Reggie Bush Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height

Reggie Bush is an ex American football player who had a great playing career and has won the Heisman Memorial Trophy as the best player in the whole nation. This is an achievment not a lot of people can brag about getting.

Due to the controversy which discovered that he took a lot of money from sponsors during college, he had to renounce the Heisman Trophy and all his successs during college. This was a really sad moment for him, but it was a good lesson for everyone else.

Early years

He was born as Reginald Alfred Bush Jr. On March 2, 1985, in Spring Valley, situated in California in the United States.

He gained his name after his father who was also named Reginald Alfred Bush. Little did they know that they were going to proud of him all of the time and therefore they surely made the right decision!

There is not a lot of information about his childhood and the middle school he attended but it is known that he was a good athlete from his early age. He wasn’t too interested in studying and knew that he wanted to pursue a career in sports.

He had a very happy childhood and his parents were very supportive of him. This is why they were all very close and the family had bonded in a special way.

He was a student at Helix High School situated in the town of La Mesa in California. It is known that he played there as a running back and that he did it alongside another known football player names Alex Smith.

Alex also gained a Heisman Trophy later. He was a very important member of the Helix Highlanders team and during his career in the high school team, he has also won the Silver Pigskin trophy. This is very important because it was a good start for his career later on.

Both Smith and Reggie became finalists for 2004 Heisman trophy and it was the first time in history that there were two finalists for the same award. He marked history and later continued to do so.

Reggie can also be proud of the fact that he has played in the US Army All-Star Game in San Antonio in Texas. His parents supported him financially until he was stable enough to do it himself, because they knew that he was going to make it at this point.

In 2003, he was on the No.1 position as the best running back of the year. He was thrilled with this success to the point that everyone started thinking that he braggs too much about it.

Reggie also liked track during his time in high-school. He was 2nd in the 100 meters final at the 2002 California State Meet, and 3rd on 200 meters. He also came 2nd on the 50-meter competition.

Although he had the possibility to choose his scolarship between track and football he has chosen football because he liked the fighting. He made a good choice and his career just got better from this moment on.

Career development

Because of his stunning performance in high-school, Reggie soon gained an athletic scholarship for the University of Southern California.

He became a valuable player for the team of Trojans with Pete Carroll as head coach. He was a member of the team from 2003 until 2005. Reggie was a big five-way threat for the opposite teams and he set some freshman records for the USC very quickly.

In 2004, Reggie was named as the most valuable player for the college team and he became a finalist for the Walter Camp Award for the player of the year.

In 2005, he became the winner of the Heisman Trophy Award and gained some other notable awards such as Pigskin offensive Player of the Year and Columbus Player of the Year.

He was also the winner of the Doak Walker Award which was especially special to him because it was an award for the best running back.

He became notorious for one of his creative moves which were later called the “Bush Push”. He was selected as the offensive player of the year (Pac-10) in 2005.

In 2006, a very dangerous period came to Bush. He was under an investigation that he received numerous gifts from a sports agent named Lloyd Lake which he never repaid so Lake sued him.

This was a violation of the policy made by NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association).

In 2010, the NCAA finished their investigation and gave big sanctions to the University of Southern California.

The NCAA claimed that the USC didn’t monitor Bush close enough and they received four years of probation.

They vacated some of their games, including the Orange Bowl inc2005 and all other games in 2005. Even the coach Todd McNair was banned from recruiting in a period of one year.

Bush renounced his Heisman Trophy in 2005 and the place stayed vacant. This was a big shock for him but he and his family were punished because they took too much money during his college years.

In 2006, he became eligible for the draft in the NFL not finishing his senior season in college. He wanted to start playing as soon as he could.

He was drafted as the second pick by the New Orleans Saints (although he thought he would be drafted as the 1st pick of the Houston Texans). But the Houston Texans took another player.

In spring 2006 Bush signed an endorsement deal with Adidas and became their football clothing promotor. This brought him a huge amount of money all through the season and a lot of Adidas merchandise.

He wanted to get a jersey with No 5 on it but running backs wore numbers from 20 to 49. His jersey sales went over the roof and he donated half of the money from sales to the victims of Katrina hurricane in Mississippi.

This was a great way to show that he isn’t such a big money lover as everyone presented him to be. Although there were some mean tongues who stated that he donated the money for the Katrina victims just to repair his reputation.

