Regina Hall Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

World of stand up comedians is full of talented people who rarely get a chance to present their jokes to the larger audience. One lucky girl who received such a chance is Regina Hall.

This talented actress and comedian is one of the most popular American stand-up comedians who managed to create a big name for herself.

Her career and her personal life is something that has been the topic of many people and media over the years. This is why we are going to talk about her personal life but also about her career in today’s text.

So, if you would like to know more about her, this is the perfect opportunity to do that.

Early life

Regina Hall was born on December 12th 1970 in Washington. She grew up in a working family, since her mother worked as a teacher and her father worked as a contractor and electrician.

She often says she learned everything she knows from her parents, and she is eternally grateful for the way they brought her up.

Regina knew from the start that money doesn’t’ grow on trees, and that she has to work hard to achieve her goals.

She was very productive in school but she dreamed about becoming a comedian one day.

Regina went to the Immaculata high school and continued on to the New York University where she got her degree in English language.

Even though she finished college, she didn’t want to pursue a career in teaching, so she decided to slowly practice for her career in comedy.

In 1997 she got another degree from the New York University, and that one was for journalism.

One of the most interesting things she mentioned about her student years, is that she enjoyed going to college and would most like to be a professional student. Of course, that was a joke but we are not sure if she really meant it or not.

Even though her time at college was great, it was time for her to continue on and to finally earn some money. She started working and writing in the first semester of her school, but she suffered a terrible event when her father suddenly passed away from a heart attack.

In 2004, her mother was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and that completely broke Regina’s heart. After several broken relationships, Regina felt like the best thing for her is to become a nun. This idea was something that she had even before, but never realized it and went a different way.

Even though she wanted to truly become a nun, the age limit at acceptance prevented her from doing that. So, she decided to enjoy her life and live with the burdens that have been put on her throughout her life and career.

Regina is now single, or so the media believes, since she hasn’t presented anyone to the public. On her social media, she is pretty active and likes to share photos with her fans. Regina comes across as a very open and genuine person, and many love her because of that.

She is definitely a proof that you don’t have to be cunning in order to make it in Hollywood, but she also proved that there are no age limits when it comes to acting, even though many believed that she is going to fail if she tries.

This event left a huge impact on her, so she knew that life is too short to play around. She wanted to do something in life that she felt passion for, and not just any job that comes along.

Career path

After her father’s death, Regina decided to pursue a career in acting and comedy. In 1997 she appeared in commercial at the age of 26.

She was pretty old for someone just starting out in acting, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream.

She knew that she was talented enough to succeed. Another role she landed was in a series called Loving. After this, smaller roles started coming up and soon she played several roles and got noticed by the producers.

In 1999 she appeared in a movie called The Best Man and sometime later she did Love and Basketball.

After that, one of her most notable and memorable roles came around. She got the opportunity to play Brenda Meeks in Scary Movie and the three following parts of this franchise.

Brenda Meeks is one of the roles that people remember Regina the most for, and that role is the one that opened many doors for her in Hollywood.

The next project was the Disappearing Acts and later on she appeared in Ally McBeal. Other roles such as King’s Ransom, Malibu’s Most Wanted, Law and Order and many others.

After several years of acting, she decided to go back to her first love, and that was writing. She started writing for the Ability magazine in 2010. Regina appeared in a movie Think like a Man and also in the Best Man Holiday in 2013.

Movies such as About Last Night and Think like a Man Too followed. In 2016, Regina got a role in an interesting and creative movie called Barbershop: The Next Cut, where she portrayed the role of Angie. Some of her costars were Ice Cube and Eve.

Another great movie followed in 2017 under the name Girls Trip. The movie was an absolute hit with the audience and the critics and it was a true breath of fresh air. It is safe to say that this movie was one of the best comedies that came out in the recent years.

In 2018, Regina was in Support the Girls and won the “NY film critics circle award for best actress”. Regina was actually the first African American to win this award.

After completing three years of training in a master’s degree at Meisner at William Esper Studios, Hall participated in her first studio feature film with a small role in Boyfriend’s Best Friend.

She left a mark on the spectators with her interpretation of the character of Candy, and as a key part of the cast of stars, she took her place in the first division list of the young “Black Hollywood”.

She continued to work with cast roles in Love and Basketball and Desperate Acts and by adding comedy to his repertoire her career continued to expand until she got the role of Brenda Meeks, a high school girl in the comedy-horror parody Scary Movie.

This recurring role in the three installments of the Scary Movie franchise served the actress to be recognized internationally.

Then she was offered the role of Coretta Lipp and joined the cast of “Ally McBeal.” Since then she has participated in major roles in films such as Paid in Full, The Most Wanted in Malibu, Heist in the Church and many more.

She recently starred in the box office thriller An exemplary citizen with Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler and recently finished the production of an uprooted university feature film for Screen Gems titled Mardi Gras.

Personal life

Born in Washington, D.C., Talented Regina. To Ruby Hall and Odie, 49 years ago. Her birth date is December 12, 1970. Her father, while her mother was a teacher, was an electrician / contractor.

She attended the University of Fordham and graduated with a major in English in 1992. She studied at New York University and graduated with a Masters in Journalism four years later.

Even though she was all set to become a great journalist, when she made a few advertisements and became interested in film, her direction shifted to acting.

Born into a family with Indian and African-American roots, Regina Hall wanted to be a successful journalist. He studied, in fact, to be at the University of New York.

The interpretation is a late vocation, which began to discover the twenties well when, with 26 years behind him, began to merge into the world of advertising. He ended up catching the camera and decided to corner journalism to look for an opportunity in the cinema.

He found her in 1999, the year of his debut, just turned 29, with the film The Boyfriend’s Best Friend, but it was Scary Movie, in which he defended one of the main roles, which projected his career to a higher level.

Film by film has become one of the African-American actresses with the best projection, as evidenced by her intervention in all the episodes of the Scary Movie saga or in films such as Superhero Movie, An exemplary citizen, A death funeral, What do men think, Holidays, Girls plan or Small big problem, among others.

In 2004 Regina’s mom found out she was suffering from scleroderma and this motivated Regina to start helping people with same problems. Few years later, she wanted to become a nun because she couldn’t take it anymore and suffered a really bad breakup.

This idea didn’t come to her at once, since she wanted to do that when she was 14 years old. Unfortunately or fortunately, she was refused because she was 40 years old and the limit was 39 years.

Another interesting thing about Regina is that she is an ambassador for the White Diamonds. She became an ambassador in 2014.

Since this brand is Elizabeth Taylor’s she admitted that she was one of her favorite actresses and was glad that an opportunity like that was given to her.

One thing that Regina most liked about Elizabeth was her elegance and beauty. Regina is currently single, and seems to be happier than ever, even though her life wasn’t that easy. Her net worth is estimated at around 4$ million.

Her roles weren’t small and she definitely made a name for herself in Hollywood.

As one of the most notable actresses among the African American community, Regina is very talented and she definitely broke all the presumptions about acting and age limits.

Regina’s another love is writing, but so far she hasn’t pursued this passion of hers like she did with acting.

We have to wait and see if she is going to do that in the future.

Quick summary

Full name: Regina Hall

Date of birth: December 12th 1970

Birthplace: Washington, D.C, USA

Age: 49

Profession: Wrestler, Kickboxer

Height: 1.62 m

Weight: 56 kg

Net Worth: 4$ million