaving out are all those children who aspire to be agents and work in the NBA, and do not have the resources, the opportunity or the desire to get a college degree,” Paul said in a column in The Athletic Six hours after the publication of these lines, the NCAA withdrew the measure.

I enjoy my time with each client and see them as my family. I am more than an agent. Thank you all for supporting me. ” wrote.

The summer ahead for this agent and ‘Klutch Sports’ will be quite busy, considering that ‘La Ceja’ will be starting from ‘NOLA’.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Paul and his company reached an agreement with Darius Garland, a young man from Vanderbilt University and prospect number six for the next NBA Draft.

The moment for basketball athletes to take over the internet comes with the basketball season. But not just the players come to the forefront, as the NBA agents see the light while these periods last as well.

Rich Paul is one of the NBA’s most strong negotiators. Through representing fantastic players like LeBron James, he was allowed to get to prominence.

Rich Paul is an American sports agent and Klutch Sports Group’s owner. As of 2019, Paul has a net worth of between $20 million and $25 million.

A cumulative $43 billion has been raised by Paul’s agency, Creative Artists Agency, netting athletes above $2.1 billion fees. Know how much wealth he has so far gathered here.

Personal life

Rich Paul got into the headlines about his romantic life as of May 2019. He was seen at a party in Beverly Hills with Jennifer Meyer.

The two appear to be romantically bonded when they were spotted in public.

We were also seen together enjoying the 2019 Mother’s Day.

Although it is unknown when exactly the pair met, they supposedly began dating six months before being spotted in Beverly Hills together.

Rich is not known before Jennifer to have a girlfriend, while she is the Spiderman trilogy star’s ex-wife, Toby Maguire.

Mum was the couple about their life dating. Therefore, where the two are going with their relationship is very vague. It could eventually lead to a happy ending wherever it is. But it’s only going to be revealed over time.

First of all, he attended the Benedictine High School to talk about his schooling. He was awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration diploma with honors at Cleveland State University, although his college seems to be completely unknown.

When we talk about his life, since he was young, he had been very bonded with LeBron James, who afterwards became the client of Rich. He ended up working as an agent for other famous NBA players including Tristan Thompson, Eric Bledsoe, Kevin Seraphin, Cory Joseph and Norris Cole.

In 2003, LeBron recruited Paul as part of his little circle after the NBA draft. Paul would later begin working at the Creative Artists Agency under Leon Rose, who arranged the extension of LeBron with the Cavs in 2006. Paul abandoned Rose and CAA in 2012 to begin his agency, Klutch Sports Group, with LeBron.

Rich Paul, the manager of All-Star Anthony Davis, told the New Orleans Pelicans on Friday, January 25th, that Davis will not sign a contract extension and has demanded a trade, says Paul.

Until his decision, Davis also had discussions with his teammates.

Quick summary

Full name: Rich Paul

Date of birth: December 16th 1981

Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Age: 38

Profession: Sports agent

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 74 kg

Net Worth: 20$ million