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Rey Mysterio Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Subject of today’s text is going to be the life, career and personal life of Rey Mysterio. This popular wrestler managed to climb to the top of the sport ladder, and remained there steadily for a couple of years. If you are a big fan of Rey Mysterio, this is a good opportunity to learn more about his personal life, career and how he managed to reach the success he did.

So, without further a due, let’s get into the subject.

Early Years

King Mysterio is a WWE wrestler. Known as El Chaparro Mexicano, the flea tamer and bonsai pruner and born in San Diego, he is ex-champion of the world of heavyweights, and was supplanted in Summerslam (event translated as “El Escogorciamiento De Verano”) by Chavo Guerrero, the nephew of his ex-best friend Eddie Guerrero, who almost broke his legs with a chair.

He was world champion also won the Royal Rumble 2006 entering second and enduring more than an hour resistant the short of the cojones. Of stature more or less like of 1.60 μm,

He is a great fighter, with a great technique, that ALWAYS wins for pity his worth. Rey Mysterioso Mysterio (Life and work) Rey Mysterio was born in a small village in Mexico (better known by the name of Mongolia).

King grew up, well, let’s say he advanced in age, and at 7 he was already half a meter tall. When he was 10 years old he went down the street with his discman, and singing his favorite songs (Los Chichos and Manolo Escobar) when suddenly, a band from the Japanese mafia (pissed off by the death of Chanquete) told him that he would stop singing or they poked him.

They ended up poking him. Rey Mysterio was in the hospital about 2 years (they tried to fix his face, but the result was null), where he learned many techniques that would serve him to cook, and later, he learned Lucha Libre. He started to fight at age 15, to earn a little money and buy something to cover his face.

After 3 hard years of muscular strengthening in a gym he started to fight, where he got enough money for a bag of handkerchiefs. The bag stuck to his head, and we know nothing about the handkerchiefs, although we have evidence that he threw them.

Career Path

After starting professional wrestling at the age of 14, in 1989, under the name of Lagartija Verde, he changed his nickname to El Colibrí. Three years later he came to AAA, one of the two most important sports companies in Mexico.

While he was performing in the rings of all the Aztec territory, his uncle, who also took charge of training him and starting him in the style of fight that has accompanied him throughout almost 30 years of career, with everything and the use of masks.

How is it used in Mexico? He decided to inherit the pseudonym that took him to the top of the world wrestling: Rey Mysterio.

After three years in the Mexican company, he returned to the country where he was born to be part of the Extreme Championship Wrestling roster before he was absorbed by the former World Wrestling Federation.

Only a year after fighting at ECW, he went to what was at that time the direct rival and main competitor of WWE; the World Championship Wrestling. Within the WCW began a friendship with another Mexican-American wrestling legend, Eddie Guerrero.

During his time in this company, he won the Cruiserweight Championship five times, a Cruiseweight Champion and three more as a World Champion in Pairs. After a brief stint in the World Wrestling Council? Between 2001 and 2002 ?, once again in Mexico, his life began to take a historic course. In 2002, Mysterio came to WWE, an organization that at that time already owned ECW and WCW.

In the thirteen years he spent struggling within the ring of Vince McMahon became, first, a welcome revelation for American fans and, subsequently, an icon of the company.

During his stay in the WWE he won two Full Weight Championships, one WWE Championship, three Cruiseweight Championships, two Intercontinental Championships, four WWE Tag Team Championships – one from Guerrero’s hand, the first place at the Royal Rumble and the twenty-first wrestler in the history of the company to have won the three most important titles? Intercontinental, WWE and Full Weight.

He even paved the way for Mexican fighters like Alberto del Río, who achieved several achievements within the organization? and of El Místico, which unfortunately debuted in WWE with the nickname Sin Cara.

After his departure from the WWE, Rey Mysterio began a journey. He returned for the third time in his career to Mexico to fight in the AAA. After shared appearances in the independent circuit, the Underground Fight and a brief passage through the New Japan Pro-Wrestling? Country that is also rooted by this discipline.

Although the legacy that Gutierrez built for the McMahon family was too large and for this reason, the leader of the WWE, Vince, decided to offer a new contract to the wrestler to return to the largest stage in the United States until 2020.

Óscar Gutiérrez Rubio, (born on December 11, 1974 in San Diego, California) best known by his name in the ring as the boy of 619 King Mystery, Jr., Rey Mysterio, Jr. and King Mysterio is a professional Mexican wrestler currently working for the company World Wrestling Entertainment WWE in the Smackdown branch. Mysterio is known for his aerial techniques, the one that began with the cruising revolution in the United States at the end of ’90s.

He has won the WCW / WWE Cruiserweight championship 8 times, more than anyone in history. Mexico Gutierrez was trained by his uncle Rey Mysterio Mr. El he debuted as a fighter in April of ’89 at the age of 14 in Tijuana, Mexico. He was too young to fight in USA, so he did not get the necessary permits and did not give him the license.