He had several endorsement deals, with Pepsi, GM, Pizza Hut and more and he received around $5 million a year for it. He made some investments with it but he also spent a lot of it on his lifestyle.

Bush was very pleased with the fan reception in New Orleans and he donated $50 000 to a school there to help it from closing. The school was intended for children with disabilities.

He received a nickname “Baby Matrix” because of his speed and moves (an allusion to “The Matrix” movie). He was one of the fastest football player in the whole league, just remember his track results.

It took him some time to get accommodated with their game but he started to be impressive after his first season. He just needed some time to adjust to the New Orleans play.

The 2007 season wasn’t especially good for him and he even tore a ligament on his knee and had to stand out several games. He was very upset about his injury.

In 2008 he hurt his left knee several times and in 2009 he had a surgery which made him stay out of the games until the summer. 2009 was not good for him and he had poor results on the field.

His game worsen not only because of his injuries but also because of his bad attitude towards it.

In 2010 he improved his game and the New Orleans Saint won the first NFC championship in history and Bush gained his first Super-Bowl title after his team won the 2010 Super Bowl finals.

This was his biggest success and he had a big part in it so he was thrilled.

The tiltle also brought big money to the club but the players also received big bonuses.
In 2010 he broke a bone in his leg and was scheduled to miss the field for 2 months. This recovery took very long so he was very displeased with it.

Due to his inactivity and his often injuries he wasn’t a person of interest for the New Orleans team.
In 2011, Bush was traded and became the player of the Miami Dolphins. He had a good first season there and both he and his trainer were satisfied with his play. He pushed harder to prove that he is a valuable player no matter his injuries.

In 2012, in a match against Oakland Raiders, he was named the Offensive Player of the Week.

The 2012 season worked out good for him. In 2013, he signed a contract with the Detroit Lions which brought him $16 over 4 years. He was pleased with the contract and wanted to get through all four years with a good play, knowing that his career could be over soon due to his injuries.

After a good start in 2013, he worsened it in 2014 so he was released from the Lions very soon and in 2015 he signed for San Francisco Tigers.

In a match against the St. Louis Rams, he suffered an injury after slipping on the concrete around the field.

He tore his meniscus outside the game and sued St. Louis Rams. He won the lawsuit and won $13 million damages because he slipped on the concrete surrounding the field.

In 2016, he signed for the Buffalo Bills but wasn’t very successful during his time with this club.

He retired in 2017 and is involved in several ventures.

Personal life

As for his personal life, he was always surrounded by women. At USC he dated Eve Torres.

In 2007 he started dating Kim Kardashian and their relationship lasted for two years. They were a very popular couple.

It was during the time her first episodes of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” started airing that the two of them began dating.

They were together for 3 years but they split up several times during that period.

Reggie was a part of the reality TV series too but most of his friends later stated that it was the reason he had to break up with Kim. He just couldn’t stand the fact that they have no privacy.

In 2010 he had a short relationship with Jessie James, a popular country singer. In 2011 he started doing Lilit Avagyan, a known Armenian dancer and they got married in 2014.

They have three kids: a daughter Briseis and sons Uriah and Agyemang and a very stabile marriage.

They are often compared to the Kardashians as a family since Lilit looks alike Kim and their children also resemble one to another.

In 2010 he was on the cover of “Essence” which also caused a lot of controversy since he was a part of “Black Men, Love & Relationships” issue and he dated a white woman then (Kim). Essence is a magazine devoted to black women so this pulled some controversy and angry comments to the magazine.

He was nominated for the VH1 charity aw award due to the fundraising he made for Haiti and Africa.

He also funds many domestic projects. One of his projects is 619 Charitable Fund which raises funds and supports causes which can help the San Diego youth to have a better chance in the world.

In 2012 he became a spokesperson for Barc company. He will advertise their grooming line, especially the most popular “Bump Down Razor Bump Treatment”.

Reggie has a younger brother Javon Griffin who loves him and supports him. He was smaller but later outgrew his brother Reggie.

A few years after Reggie broke up with Kim Kardashian he states to the press that his family wasn’t happy with their relationship and that she was always “too much” for them.

His net worth is somewhere around $4 million.

Quick summary

Full name: Reginald Alfred Bush Jr.

Date of birth: March 2, 1985

Birthplace: Spring Valley, California, United States

Age: 34

Profession: former basketball player

Height: 1,83 m

Weight: 92 kgs

Net Worth: $4 million