In Mexico I fight low the nickname of Hummingbird and his fights against Psycho (also trained by his uncle) were famous. His great ancestors inspired him to fight with mascara, big masked as Blue Demon, The Holy, King Mystery Mr., ETC. In the AAA he had important fiefdoms against Youth Warrior that included fights of couples between King Mystery and King Mystery jr. versus Force Warrior Extreme Championship Wrestling In ’95 he won to Psycho in his debut fight in the ECW, rediscovering several times on occasion, until they met again at the special of the year 2005 where Rey beat Psycho. This year King fought against Sabu but none He could finish the fight.

World Championship Wrestling After leaving the ECW, Rey went to the WCW, where he was the face of the Crucero Revolution in the USA at the end of the ’90s. He had notable feudos with Ultimo Dragon Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and Juventud Guerrera.

But even though his immense popularity, both for his charisma and for his unmistakable style, Eric Bischoff.

He always refused to give him the opportunity to go to WCW World Championship, arguing that It was too small. In 2002 Mysterio signed with WWE and he He asked her to put on the mask again, which in Mexico meaning the suspension of your license, since it is tradition that if a fighter loses the mask he can not put it on again, out of respect in house fight without mask, although in the last tour to Mexico he used it.

He has been Face (good) during his entire career in WWE and his home has been the Smackdown branch; Mysterio has had notable feuds against Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero Jr and Chavo Guerrero Sr (for the championship cruise). He has made remarkable pairing with Edge, RVD, Spike Dudley, Eddie Guerrero, Batista and Matt Hardy; resulting from these unions that will win the titles as a couple with RVD, with Eddie Guerrero and with Batista.

On February 20, 2005, Mysterio won his third WWE Tag-Team Championship with Eddie Guerrero after defeating the Basham Brothers in the No Way Out of 2005.

However breaking the traditions the champions do not defended their titles at Wrestlemania 21, on April 3, 2005, on the contrary they they faced each other, resulting Mysterio the winner. This led to the breaking of the Tag Team and Guerrero became rude again because of the frustration he felt at not being able to beat Mystery.

This led to a complicated series of events that resulted in the custody fight of Dominic, Rey’s eldest son, unless he recognized Eddie’s supremacy in the ring Finally Eddie revealed the supposed secret, where he would be the biological father of Dominic.

In the weeks that followed Eddie tried to get custody of Dominic by finishing his phase psychotic in the 2005 Summerslam in a Ladder Match for the custody of the child who won King with the intervention and help of Vickie Guerrero.

Personal Life

With the face covered began in Mexican Lucha Libre along with his great friend Eddie Guerrero (peacefully rest) taught him many techniques for fighting, but then taught him Lucha Libre. Eddie Guerrero (peacefully rest) went into the WWE, where by a little plug, fell to Rey.

Rey Mysterio was very happy along with his friend Eddie, with whom he won several championships, and that was where the resentment, envy and fluff of Chavo against Rey arose.

Eddie died of a heart attack one morning in a hotel, but as Chavo had a small delay (5 minutes more in the incubator) it was believed that Rey had killed him.

On a merry Friday night, Rey Mysterio was fighting King Booker (the same one, who combs his hair out) and Chavo started hitting him in a huge way (he pulled the corner), and challenged him to a fight in which whoever lost was leaving the WWE.

Chavo won, who took a chair and began to hit him in the leg, taking advantage of Rey trying to imitate Eddie. When Rey recovered he returned with a small cane (according to his height) and a suit that gave the imagination to work. Suddenly a huge, huge and fat man arrived, and Chavo had paid him 2 nights at a free buffet in exchange for Rey’s injury. He returned in Summer Strike (Summerslam) and split the ears, arms and legs of the boy warrior marica.

What does Basically all but his fans pulverize the opponent to finish it with a 619 (his most famous movement) In reality, King Mysterio is allowed to give of ostias (consecrated) to the beautiful, thus tiring the opponent who takes him three heads, and then apply a 619 (which is a kamasutra technique) or a nutcracker.

This wrestler also after putting those blowers applies after the Sentón of the coast that consists of falling on the balls to rub them and leave everything excited, and therefore loses the opposite opponent.

Also throughout his career he looked for ways to excite his enemies after completing the 619, for example, the hurracarrana (this also leaves the kamasutra), which he used when he arrived at WWE (rather to ECW).

Then he changed it for the Senton de la Costa, mentioned above, and now ends with a splash (which is really only to fall on the stomach so that the opponent is down while doing the Important Data count). Rey has two children and is happily married.

His net worth is estimated at around 8.5$. most of his net worth coms from competitions, but he also earns money from his sponsorships and deals with various brands.

Rem’s career is approaching end for sure, but we will certainly be seeing him more as a part of different campaigns, since he is a wrestling legend.

Quick summary

Full name: Óscar Gutiérrez

Date of birth: December 11, 1974

Birthplace: Chula Vista, California

Age: 45

Profession: Professional wrestler

Height: 1.68 m

Weight: 79

Net Worth: $8.5 million